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  1. Glanvilles Grits

    The Mock of Mocks... MackAttack Style

    After paying both Robert Alford (Who is greatly talented, but a little too handsy) and Desmond Trufant, I can't see the Falcons going DB here. Especially with how well both Jalen Collins and Brian Poole played for them when Trufant went down. If I was a betting man, I'd be willing to say that they likely go after another linebacker or an offensive guard. Despite what the O-Line looked like for Ryan, they are pretty thin. Same goes for linebacker.
  2. Glanvilles Grits

    Award Predictions

    MVP: Ben Roethlisberger I'm going to shy away from the Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilsons. I really thought about Brady here, but who knows if he'll play 16 games at this point with the entire deflate gate thing going on. Let's say that Roethlisberger stays healthy. He has the best receiver in the league for one and his other options aren't too shabby either. He's got LeVeon Bell to take the heat off the passing game. The Steelers can take the AFC North. If Roethlisberger can stay healthy for all 16, I think he's going to blow up the passing boards. Call it a gut feeling I guess. OPOTY: Todd Gurley Kid is about the set the league on fire. Everyone saw what he did last season, wait until this season. The Rams have a rookie quarterback they are going to have to take the pressure off. Todd Gurley is going to get one hell of a huge work load I think. This is just a product of me believing that the Rams are going to be serious contenders week in and week out this coming season and they are going to use Gurley to control every single game. DPOTY: Khalil Mack JJ Watt was in my thoughts here. And honestly maybe he's the right choice. Khalil Mack was a monster last season, and that's why I chose him. Another season under his belt, this guy can do everything from what he's shown us. I think he takes an even bigger step forward and dominates the league this year. Kudos to the Raiders coaches too, they know how to use him correctly. OROTY: Ezekiel Elliot Come on, this one is a no brainer. The amount of work this kid is going to get is going to be ridiculous. The Cowboys are going to want to recapture the success they had with DeMarco Murray, and they are going to get it. Maybe not to the extent of Murray, but decent enough to lead his team to a few wins and well over 1100 yards. DROTY: Keanu Neal There had to be a homer pick somewhere right? I like Neals instincts, I like his ability to make plays. He can make mistakes but all rookies will. This one for me came down to Neal and Nkemdiche. Neal is coming in to the Falcons as the starting safety with no one really to compete imo. Also, he's going to bring that force for Dan Quinn that he enjoyed with Kam Chancellor. I'm not saying he's going to see the same success, but I do think that Neal will be the most productive rookie this year. COTY: Jeff Fisher I just think that the Rams are due. The move to LA doesn't have anything to do with it either. They just drafted a quarterback, they have a monster running back. The defense is one of the best in the league IMO. Perhaps this is the year they turn it around. I think they get into the playoffs this year and I also think that they do it without question marks as to how it happened. Which means, I'm definitely expecting 11 wins. Then again, I'm crazy, and this is a leap of faith.
  3. Glanvilles Grits

    Madden League Logo Request (willing to push some cash your way)

    Totally slipped my mind but we'd also be interested in a "Legends Premier League Friday Night Tailgate" logo for our league podcast radio show. Again, I'm aware this is basically four projects in one. I'm willing to pay via PayPal to whoever does this!
  4. Hey guys. I run a 28-32 man Madden league on XB1 and I'm trying to get some logos made up for our leagues Super Bowl Championship prize which I need a couple of logos for. I'm willing to throw some cash your way if that's what it takes, just private message me and we can talk price. Basically what I need is a "Legends Premier League Super Bowl Champion" logo, a basic "Legends Premier League Super Bowl" logo, and a "Legends Premier League Playoffs" logo. I have our league logo already, beneath is a picture view of it: And the PSD file to the logo is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bz3MMmPfpZ_vNkJRVmVadlNMV00/view?usp=sharing If anyone is interested in doing this project, let me know. It's pretty open to creativity I suppose. The Super Bowl Champion logo is most likely going to end up on the back of a hooded pull over that I'm going to purchase and send to the winners for free, so we're looking for something that looks official and unique to our league.
  5. Glanvilles Grits

    That's it--I'm Done With Bridgewater

    I've never quite understood the gloves at all. Most quarterbacks always say how the gloves present problems to throwing the football. Yet there are a select few that wear them. Those few have accuracy issues.
  6. Glanvilles Grits

    Carolina Panthers 2015 Season Thread

    Cam Newton is without a doubt the best quarterback in the NFL. No doubt about it anymor IMO. Now that he has put his entire arsenal together I'm not sure there is any defense that can stop the offense. You can't defend a guy the size of a lineman that can run like Jerome Bettis and pass like Dan Marino in his prime. Newton has been doing everything right. It's unbelievable how he's responded to the problems he had last season. Panthers fans are going to be very lucky to be able to watch Cam for years. Very lucky.
  7. Glanvilles Grits

    Panthers @ Falcons

    After a long hiatus from TGP, I'm glad to be back in time to watch my Falcons possibly get destroyed in the second half. So far so good. IF they can somehow pull out a win here, their season is not a complete loss. Showing a little fight.
  8. Glanvilles Grits

    Matt Ryan is overwhelmed

    It hasn't anything to do with Matt Ryans football smarts. Here's the thing, the Falcons offensive line isn't built for zone blocking to start with. It's a mix and match of bullshit parts and components. It all starts there. In the first 5 games, Ryan was getting great protection and was able to make reads. After that Ryan has been under enormous pressure for whatever reasons. I'm not a football expert, but I believe that must have something to do with the fact that no one on our line fits the zone blocking scheme according to past successful lines in the scheme. Now, we can couple that with terrible playcalling. Shannahan is dead set on just feeding the ball to Julio JOnes. It makes sense to everyone on account of him being the best player we have, but it doesn't make sense in the football world. Teams are throwing double and triple coverage on Julio, yet for some reason he remains the hot read on EVERY down. So now he's the hot read every pass play and double/triple covered, and you're under pressure... This was a disaster waiting to happen, and now is the largest problem with the offense. Despite that, the Falcons have been able to move the ball down field and into the red zone efficiently enough to be somewhere in the 5-10 range in terms of total offense. How, I have no clue. So, lets go into the red zone play calling. Obviously, you think that Shannahan would continue his Julio Jones insanity into the deep portions of the red zone right? Wrong. He hasn't, not because he doesn't want to, but because he simply can not. Go back to being double and triple covered. The space to work shrinks immensely, we all know that. So what happens when you have one of the best in the league, you throw to him right? No. You can't. That would be dumb. Matt Ryan has openly said that there have been playcalls for Jones in the end zone, but the looks aren't there even when he's the hot read. That's just common sense quarter backing. YOu don't throw to a guy covered like that in the end zone. Your chances of completing a pass deteriorate immensely. Ryan is making the right choices by not giving him the ball in those situations. Where it's backfiring then is when Ryan thinks he has to make a play on his own. Either running and trying to throw over defenders, or throwing to guys like Roddy White and Jacob Tammy while their blanketed. See, everyone knows that once you take Julio out of the game in the red zone, Matt Ryan will panic under pressure and try to make something happen. That's where Matt Ryan and his noodle arm come in. He just doesn't have a strong arm. At least, in my opinion, he hasn't this year. Against the Giants, Matt Ryan took a hard hit from one of the linebackers, I don't know which, but ever since it looks like he's been throwing ducks out there. Peyton Manning style ducks. I know the injury story and excuses get old, but I really do think that when he went down and stumbled to get up, he was hurt. He's never been known to have a very strong arm, but what we've seen since that game has been abysmal. Pathetic in fact. I'm a huge Matt Ryan fan and I don't think this is all on him. I will say though, it IS on him to get back to where he was before next season. If not, something has to be done with him. To those saying "I thought Shannhans ZBS was supposed to be quarterback friendly", sure. Usually is the case. But in the case of Shannahan, seriously look at the record. Shannahan has been quarterbacks worse nightmare whenever he enters town. He has destroyed nearly every single offense he has been injected into, like a damn poison. And what he lacks in destruction with playcalling, he makes up for with his snake like comments to the media. The problem is, he wants to be his father. He isn't. In fact, looking at the guys track record, he's been riding off his fathers name since the very beginning of his time in the NFL. Dan Quinn personally selected Shannahan, and he did it off recognition. Not off of field track record. It was a disaster waiting to happen. All was well when the Falcons' lame duck defense and offensive lines were over achieving and playing above their true talent. Once other teams figured their weaknesses and have been using it against them, it's been down hill. The Falcons defense is terrible outside of 4 players, the Falcons offense is terrible outside of 3 players. It just wasn't going to happen in one season.
  9. Glanvilles Grits

    Waiver Wire Wonders

    What? Want in? Lol
  10. Glanvilles Grits

    Waiver Wire Wonders

    Had two guys unable return to the league this season. If anyone is interested, we now have both those spots available. Same scoring as last season, just with RB touchdowns even with all others at 4 points. $50 buy in. Same payouts.
  11. Glanvilles Grits

    Update: Panthers give Cam Newton 5-year, 103.8M extension

    It pains me to say this as a fan of the Falcons, but Cam is a great quarterback. He's got his issues, but it's nothing that isn't correctable with some extra attention spent to them. Great deal for him, I'm 50/50 on whether or not it's a good deal for the team. There's been word flying around Carolina that this is a "make or break" year for Cam. I'm not sure what the front office is really doing if they truly feel that way, as people in the organization are the ones who let that out. I guess it goes to show how much leverage the quarterback has in a pass first league these days. I just wonder if Carolina really feels that way and they are going to be willing to eat the cap down the road, or if they feel he's the franchise guy at this point and their going to ride out his career. You look at the scale, I think he was paid right where he needs to be though.
  12. Glanvilles Grits

    Falcons LB Shembo kicks dog to death

    This guy was a jackass. He was also accused of rape will Kew attending Notre Dame a few years back but nothing ever materialized and everything was dropped. He wasn't anything special on the field and clearly not off. Needs to sit in prison for a few years.
  13. Glanvilles Grits

    What Would Make You Watch More Baseball?

    If it were football or hockey while broadcasting on tv
  14. Glanvilles Grits

    Germany, Mexico to host games? Pro Bowl in Rio?

    F this. Keep the regular season in the US. I don't really feel like going overseas is a good move,and let's be honest, it's got to be brutal on the players
  15. Glanvilles Grits

    Atlanta Falcons: Turning the corner

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