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  1. Ok so let's get a good conservative vs liberal ideology debate going. A lot of people say that without the possibility of being fantastically wealthy that society would crumble. Everyone would lose all motivation and become lazy because the government will just take care of them. They use this to defend the free market as if it exists in nature but it doesn't. I'm about to fuck your minds of with some logic though so check it out lol. I think people are MUCH more motivated by respect, admiration and love. When you live in a society that worships material shit and money people think that that is the path to some sort of validation. My argument is that money isn't the only way to achieve that. Men are HIGHLY motivated by PUSSY. More than they ever will be by money. Almost no matter what your job is, if you're the best at it. If you're a leader. If people count on you to make shit happen, you get pussy. That's biological, not some made up free market bullshit. That's literally wired into our DNA. It's not JUST pussy though. People who are good at what they do and work hard earn the respect of their peers. People listen to what they have to say as a result of that. There are always going to be natural hierarchies amongst human beings. It's just how we organize ourselves. We don't need money for that at all. What's one man? The possibility exists only through the cooperative efforts of the collective. In the wild, one man will be eaten by an animal with claws and teeth, an animal that is bigger and faster. With one another we can figure out how to kill a fucking mammoth with a spear. No matter how special someone might think they are and how successful they might be, NOBODY does shit on their own. We all stand on the shoulders of thousands of generations of people and just everyone's daily life is made possible by the people that make sure your shit doesn't get mixed in with your water and you get sick and die. Where would Jeff Bezos be if he had to worry about that? The efforts of these people afford us the luxary to think about things like comfort instead of just survival. It allows us to even be able to have this question and to have this debate.