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Fantasy Keepers Question

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My fleaflicker league uses two keepers and I am having trouble deciding this year.

It's the following four players that I am looking at. I can keep two.

Patrick Mahomes, QB

Nick Chubb, RB

Tyreek Hill, WR

JuJu Smith-Schuster, WR

I think the two best options here are clearly Hill and Juju, the issue is that gives me two WRs, and leaves me probably weakish at the RB position. This is an eight-team league, so there's likely RBs going to be available, but also the really good ones are obviously just going to be keepers for other teams. Mahomes is obviously a great option, got him in week 3 last year, took him over Rivers, thank god. But there's a lot of QB depth and we only have 8 teams as I said. The difference between Mahomes and a good QB in fantasy probably isn't nearly as much as the difference between a great RB and a good one is going to cost me. 

Chubb is probably going to have a great year, given the Browns have some weapons now and they traded Hyde so he is RB #1 with no real competition behind him... until week 9 when Kareem Hunt comes off of suspension. At which point he could easily lose the starting job entirely.

I'm heavily leaning towards Hill and Juju for those reasons and just trying to get RBs early, just wanted to know other's opinions on the matter.

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I think it's Mahomie and JuJu.

Mahomes was the highest scoring player in the league last season. Probably not gonna have the same MVP season next year, but the numbers will still probably be good.  Tyreek would be a risk for me, he's either gonna do something to get pwnt from league for a bit or get hurt.

The top six highest scoring backs were kept.  There's still plenty of talent out there.

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