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End of Season Award Picks

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MVP - Aaron Rodgers - Mahomes feels like the easy pick, but I think a bit of regression combined with an aversion to repeat winners makes me think it's going a different direction, I can see Rodgers have a resurgent season and I think the AP would be happy to give it to him

OPOTY - Alvin Kamara - Just a hunch, I think he's set up to have a really good season

DPOTY - Khalil Mack - Don't think I need much of an explanation for this one

OROTY - Kyler Murray - everyone wants to give it to him, a decent season out of him and getting the Cardinals back to relevance is all I think it'll take

DROTY - Nick Bosa - really good defender going to a team that should be competitive, only way he doesn't get it is if his current injury is worse than he's making it out to be

Comeback POTY - Jimmy Garoppolo - same comment as Kyler Murray above

Coach of the Year - Freddie Kitchens - if he gets Cleveland anywhere close to playoff contention this is his

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MVP - Aaron Rodgers - Slightly biased but have a hunch that Rodgers is going to be on a mission this season after a couple disappointing seasons. It wouldn't surprise me if he does start a bit slow but picks up steam and ends the season on a nice run to secure MVP.

OPOTY - Christian McCaffrey - I was between Cmac, Kamara, and Saquon for me. All 3 RBs are going to have great seasons but I think Cmac edges it out and is a big part of the Panthers making the playoffs.

DPOTY - Aaron Donald - Best defensive player and don't see him slowing down.

OROTY - Kyler Murray - The only rookie QB that is most likely starting the entire season so ORotY is his to lose.

DROTY - Devin Bush - Not a believer in Bosa staying healthy since he seems to be one injury after another thus far. Bush is the starting LB and should rack up plenty o tackles. The Steelers have a nice front of him which should give him plenty of opportunities to make plays.

Comeback POTY - Derrius Guice - On a limb here but I'm not a fan of Jimmy G yet and it sounds like Guice is going to be the bell cow for the Redskins.

Coach of the Year - Matt LaFleur - Going off recent trends, any coach that turns a team around is a contender for this, so LaFleur and Kitchens are the 2 best bets. If Rodgers lights it up and the Packers make some noise, I see LaFleur taking this. Especially if some credit him for reigning in Rodgers.

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MVP: Drew Brees.  I feel like his career has a lot of parallels to DiCaprio in some ways.  Really good for so long, but always missing that one piece of hardware.  This year will be Drew's "Revenant" performance. 

OPOTY: Alvin Kamara.  It felt very close between him, Barkley and McCaffrey.  Ultimately I believe Kamara will benefit more from a well-oiled offense that will keep the defense spread out enough to give him room to cause headaches every Sunday.  The other 2 will have to deal with far more stacked boxes that will slow them down in the long run. 

DPOTY:  Aaron Donald, because...well...Aaron Donald.  A third straight would solidify him even more in NFL lore as a regular subject of GOAT arguments. 

OROTY:  David Montgomery.  I'm sure most people will give Murray the nod by default.  But David is just fun to watch, and he has an elusiveness in space that reminds me a lot of Nick Chubb.  He'll also be in a better overall offense, giving him more chances to succeed. 

DROTY: Josh Allen.  I think it will be very close between him and Bush.  Allen is such a force of nature, and I'm always more biased towards pass rushing DE's.  No disrespect intended to Bush in the slightest. 

CBPOTY:  Albert Wilson.  Hear me out before you laugh.  With the arrival of Preston Williams, Grant's shift to the outside and Kenny Stills' departure, Wilson will be moving back to the slot...his strong suit.  And he's a RAC machine.  Regardless of the starting QB in Miami, he will be a favorite safety valve on an offense hurting for established talent.  The caveat to this is basically whether or not voters account for strictly individual performance or also factor in team success.  If the latter is the case, I believe it will be Jimmy G.  Something else to consider...does being away from the game for a year...but not injured...count?  If that's the case, Le'Veon Bell should also be considered...and heavily favored. 

COTY: Freddie Kitchens.  A playoff birth would break an 18 year drought, and bring the Sashi Brown/John Dorsey rebuild to full fruition.  There's almost no way it goes to anyone else in that scenario.  My runner-up is Matt LeFluer, assuming he and Rodgers can mesh well and turn it around in Green Bay.  I have a soft spot for rookie coaches. 


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