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Ravens acquire Marcus Peters

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The Los Angeles Rams have traded cornerback Marcus Peters to the Baltimore Ravens for linebacker Kenny Young and an undisclosed draft pick in 2020. Rob Parker of Fox Sports first reported the news. Adam Schefter reports that it's for a 5th rounder in 2020.


Seems like the Rams are getting pretty desperate to fill the void with talent, but then they dump Marcus Peters for a depth linebacker and a late round pick? Ravens win this trade by a mile, as they get a quality #1 corner without having to break the bank... like the Rams just did for Jalen Ramsey. Essentially, if you break down both moves the Rams made you get.

Ravens Acquire:
Marcus Peters

Rams Acquire:
Kenny Young
Jalen Ramsey
2020 Ravens 5th Rounder

Jags Acquire: 
2020 Rams First Rounder
2021 Rams First Rounder
2021 Rams Fourth Rounder

Does anyone really think the Rams made themselves a better team by these moves? In the immediate term they just replaced a young slightly overhyped corner with a slightly younger, slightly more overhyped corner and a depth level linebacker. Of course losing 2 first rounders in the process. It's a bad look.

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I don't think these were good trades or anything but calling Ramsey overhyped is ridiculous. He's still a great player. 

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DeCosta hit it out of the park here. I loved Ozzie, but he was faaaaaar to conservative but God damn could he draft. 

DeCosta hit pretty well in the draft and this is the kind of move we were hoping for as fans. Now if he can fleece another team for a solid pass rusher we are set.

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