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Derrick Rose

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Put this together for badgers earlier. Objectively, I think this might be my best in a long time. But the "#1" gradient is bugging me the more I look at it...too much pop maybe. Maybe just a black to white instead?









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It's not bad and sorry I didn't give you any input previously.


The things I didn't like about it was


1. Seemed a bit too monotone colored. There was minimal contrast between the colors and it seemed too dark throughout as if you take a straw and sucked the color out lol.

2. The text. All of it seemed too rigid to me and it didn't fit well. Let me give an example. Your Lebron sig has lebron looking straight at the text (which blends well with the sig) and James is too the far left, meaning that anywhere to the right you can put text. So the placement was good. Second, on your Watkins sig, you use up the entire left half of the sig with the main photo of the guy. You don't wanna place text over the main photo so it gives you the entire right side for text placement. Since you put a background pick in of a close up on his jersey it gives you something to work with. The photo provides you with a nice space right above his number and in between the two logos on his jersey. You chose to align the text perfectly with the upper edge of his numbers which looks nice. It helps the text go with the flow of what's behind it.


Now go back to the Rose sig, and there isn't that flow. You picked a natural pose (but nice pose) of Rose, which makes it hard to conform the text around him. Typically in this case, I'll try to put the text off to one side instead of around it.


Sorry for all those words.


My immediate suggestion is slightly move D to the right, then put the text to the left, flat. Don't angle it to form around his body because you won't get it to look nice that way (maybe you do though, experiment with it if you want).


However if you do want to angle the text, make it pop out less I think.The left side of the sig is really dark and the text is too eye-grabby and takes attention away from D.


Thanks for making the sig for me.

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