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BPitNFL Winners Bracket Sweet Sixteen


11 members have voted

  1. 1. I1

  2. 2. I2

    • Aaron Rodgers
    • Calais Campbell
  3. 3. I3

  4. 4. I4

  5. 5. I5

  6. 6. I6

  7. 7. I7

    • Luke Kuechly
    • Le'Veon Bell
  8. 8. I8

    • Drew Brees
    • Rob Gronkowski

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We're down to the NFL's elite now, folks. The talent is immense, and the decisions are difficult.


You know what to do.

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My Votes:

Zack Martin > Tom Brady

It's the best Guard in the game against a very good QB. Whether you want to argue for positional value or not, Martin is an absolute beast and I think he deserves votes even if he's probably going to lose. It's a close one but I think Martin reigns supreme as the superior player.

Calais Campbell > Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers is missing a lot of time lately, and Calais was the DPotY last year, and pretty consistently one of the best DE's in the game. I think Campbell is the correct choice here, but when Aaron is healthy he's the best player in the game. These matches are so hard right now.

Joey Bosa > Aaron Donald

This is another case of me thinking the gap really isn't that wide between these two. Joey Bosa has set the league on fire since he came in, and dude just impresses me more each and every week I see him. Donald does very much the same thing, but I may just have some Bosa Bias.

Antonio Brown > Julio Jones

People want to talk like Brown and Jones are 1A and 1B in this league but it's more like 1 and... by a wide mile 2A, maybe 2B, and possibly just 4. Brown is consistent anywhere on the field, and the best WR in the game since Jerry Rice. Julio is very good, but he wouldn't compare to prime Fitzgerald, prime Randy Moss, prime TO or prime Marvin Harrison like Antonio Brown does. Easy pick here, and one of the few this late in the game.

Von Miller > Jalen Ramsey

This is one that isn't close for me. Not to sell Jalen Ramsey short, he's a hell of a corner, it's jsut that Von is the best defensive player in the league, and in order to beat the best, you have to be the best. Jalen is like... a borderline top 10 defender, Miller is the best (IMO), and top 5 at absolute worst.

Khalil Mack > Joe Thomas

Mack is just such a homewrecker, and with JT hanging up the cleats, his last performance is just a shade under the dominance Khalil put out.

Le'Veon Bell > Luke Kuechly

I could have gone either way on this one, but I think Bell is just such a dynamic playmaker that I have to take him over a guy who is starting to have injuries take a toll on him.

Drew Brees > Rob Gronkowski

This late in his career and Drew Brees just keeps getting better. Gronk is an amazing weapon, but I think he falls a hair short of the clinic Brees puts on each and every week.

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Voting is closed.


Advances to Elite Eight:

  • Tom Brady
  • Aaron Rodgers
  • Aaron Donald
  • Antonio Brown
  • Von Miller
  • Khalil Mack
  • Luke Kuechly
  • Drew Brees

Moves to Losers Bracket:

  • Zack Martin
  • Calais Campbell
  • Joey Bosa
  • Julio Jones
  • Jalen Ramsey
  • Joe Thomas
  • Le'Veon Bell
  • Rob Gronkowski

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