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Your team's best candidate for end of season awards

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I did this last year and I thought it was a helpful way to give everyone else a little preview of your team for the coming season. I actually think the Titans may have some people with decent shots at some of these, so here goes:


MVP: Marcus Mariota - no real shot at the award, but if anyone but him is our most valuable player than we've fucked up


OPOTY: Derrick Henry - lots of good options here actually. Obviously Mariota should be a candidate, but I'm going to act like MVP and OPOTY are distinct awards. Delanie Walker is always reliable, and even though he's getting up in age he's reached the point where I'll believe he's declining when I see it. Corey Davis should have a big season if the end of last season was any indication. Dion Lewis should fill the statsheet like few others. But ultimately I think we still lean on the run and Henry will thrive with the opportunity.


DPOTY: Kevin Byard - again this is a tough call. Orakpo and Morgan should both be solid, but with their age and (hopefully) good young guys behind them they should both be rotational guys. Casey is always solid and certainly wouldn't be a bad choice. But, I think this is the year Byard becomes a household name, he's got a great group of corners in front of him so he can just free range it behind them, we saw him burst on the scene among folks who follow the sport really closely last year, this year I think everyone learns his name (maybe even Deion Sanders).


OROTY: Akrum Wadley? - this is not a good spot, I'm listing an UDFA who might not even make the team, but I guess that's what happens when the only draft pick you spend on offense goes to a developmental/backup QB


DROTY: Rashaan Evans - maybe it's cheating to just put our first draft pick in here, but I think he joins the pantheon of Bama linebackers who make an immediate impact. We haven't invested in the ILB position in a long time, so this needs to pay off. Harold Landry is also a possibility, but I'm expecting him to be lightly used in rotation behind Orakpo and Morgan while Evans should be a three down backer from the jump. I may be overselling it a bit, but I actually think Evans could have a shot at the award leaguewide.


Comeback POTY: Jack Conklin - I'm really not sure he would even qualify since he didn't miss any time, but coming back from a torn ACL is still tough, we also were pretty lucky on the injury front so I don't think we have any better candidates. Tajae Sharpe has a decent case, but I'm not sure he'd demonstrated his value enough to really be a comeback story with only one season before spending all of last year on IR, he also could end up buried in the WR depth chart.

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MVP: Carson Wentz. No commentary needed.

OPOY: Carson Wentz. The wealth is shared all around on our offense, so there's no one skill player who would likely make a strong case for this.

DPOY: Brandon Graham. Contract year, and he has more opportunities for sacks than Cox.

OROY: Dallas Goedert. This is a longshot, but I can see the Eagles running plenty of 2-TE sets to give this kid touches. He could end up big in the red zone with teams focusing on Jeffery and Ertz.

DROY: Josh Sweat. Close to 0% chance this happens.

CPOY: Jason Peters. I don't think Wentz missed enough of the season to qualify, and maybe Peters doesn't either. He's our best candidate.

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