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Razor's QB Rankings 2018

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We didn't see much change in the QB rankings this week either, but the top 5 shook up just a little bit this time around. Matt Ryan, who started off the season in 32nd place has rebounded brilliantly from that bad performance and is now knocking on Drew Brees' door to be number 1 overall. The rest of the top 10 is filled with the usual suspects, after Trubisky took a little bit of a tumble even though they thrashed the Bills last week. Our biggest riser was DeShaun Watson, a quarterback the Broncos did not have an answer for Sunday. If not for the Texans playing lax and keeping us close I have to imagine he could have soared even higher. Too bad Vance is even stupider than Buttchin when it comes to coaching decisions. On the other end of the spectrum, Matt Stafford took the biggest fall, in large part due to being sacked 10 times by the stout Vikings Defense. Stafford clearly wanted to be anywhere else other than behind centre last week.

We've still got a long season ahead of us, and it'll be interesting to see what unfolds in the second half. (Sorry for the delay in getting this out, my day off ended up being stupid busy)

Week 9 QB Rankings

1. Drew Brees 13
2. Matt Ryan 20 (+1)
3. Philip Rivers 24 (-1)
4. Patrick Mahomes 29
5. Jared Goff 30

6. Cam Newton 41 (+2)
7. Ryan Fitzpatrick 43 (-1)
8. Carson Wentz 45 (+2)
9. Kirk Cousins 47
10. Tom Brady 49 (+2)
11. Mitch Trubisky 52 (-4)
12. Brock Osweiler 57 (-1)
13. DeShaun Watson 59 (+6)
14. Aaron Rodgers 62 (+3)
15. Derek Carr 64
16. Russell Wilson 64 (-2)
17. Ben Roethlisberger 65 (+1)
18. Matt Stafford 65 (-5)
19. Andrew Luck 65 (-3)

20. Ryan Tannehill 76 (+2)
21. Andy Dalton 77
22. Alex Smith 81 (-2)
23. Jameis Winston 83
24. Eli Manning 88
25. Dak Prescott 88
26. Marcus Mariota 90 (+3)
27. Joe Flacco 91 (-1)
28. Blake Bortles 97 (-1)
29. Case Keenum 101 (-1)
30. C.J. Beathard 109
31. Baker Mayfield 109 (+1)
32. Sam Darnold 122 (-1)
33. Josh Allen 126
34. Josh Rosen 128

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This was a fun week for the NFL. Blowouts abound, Tom Brady looking pedestrian, and Eli Manning got into the vintage pickle sauce and pulled out a 4th Quarter game winning drive. Good times. Let's talk about QB's, as we are all wont to do. The top 5, aka the MVP race just keeps getting tighter and tighter... except Drew Brees is kind of running away with the efficiency title. Sure his total Touchdowns may not be as many as Mahomes has, but Brees has only turned the ball over once (and a recovered fumble) this entire season. He's posting an adjusted completion percentage of nearly 76%, way more than the next closest guy, whose amounts are supplemented by running the ball himself a whole lot. It's gonna be interesting to see the rest of these compete, but right now Brees is the clear front runner.

Now for the movers and shakers, and whew boy, there were a lot of them. Ben Roethlisberger may have put up the best QB performance of the season, it always feels like there's a coupla games a year where Ben just goes Ham on some unsuspecting team and this time around the Panthers were his victims. He jumps up 7 whole spots for his very first appearance in the top ten this year. Mitchell Trubisky took the Lions to task, and jumped right back up to where he was two weeks prior. Matt Nagy has the man playing really efficient football, and that sort of thing can't be understated. It's weird seeing the Bears have a halfway decent QB. The last big riser was Andrew Luck, who is just another man in a long line of QB's who are making that Jaguars defense look like a bunch of Frauds. The Colts are putting a lot on his shoulders as usual, but he's delivering his best each and every week.

As for the big falls this week, Tom Brady looked downright mortal against the stifling Titans defense. He could not find his open guys, other than one drive in the second quarter he couldn't make those easy YAC pass happen like he usually does. All the ex-Pats on the Titans were making BB look foolish on this sunday, that's for sure. Brock Osweiler is slowly recovering from his early season flukey good games, and Matt Stafford takes the largest tumble for a second week in a row, dropping all the way to 24th. Get him some help Jim Bob Cooter, the division rivals are killing him!


Week 10 QB Rankings

1. Drew Brees 9
2. Matt Ryan 22
3. Philip Rivers 23
4. Patrick Mahomes 27
5. Jared Goff 29

6. Mitch Trubisky 40 (+5)
7. Carson Wentz 40 (+1)
8. Ryan Fitzpatrick 41 (-1)
9. Cam Newton 44 (-3)
10. Ben Roethlisberger 48 (+7)
11. Kirk Cousins 49 (-2)
12. DeShaun Watson 61 (+1)
13. Aaron Rodgers 61 (+1)
14. Andrew Luck 61 (+5)
15. Tom Brady 63 (-5)
16. Brock Osweiler 69 (-4)
17. Derek Carr 72 (-2)
18. Russell Wilson 75 (-2)
19. Ryan Tannehill 76 (+1)
20. Alex Smith 78 (+2)
21. Eli Manning 80 (+3)
22. Andy Dalton 81 (-1)
23. Marcus Mariota 81 (+3)
24. Matt Stafford 83 (-6)
25. Jameis Winston 85 (-2)
26. Blake Bortles 86 (+2)
27. Dak Prescott 87 (-2)
28. Joe Flacco 91 (-1)

29. Case Keenum 100
30. Baker Mayfield 100 (+1)
31. C.J. Beathard 111 (-1)
32. Sam Darnold 122
33. Josh Allen 126
34. Josh Rosen 130

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We had an incredible slate of games this week, from epic comebacks, to hard fought defensive struggles, to the highest scoring monday night football game in history, as a fan this week had everything you could possibly want. Tom Brady didn't even play this week to ruin it! Hahaha. In any case, these exciting turns have lead to a lot of changes in our list. The player at number 1 remains the same, but the fight for every other spot is still a heated competition.

After the incredible shootout of monday night, Goff finally snuck ahead of Mahomes for the 4th spot on this list, and with slightly below average performances from Ryan and Rivers, the struggle for second becomes a lot tighter. First place however is squarely in Brees' hands. Rest assured, he'd need to slip up pretty severely to lose his advantage. His opponent this week were the hapless Eagles, who looked completely lost, and their QB might have had the worst game of his young career. Wentz dropped out of the top ten entirely all the way down to the 15th spot after a 3 INT performance. There was another large faller this week, and he might have just had the worst sunday of his entire life. Worse than the loss to the Giants in the NFC Championship game in 2011, worse than the day he got injured and replaced for America's Public Enemy #1... Alex Smith, I am so sorry for you. He was already having a poor performance against the Texans, and then he gets his leg broken in the worst way possible, on the 33 year anniversary of Joe Theismann's career ending injury, at roughly the same point on the field. Alex Smith was a tribute to the Redskins curse, and he did not deserve that. I hope retirement is kind to the man, because I don't see him coming back.

Let's look at the more positive results of the week, as there was some good to go with the bad. With the Colts utter dismantling of the Titans, Andrew Luck has once again arisen 5 spots and finds himself inside the top 10 for the first time this season. He has now gone four straight games without being sacked, something I'd never thought I'd say about him after seeing the first part of his career arc. Luck looks better than ever, and a large part of it is due to his young offensive line starting to gel. Everything goes better when your team can block effectively. His draft classmate, Russell Wilson also shot up into the top 10 after a tough gritty win against the Packers on Thursday. Though the game between 10 and 15 is still razor thin, there's a lot of room for change as we hit the homestretch of the season. The last big riser is Jameis Winston, who seems to be following the lunatic trend of Bucs QB's looking great in relief, but garbage in starting situations. The QB position is not comparable to the pitcher position, I'm afraid to say. There's a lot of season left, and a lot of magic just waiting to happen, so look forward to the coming installments of my QB rankings.

Week 11 QB Rankings

1. Drew Brees 9
2. Matt Ryan 24
3. Philip Rivers 26
4. Jared Goff 31 (+1)
5. Patrick Mahomes 33 (-1)
6. Cam Newton 38 (+3)
7. Ryan Fitzpatrick 45 (+1)
8. Mitch Trubisky 45 (-2)
9. Andrew Luck 46 (+5)

10. Russell Wilson 56 (+8)
11. Ben Roethlisberger 57 (-1)
12. Kirk Cousins 57 (-1)
13. Tom Brady 58 (+2)
14. Aaron Rodgers 59 (-1)
15. Carson Wentz 60 (-8)
16. DeShaun Watson 66 (-4)
17. Jameis Winston 69 (+8)
18. Eli Manning 69 (+3)
19. Brock Osweiler 70 (-3)
20. Derek Carr 71 (-3)
21. Ryan Tannehill 74 (-2)
22. Andy Dalton 79
23. Matt Stafford 83 (+1)
24. Dak Prescott 83 (+3)
25. Marcus Mariota 89 (-2)
26. Blake Bortles 90
27. Joe Flacco 90 (+1)
28. Alex Smith 94 (-8)

29. Case Keenum 100
30. Baker Mayfield 100
31. C.J. Beathard 108
32. Sam Darnold 120
33. Josh Rosen 125 (+1)
34. Josh Allen 128 (-1)

Edited by RazorStar
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Is Brees on pace to have the best season ever in your rankings? 

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At the moment, yes. Not only in relative score, but just in general, this might be the best QB season I've ever seen, and there have been a lot of great ones in the past 15 years or so since I've been going real in depth into football. However, all raw numbers tend to decrease in december when the snow comes along, so I'd say not to count your chickens just yet. Matt Ryan in 2016 is probably the closest since I started doing these in 2012 though.

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Thanksgiving is over. Black Friday is over. Cyber Monday is Over. You know what that means, don't ya?! It's the season of giving! And there's nothing quite like the frenetic pace of December football. These last 5 weeks will show the true mettle of the teams left remaining in this desperate playoff chase, and the true mettle of their signal callers. It's 12 weeks in and Drew Brees still holds a stranglehold on the top spot in the rankings, but there were a lot of good performances this week to put on a stamp on this era of passing. Philip Rivers made 25 straight completions against the ailing Cardinals (and took 4 sacks, his season high), Marcus Mariota went 22/23 passing (but took 6 sacks, not his season high...), Andrew Luck had another rock steady performance in a tight victory against the tougher than they look Phins. However, amongst all of that, the biggest riser was one Baker H. Mayfield who got on his ass kicking shoes and punted the Bengals so hard they hue'd themselves. His performance in what was effectively one half of football jumped him up 8 spots from the pile of rookies at the bottom to the malaise in the middle. Browns fans might have hope, so I'm just waiting for something tragic and expected happen to Cleveland.

On the other side of the spectrum, we didn't see any huge falls. Big Ben took a little tumble after getting upset in Denver and throwing some really costly interceptions, but he still put up 460+ yards on the Broncos. Andy Dalton was outmatched early and broke his thumb in the second half, leaving things to his backup, who played a lot better... against a Cleveland defense that had basically gone home at halftime. Matthew Stafford could do nothing against Khalil Mack and the Bears defense, and Blake Bortles looked completely lost against the Bills, and when they lost Fournette, they were done. The largest fall this week belongs to Derek Carr, who is looking more and more like his brother every week, scared, shellshocked, and always looking for the nearest checkdown. The Ravens got to him relentlessly, once sacking him three plays in a row. The Raiders can't afford to fire Gruden, but the second they can, they should can him. 


Week 12 QB Rankings

1. Drew Brees 9
2. Philip Rivers 22 (+1)
3. Matt Ryan 26 (-1)
4. Jared Goff 30
5. Patrick Mahomes 36
6. Cam Newton 40
7. Andrew Luck 44 (+2)
8. Ryan Fitzpatrick 48 (-1)
9. Mitch Trubisky 49 (-1)
10. Russell Wilson 51
11. Kirk Cousins 51 (+1)
12. Tom Brady 55 (+1)
13. Ben Roethlisberger 57 (-2)
14. DeShaun Watson 62 (+2)
15. Aaron Rodgers 64 (-1)
16. Carson Wentz 64 (-1)

17. Jameis Winston 65
18. Ryan Tannehill 69 (+3)
19. Eli Manning 71 (-1)
20. Brock Osweiler 73 (-1)
21. Marcus Mariota 75 (+4)
22. Baker Mayfield 77 (+8)
23. Dak Prescott 80 (+1)
24. Derek Carr 85 (-4)
25. Andy Dalton 85 (-3)
26. Matt Stafford 89 (-3)
27. Joe Flacco 92
28. Alex Smith 94

29. Blake Bortles 105 (-3)
30. Case Keenum 106 (-1)
31. C.J. Beathard 110
32. Sam Darnold 121
33. Josh Allen 123 (+1)
34. Josh Rosen 124 (-1)

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This was a week of streaks ending. Saints winning streak? Done. Bears won 5 straight? Can't make it 6 against the lowly Giants thanks to poor play from Chase Danielface. Patriots? Well... they won because they always win. We're heading into the homestretch, and with Drew Brees looking mortal last week, continued strong performances from Rivers and Mahomes could help to close that gap as a huge slate of divisional games are incoming for the Saints.

The big risers this week are Derek Carr and Russell Wilson. Carr had the fortunate advantage of styling on the Chiefs Defense, but unfortunately had to face the Chiefs offense as well. Patrick Mahomes popped off the stat sheet once again, but Carr's efficient game gave him a large boost in a really tight set of quarterbacks. Russell Wilson didn't need to throw many passes to make the 49ers look foolish, just hit the ones he did make deep, convert first downs, and throw 4 TDs in 20 dropbacks. 

On the other end we had a couple of large falls as well. Chief among them being Andrew Luck's virtual no show against the Jaguars last sunday, putting up no points, a sub 5.0 YPA and an INT in the struggle. Looks like the Jags D has the answer to the surging Colts offensive line at least. The other big drop was Elisha Manning who did not help his team win in any substantial capacity. Saquon Barkley and Odell Beckham did most of the work, and made it seem like anyone could have done a better job in that situation.We have two new Qb's joining the fray, the ancient Josh McCown finds a spot near the bottom, while Nick Mullens shoves into the middle thanks to his hot and cold performances this far. At his current pace however, I expect him to join the bottom 10 soon enough.


Week 13 QB Rankings

1. Drew Brees 10
2. Philip Rivers 19
3. Patrick Mahomes 28 (+2)
4. Matt Ryan 29 (-1)
5. Jared Goff 40 (-1)
6. Russell Wilson 46 (+4)
7. Ryan Fitzpatrick 49 (+1)
8. Cam Newton 49 (-2)
9. Mitch Trubisky 50 
10. Tom Brady 51 (+1)
11. DeShaun Watson 53 (+3)
12. Andrew Luck 54 (-5)
13. Jameis Winston 58 (+4)
14. Ben Roethlisberger 60 (-1)
15. Kirk Cousins 61 (-4)
16. Carson Wentz 62

17. Aaron Rodgers 69 (-2)
18. Brock Osweiler 72 (+2)
19. Derek Carr 74 (+5)
20. Ryan Tannehill 75 (-2)
21. Dak Prescott 79 (+2)
22. Nick Mullens 80 (NR)
23. Marcus Mariota 80 (-2)
24. Eli Manning 82 (-5)
25. Baker Mayfield 83 (-3)
26. Andy Dalton 85 (-1)

27. Matt Stafford 96 (-1)
28. Joe Flacco 96 (-1)
29. Alex Smith 97 (-1)
30. Case Keenum 103
31. Blake Bortles 107 (-2)
32. C.J. Beathard 116 (-1)
33. Josh Allen 125 
34. Sam Darnold 126 (-2)
35. Josh McCown 135 (NR)
36. Josh Rosen 136 (-2)

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How did Cam not have a big fall after throwing four picks? Just a bit curious.

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Well he did go down two spots, but the people around him went down as well. Lucks performance was much worse, Cousins and Roethlisberger got wiped with mediocre performances against good AFC teams. The rest of the guys close to them either played about the same as usual, or didn't play at all. So while Newton dropped a few spots, he's right in the thick of things with a bunch of other QB's, and if certain things broke the other way, he could have been as low as 12 or 13 probably. Interestingly enough despite throwing 4 picks, his turnover rate is still about in the middle of the pack (19/36 ahead of Jets QB's, 49ers QBs, Bucs QBs, Bortles, Keenum, Rookies, etc)

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Another peculiar week in the NFL, as expectations were turned on their heads. Impeccable QB performances turned into losses, terrible performances eked out victories, and the name of game has changed from Offense to Defense. Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to the true face of the NFL. 

There were a lot of risers and fallers this week, so let's start with the negative, go for a real change of pace. The Sunday Night game featured some of the worst QB performances of the season, kicking both Jared Goff and Mitch Trubisky out of the top 10, an unusual circumstance for both of these young guys. I suppose combining for 7 interceptions may have had something to do with that. Khalil Mack and Aaron Donald made their cases for Defensive Player of the Year, and I think Macks was just a wee bit stronger, making Goff tumble 8 spots compared to Trubisky's 6. The largest collapse of the week goes to one Jameis Winston though, who got bullied and beaten black and blue by the Fleur de Lis of New Orleans. He couldn't drive the ball down the field and in a week where Drew Brees was not his usual self, the Bucs really needed a strong performance out of him. On the other side of that game, Drew Brees still holds the top spot, but the gap between him and Rivers is narrowing fast.

Even the good news this week comes with some negatives. Tom Brady moved the ball at will on the Dolphins defense, and jumped into the top 5 for the first time this season, and the Patriots still lost thanks to a hook and lateral miracle play. It could not have happened to a nicer bunch. Ben Roethlisberger jumped 5 spots as well, taking the Raiders defense to task, and was simply a slippy kicker away from a victory in that game. Ben still hasn't won a game in Oakland, but this time it wasn't his fault. Carson Wentz went up in the loss to the Cowboys, Ryan Tannehill made the most of his opportunities and went up a few spots as well, but the largest riser this week was Andrew Luck against the Texans. After being shut out against the Jags, Luck responded with his best performance of the season against a tough defense where they could not get the run game going, Luck put the team on his back and carried them past a stout Texans squad. 

Lamar Jackson and Jeff Driskel were the new additions this week. And while Driskel isn't blowing people away, he has been playing slightly more efficiently than Dalton has been this season. The Bengals are still a trash fire though, and really need a new coach. These players just don't want to fight for Marvin Lewis anymore. Lamar Jackson is an interesting case because he has so many rushing attempts that his numbers are all super skewed. He has the highest adjusted completion percentage, because all of his 3-4 yard runs count as completed passes on my formula. In the same vein, his other rate stats are severely diminished. He's a fraction ahead of Flacco, but it's clear his presence bolsters the defense because they have so much more time to rest with him moving the sticks consistently.


Week 14 QB Rankings

1. Drew Brees 12
2. Philip Rivers 20
3. Matt Ryan 30 (+1)
4. Patrick Mahomes 35 (-1)

5. Tom Brady 49 (+5)
6. Andrew Luck 49 (+6)
7. Russell Wilson 50 (-1)
8. Ryan Fitzpatrick 52 (-1)
9. Ben Roethlisberger 52 (+5)
10. Cam Newton 57 (-2)
11. DeShaun Watson 58
12. Carson Wentz 59 (+4)
13. Jared Goff 63 (-8)
14. Kirk Cousins 63 (+1)
15. Mitch Trubisky 65 (-6)
16. Ryan Tannehill 67 (+4)
17. Derek Carr 72 (+2)
18. Aaron Rodgers 73 (-1)
19. Dak Prescott 73 (+2)
20. Brock Osweiler 76 (-2)
21. Nick Mullens 78 (+1)
22. Jameis Winston 79 (-9)
23. Eli Manning 79 (+1)
24. Jeff Driskel 79 (NR)
25. Baker Mayfield 81
26. Marcus Mariota 84 (-3)
27. Andy Dalton 89 (-1)

28. Matt Stafford 96 (-1)
29. Lamar Jackson 97 (NR)
30. Joe Flacco 99 (-2)
31. Alex Smith 102 (-2)
32. Case Keenum 111 (-2)
33. Blake Bortles 112 (-2)
34. C.J. Beathard 122 (-2)
35. Sam Darnold 130 (-1)
36. Josh Allen 134 (-3)
37. Josh McCown 141 (-2)
38. Josh Rosen 147 (-2)

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Week 15 QB Rankings

1. Drew Brees 12
2. Philip Rivers 25
3. Patrick Mahomes 32 (+1)
4. Matt Ryan 33 (-1)
5. Tom Brady 46
6. Russell Wilson 46 (+1)
7. DeShaun Watson 50 (+4)
8. Ryan Fitzpatrick 51
9. Andrew Luck 52 (-3)
10. Ben Roethlisberger 58 (-1)

11. Carson Wentz 59 (+1)
12. Kirk Cousins 60 (+2)
13. Cam Newton 65 (-3)
14. Mitch Trubisky 66 (+1)
15. Jared Goff 68 (-2)
16. Nick Mullens 72 (+5)
17. Derek Carr 74
18. Aaron Rodgers 76
19. Brock Osweiler 78 (+1)
20. Dak Prescott 80 (-1)

21. Ryan Tannehill 83 (-5)
22. Baker Mayfield 87 (+3)
23. Andy Dalton 87 (+4)
24. Jameis Winston 88 (-2)
25. Marcus Mariota 89 (+1)
26. Eli Manning 89 (-3)
27. Matt Stafford 91 (+1)
28. Jeff Driskel 94 (-4)
29. Nick Foles 95 (NR)
30. Lamar Jackson 95 (-1)

31. Alex Smith 98
32. Joe Flacco 101 (-2)
33. Blake Bortles 110
34. Case Keenum 119 (-2)
35. C.J. Beathard 125 (-1)
36. Cody Kessler 127 (NR)
37. Sam Darnold 132 (-2)
38. Josh Allen 134 (-2)
39. Josh McCown 151 (-2)
40. Josh Rosen 153 (-2)


There may be some preamble for this later, but for the time being... Lol Cam Newton.

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Making fun of an injured dude is beneath you, Razor. For shame.

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o right sorry. I'll wait till he gets healthy and send him an apology broom in the mail.

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Week 16 Qb Rankings:


1. Drew Brees 12
2. Matt Ryan 30 (+2)
3. Patrick Mahomes 31
4. Philip Rivers 31 (-2)
5. Russell Wilson 40 (+1)
6. DeShaun Watson 45 (+1)
7. Ryan Fitzpatrick 52 (+1)
8. Andrew Luck 53 (+1)
9. Ben Roethlisberger 57 (+1)
10. Kirk Cousins 57 (+2)
11. Tom Brady 59 (-7)
12. Mitch Trubisky 59 (+2)
13. Carson Wentz 60 (-2)
14. Cam Newton 65 (-1)
15. Jared Goff 66

16. Baker Mayfield 74 (+6)
17. Aaron Rodgers 74 (+1)
18. Derek Carr 75 (-1)
19. Nick Foles 77 (+10)
20. Dak Prescott 79
21. Brock Osweiler 80 (-2)
22. Eli Manning 82 (+4)
23. Nick Mullens 84 (-7)
24. Jeff Driskel 88 (+4)
25. Marcus Mariota 89
26. Andy Dalton 90 (-3)
27. Ryan Tannehill 90 (-6)
28. Jameis Winston 91 (-4)
29. Lamar Jackson 92 (+1)
30. Matt Stafford 99 (-3)
31. Alex Smith 101
32. Joe Flacco 102

33. Blake Bortles 115
34. Sam Darnold 125 (+3)
35. C.J. Beathard 126
36. Case Keenum 127 (-2)
37. Cody Kessler 130 (-1)
38. Josh Allen 137
39. Josh McCown 152
40. Josh Rosen 154


Blame the holidays for not letting me get a proper writeup in. Baker Mayfield ends up going up to the top 20 for the first time, and Nick Foles shoots up 10 spots after dismantling the Texans on Sunday. The big drops are located in the AFC East, as Tom Brady tumbles out of the top 10 after being owned by the Buffalo pass D, and Ryan Tannehill falls after being embarassed by a jags defense with a fire under their asses. Nick Mullens also tumbled a bit against the scary bears D. The battle for first is locked down, Drew Brees probably won't even play week 17, but the person who gets second will be interesting. Matt Ryan has had an incredible year, overshadowed by the fact that his defense couldn't catch a cold if they tried. Philip Rivers and Patrick Mahomes have had their fair share of MVP talks as well. There's one week left to see how these all shake up. Look forward to it.

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Is Brees going to have the best year ever by your metrics?

Is the average score of the top 5 going to be the highest ever? 

All of this is to ask, do we exaggerate when we say we live in the age of the QB or do your numbers prove that to be true? 

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Brees absolutely will, especially if he takes week 17 off and doesn't do anything to damage it. This september through to November was an era of insane passing yards. Looking at just passer rating alone, we've got 23 QB's with over a 90 passer rating, and 9 over 100. Previous years have been high, but not like this. 

2017: 15 over 90 PR, 5 over 100

2016: 17 and 5

2015: 19 and 6

2014: 16 and 4

2013: 11 and 7

So you kind of get the picture, this has been the culmination of the offense centric focused rules changes. Drew Brees is shattering his completion record at 74.4%, he's averaging over 8 YPA non adjusted, which is already insane considering how many passes he's completed. If it wasn't for his somewhat off December, he'd probably be league leading in other categories as well. As for the average score of the top 5... well this is all by comparison to each other, so I'd say the top 4 stand out a fair bit amongst the pack, but I wouldn't call it an overwhelming disparity or anything. Compared to other top 5's across other years, well I'd have to go digging to find out, but I'm leaning towards yes, considering the staggering efficiency rates put up this season.


December has diminished the numbers somewhat, so there is still hope for defense oriented teams though.

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Final results, writeup sometime in the future:


1. Drew Brees 10
2. Matt Ryan 28
3. Patrick Mahomes 34
4. Philip Rivers 38
5. Tom Brady 47
6. DeShaun Watson 47
7. Russell Wilson 49
8. Andrew Luck 49

9. Ryan Fitzpatrick 53
10. Ben Roethlisberger 56
11. Mitch Trubisky 56
12. Kirk Cousins 57
13. Carson Wentz 59
14. Jared Goff 61
15. Cam Newton 65
16. Dak Prescott 71
17. Aaron Rodgers 75
18. Nick Foles 77
19. Baker Mayfield 79
20. Jameis Winston 80
21. Brock Osweiler 80
22. Nick Mullens 86
23. Eli Manning 86
24. Andy Dalton 87
25. Marcus Mariota 89
26. Derek Carr 89
27. Lamar Jackson 90
28. Matt Stafford 91

29. Joe Flacco 103
30. Alex Smith 104
31. Jeff Driskel 105
32. Ryan Tannehill 106
33. Blake Bortles 120
34. Case Keenum 123
35. Josh Allen 125
36. Sam Darnold 127
37. Cody Kessler 129
38. C.J. Beathard 131
39. Blaine Gabbert 140
40. Josh McCown 153
41. Josh Rosen 157

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