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    Those 3rd and 5th round picks looking better and better... lol
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    I legit don't know what the hell is wrong with him.
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    Maybe Thor 4 will actually be worth watching. I know I'm in the minority, but the first one was the only one I liked. I'm a major hater. Popular things have to hold up under extreme scrutiny for me to give a shit and under the radar things get more of a pass because they didn't have the resources the big guys did. That and as I've gotten older I've been more willing to be critical of things I want to like. For example, we just saw the new Spiderman last night. I really enjoyed the first one for the most part, but this one kinda fell flat. I was expecting to love it, but man, too much of it was wasted on highschool bullshit. It wasn't half as bad as your average anime (which is why I don't like anime for the most part), but it got really old.