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  1. FSUViking


    So let me get this straight...you found my Facebook page (congrats, Kojak) took a head shot of me and Photoshop it and claim some kind of victory? First of all, how do you make all these assumption based on my appearance? Especially when I'm all you you, Zack especially, probably make Brad Pitt puke with jealousy over how sexy you are. - There's nothing on my page that indicates anything about my profession. So if you wanna make some fucking stupid claims based on what? Me looking younger than 33? Wearing glasses? OK. Have it it. Have a good laugh. The fuck do I care. - And lastly, what's this even about? I mean for fucking real. You just wake up one day and decide that you just HAD to look for ME on Facebook and make a giant deal about....what, exactly? You're life suck that bad you decided to go through the effort to search for me on Facebook? My settings aren't private, fuckwad, because I don't give a shit. I have nothing to hide. So congrats to you for whatever the blue fuck you wanted to accomplish with this. I don't have to defend myself for anything. In fact, tell ya what boys. Wanna know about me? Feel free to call the Framingham Police Department. Officer Stoesz. Badge #3767. You wanna know so fucking bad, give them a call. Or, you can lulz at Zack and his pathetic no-life ass and his photoshop skills. I've seen some pretty pathetic shit on this site, but this sets the bar impossibly high. What possess somebody to hate-stalk somebody off a fucking FOOTBALL FORUM other than being the epitome of a pathetic loser? Last I checked this was a place we can all come to talk football. Yeah, we get on each others nerves and call each other names and shit, but seriously? I hate some of you and some of you obviously hate me, but I tend to believe that shit stays on the forum and nobody is obessing about anyone else here when they leave the site. Clearly, I was wrong on one account. I haven't been here in about two weeks and Zacky boy just wakes up one day and decides "I hate that Jason guy so much I need to scour the Internets and find him and then paste his head on a picture so that people at TGP with share some lol's with me." *slow clap* Bravo, sir. You obviously feel tremendously pleased with yourself. But like I said....think I'm not a cop? Here ya go. Call and see for yourself.Officer Jason Stoesz. Badge #3767. Or laugh it up with Zack. I don't give a shit which. Feel free to drop by my Facebook page too, if you're so inclined. See what shocking details Zack has conjured up with his online sleuthing that I tried so hard to hide. BTW...I was a security guard. I have no shame in that. Made some decent money and made some friends and contacts in important places which eventually helped me become a police officer. So laugh at that too, if you want. See ya, FSUViking/FSUPatriot/ Jason Stoesz.....whatever you want to call me.
  2. FSUViking

    Bill Belichick: A Football Life

    Just saw the promo on NFLN as I clicked the thread....lol. Looks like must-see appointment viewing.
  3. FSUViking

    LSU suspends Jordan Jefferson indefinitely

    Kirk Herbstreit is among the very best at what he does, regardless of the sport and I'll have words with any man who says different. Corso is a sideshow clown. If they need a third man, get rid of Howard and, as much as I can't fucking stand the asshole, replace him with Mark May.
  4. FSUViking

    'Hawkeye' guards his owner one last time

    CFT Shit still gets me fucking emotional whenever I see or hear about it. Not just the dog either....can we bring these boys home already? How many more have to die for a war that no longer makes any sense and has no purpose?
  5. If somebody started some shit at Five Guys, I'd step in too. That's some good eatin and I don't need fuckers messin up my dinner.
  6. Naughty boy! Second degree battery. What kind of fucking coward pussy kicks a man in the head when a bunch of your equally cowardly pussy buddies have already beat him to the ground?
  7. FSUViking

    Matt Ryan vs Peyton Manning

    Can i just say how much I fucking despise these asinine "vs" threads?
  8. Yeah, and NYPD and FDNY can say "hey....you didn't invite us to come rescue you."
  9. FSUViking

    Colts sign retired Kerry Collins

    Jesus, Collins? They could have at least called Grandpa Brent. Or shit...take a troupe into the mountains of Montana or wherever and spend a day or two looking for Jake Plummer.
  10. FSUViking

    'Hawkeye' guards his owner one last time

    Not gonna lie....cried like a motherfucker when I read that story and saw the picture.
  11. 9-11 First Responders Not Invited to 10th Anniversary Ceremony at Ground Zero. No room? Well FUCKING MAKE ROOM. There's no excuse, explanation, or reason for this. None. :thththblowup:
  12. FSUViking

    Vikings sign DE Stylez G. White

    They signed a porn star?
  13. FSUViking

    Committee on Infractions headed to Miami

    14 current players possibly ineligible due to possible connections to Shapiro
  14. FSUViking

    Georgia Pro-Combat uniforms

    Superstition being what is, Jimbo doesn't like to wear them because they are 0-3 in them (0-2 vs Boston College of all teams, too).
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