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    Official Soccer Thread

    I know we have a few fans of the beautiful game around here so figured I'd start a new thread for the new season. English Premier League just started, Bundes and La Liga begin this weekend, MLS has been running since the spring... what's everyone's thoughts so far? Liverpool are about a signature away from signing this man. Super excited about this signing! Just hope he behaves lol
  2. -2013 OFFICIAL TGP YAHOO FANTASY FOOTBALL LEAGUE- link to last year's topic: http://www.thegridir...2012-yahoo-ffl/ It's time! Fantasy football is back! I renewed the league from last season so you'll be seeing return invites in your mailbox. The official 2012 roster from last season was (listed in order of standings): 1. BC (reigning champ)- officially returned 2. Zack - pending 3. Phail - pending 4. Mav - officially returned 5. -Open- 6. seanbrock - pending 7. Mathias - officially returned 8. BLUE - pending 9. PD - pending 10. Sarge - officially returned 11. RANGA - pending 12. housemd - pending Everyone was invited back except for our 5th place team, G-Men. He was our 2012 winner, but hasn't logged onto the boards since January. I'd like to give an active member a chance to join the league. With that being said, if every owner returns to the league we will only have ONE spot available. Unless...you guys think we should increase the league from 12 teams to 14? I feel 12 is just the right amount for a couple reasons, but if majority votes for 14 I'm not against it. - Same rules as always. Scoring & Settings will remain unchanged unless an owner proposes a change (which an owner has already). - You can still post that you want to join if the league is full and you'll be added to a reserve list in case anyone drops out. - Requirements to join: been a member at least six months ago and deemed active by myself and a few others. We've been running a competitive league for years now and part of that is due to the majority of owners staying up to date with their teams. - If your team name is unidentifiable with your username on TGP, please post it so we can match the team to the member here. Returning and new owners, we already have a couple things to discuss so let's get going! 1. Tentative Draft Time is Sunday, Sept 1, 9:30pm EST. It's almost two months away so you probably can't give me a sure answer, but does that conflict with anybody's schedule? That was roughly the same day and time for last year and we had few people miss the draft (I definitely wasn't one of them >_>) 2. BC proposed we change Passing TDs from 6 points to 4. Yay or nay? I vote nay. 3. Do we keep the league at 12 teams or increase it to 14?
  3. Maverick

    Super Bowl plans?

    I was invited to a friend's party, but I prefer to stay home and watch it with my parents. This is the same scenario literally every year.
  4. Maverick

    Who's The Best WR In The League?

    Just echoing the thoughts of you guys. Brown and Jones. If I had to pick one, I'd say Brown based on durability alone.
  5. Maverick

    Playoff Pick Em 2016

    Patriots > Falcons I'd be pretty impressed with myself if I only picked one game incorrectly and it involved my favorite team so I have an excuse.
  6. Maverick

    Rank your preferred Super Bowl winners

    Falcons Patriots Steelers Packers
  7. Maverick

    Playoff Pick Em 2016

    Falcons Patriots
  8. Maverick

    Playoff Pick Em 2016

    New England Atlanta Dallas Pittsburgh
  9. Maverick

    Playoff Pick Em 2016

  10. Maverick

    Playoff Pick Em 2016

    Texans Hawks
  11. Maverick

    2016 TGP Pick Em Week 17

    Ravens Texans Bucs Steelers Cowboys Bills Vikings Colts Pats Chiefs Cardinals Broncos Redskins Seahawks Saints Packers
  12. Maverick

    Sueños y Aventuras en Colombia

    I just realized we weren't friends on Facebook. Sorry Matt, IIRC a while back I was in the process of trimming my friends list down, and at the time I was in a pissy mood and my mindset was "I'm never gonna see these guys in real life anyway" and removed some TGP folk lol. That's my bad. I sent you a request...if you can find it in your heart to forgive me. :/ lol I'm happy for you, man. Sounds like you made the right decision. I'm curious, do your friends in Colombia watch the European leagues such as the Premier League or La Liga? Or do they just stick to watching the Colombian league and international games?
  13. Maverick

    Predict A Super Bowl Winner

    Last night I was shocked to hear we had the #1 run defense in the NFL. I'm sure that's changed now since we let Zach fucking Zenner run all over us.
  14. Maverick

    Bengals @ Texans

    I lol'd
  15. Maverick

    2016 TGP Pick Em Week 16

    Forgot yesterday's game. :/ Dolphins @ Bills 1:00 ET Jets @ Pats 1:00 ET Titans @ Jags 1:00 ET Vikings @ Packers 1:00 ET Chargers @ Browns 1:00 ET Redskins @ Bears 1:00 ET Falcons @ Panthers 1:00 ET Colts @ Raiders 4:05 ET Bucs @ Saints 4:25 ET Cardinals @ Seahawks 4:25 ET 49ers @ Rams 4:25 ET Bengals @ Texans 8:30 ET Ravens @ Steelers 4:30 ET Broncos @ Chiefs 8:30 ET Lions @ Cowboys 8:30 ET
  16. Maverick

    2016 Official TGP Yahoo FFL

    should've could've would've Congrats, BC. Now I have to try and beat a ghost to get 3rd
  17. Maverick

    2016 Official TGP Yahoo FFL

    Zeke man...bittersweet watching him run all over the Bucs. I knew your points were racking up. Good luck. Should come down to the wire.
  18. Maverick

    2016 TGP Pick Em Week 15

    Dolphins Packers Bills Eagles Titans Steelers Lions Vikings Texans Cardinals Falcons Raiders Patriots Cowboys Redskins - 40
  19. Maverick

    A couple Cowboys thoughts...

    This sub forum is basically dead anyway so I'd give this its own thread. Two thoughts popped in my mind while I was at work this morning... 1) Did anyone see what Jerry Jones said to the NY Daily News last Thursday before the Giants game? http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jerry-jones-tony-romo-play-part-cowboys-super-bowl-run-article-1.2903930 I didn't even know he said this until yesterday. I already knew Skeletor was a buffoon, but making those comments is just plain dumb. "I think Romo is going to get his opportunity," Jones said. "I don't want it to happen. But I think he may get his opportunity to get us a Super Bowl." WTF is that supposed to mean? How the hell is Dak supposed to take those comments? Now, I give all the credit in the world to the Giants defense. They played a hell of a game. Our offense looked shitty because they made us very uncomfortable. Having said that, if Dak is anything like me, if you hear your owner make those comments...that's definitely in the back of my mind when I'm playing. Dak didn't look himself. He had the worst game of his short career. A lot of that was due to the Giants, but I wouldn't be surprised if those comments from Jerry had some effect on him. 2) Offense better w/out Dez? I remember people saying this in the past and I was always quick to debunk it. However, I saw what happened to Matt Stafford after Megatron retired. He didn't try to force the ball to a specific receiver and as a result the passing offense opened up. We saw the same thing with Dak earlier in the year when Dez was injured. That's when our offense was really flying.
  20. Maverick

    2016 TGP Pick Em Week 15

    Seahawks tonight.
  21. Maverick

    The MVP...

    No offense BJOSA (actually, take offense you Villa scum ), but that's the worst suggestion for MVP in this thread...by far. Brees doesn't have a shot in hell at winning MVP, mainly due to the reason Sean posted above.
  22. Maverick

    A couple Cowboys thoughts...

    I think you meant to say *with Dez, but yes that's my point. Unfortunately he does that shit. I was complaining about it in another thread. Dez has the tools to be an elite WR, but he goes missing in games far too often.
  23. Maverick

    Pro Bowl Features Skills Competition

    Great news.
  24. Maverick

    2016 Official TGP Yahoo FFL

    lol ed lost to a dude who went MIA months ago. I'm gonna have to be firing on all cylinders to beat you this week, BC.
  25. Maverick

    Line up, Line Up, Cowgirls sign up

    We probably still are the best team in the league. Still have the best record.
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