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  1. via Deadspin Visit the article for more info. Doesnt the dome opening and closing remind you of something?
  2. NaTaS

    Potential HOF's ...Under 26

  3. NaTaS

    Potential HOF's ...Under 26

    I included him as a 26 and under. If we only want 25 year olds and younger - it does make it a bit more difficult. No one in Cleveland is ready to crown Manziel with anything.
  4. NaTaS

    Bell & Blount Arrested

    “I didn't know you could get a DUI for being high... I smoked two hours ago. I’m not high anymore”
  5. NaTaS

    Mike Pettine might utilize 2 QB system (down the road)

    The last few years the Browns have brought guys like Cribbs and MarQueis Gray in on certain packages and have been somewhat successful with it. It's not out of the realm of possibility that they would try this to confuse a defense. I don't think it would be a good idea. It feels like the OC/C, when this happens, is trying to overthink the offense. I'm not real sure Kyle Shenanigans is a risk taker.
  6. NaTaS

    Potential HOF's ...Under 26

    In addition to some already mentioned: Joe Haden comes to mind as does Luke Kuechly, AJ Green (maybe), Josh Gordon (hahahahaha).
  7. Male: Geoff Tate Freddy Mercury Morten Harket Mike Patton Axl Rose Otis Redding R. Kelly Stevie Wonder Marvin Gaye Female: Whitney Houston Aretha Franklin Dolores O'Riordan Janis Joplin *ug* Celine Dion Cyndi Lauper Diana Ross Grace Slick Crap, I read this wrong. Thought you were talking vocalist. I redo tomorrow.
  8. NaTaS

    Your All Overrated Team

    100% agree with Kruger and Tate. I see Terrence West taking over in short fashion.
  9. NaTaS

    Important Camp Battles

    LeCharles was always very clear about this. Brewster was awful and had 0 technique.
  10. I'd say anything I needed to to get on the field. At 16nl, he may be telling the truth. 70 tests and 1 barely a fail.
  11. NaTaS

    TGP Big Brother - Who's Who?

    I've never left?
  12. The first TGP House contest has ended and the winner has been announced. Congrats to 'The Joker' - you were very entertaining through the entire event. The contest started out pretty well but ended with very limited participation. I want to thank those of you that made it fun. The second contest is a free for all. Based on the submissions in the House forum, the names chosen and what you know about your fellow TGP members: try to guess which member played which participate. Whoever gets the most correct will be declared the winner and will get bragging rights and maybe a special prize. This contest will be open until May 1st. Please PM your answers to SteVo. The answer format can be: TGP Member X played House Member X In alphabetical order: TGP Members Entered ATL4Ever Barracuda BarrelofHobos BayAreaBomber blotsfan Favre4Ever gobadgers77 KiLaSix9 Matthew Maverick oochymp Packers Dynasty 2010 RANGA Sarge Tridentdawgpound Vindifference Zack_of_Steel House players Alexa_ Banana Paste Black as day Charlie Sheen Chuck Norris Greorio Pinegar House Member House member 2 Leon Lloyd Christmas Michael Scott NeckroMancer The Joker The Mailman The Situation The Thing White Out
  13. NaTaS

    TGP Big Brother - Who's Who?

    I thought I did post the reveal? I thought ZoS was going to run it next time we did this? I thought it was fun.
  14. I do not agree with willy nilly dropping into other countries and arresting people without going through the proper channels. Our government has become something that is entirely corrupt, pompous and acts as if rules do not apply to them. There is little we can do about this. "Change" right, Obama. Whatever suit is put in front of us at election time is corrupt already. It doesn't matter who we elect, they're going to be a puppet. I don't see how people believe Snowden to be some sort of hero when he is giving our government secrets to other countries. Are people daft enough to think that other countries do not have technology in place to spy on its citizens or believe this sort of spying hasnt been going on for generations? What Snowden did was compromise legitimate spy data that is used to protect our country. I would have been ok with the release of information that the government spies on innocent people --we should already have known that, but proof is nice -- but dude took his briefcase full of secrets and toured different countries and if you don't think those governments didn't get more info from him that's not been released, you're naive.
  15. I'm not a fan of them and when we played the Bills on a Thursday a few weeks back, based on all the injuries in that game, you can see the short week takes its toll. It also sucks when your team plays on Thursday and your weekend is sort of shot. I still watch football on Sunday regardless, but it's weird when my team isn't playing.
  16. NaTaS

    First Round Rookies

    Mingo has some work to do to be sure. I've liked how he has played so far as a rookie. He needs to put on some weight to get around some of the big tackles. His speed does him well, but he's often double teamed. A bullrush would be a nice addition to his arsenal.
  17. NaTaS

    G men working out Hillis

    That diva prick had everything going for him until he decide he was going to hold out from playing due to small injuries.
  18. NaTaS

    If you weren't a fan of your team...

    :Patriots: I'm a huge Boston fan. I've lived there for a few years when I was little and plan on moving back soon. I've had a number of job offers, just need to find the right one. I grew up a Celtics fan and when I was old enough, I switched to my hometown Cavs. Still have a huge soft spot for the Celtics though.
  19. NaTaS

    Anger Management.

    Meditation (more specifically metta mediation) helped enormously with acting out on my anger. I still get angry, but I've disciplined myself not to react to it. As Zack mentioned: it's not an easy thing to do, but with practice and commitment, it can definitely be controllable.
  20. NaTaS

    Chip Kelly

    I've heard some Eagles fans say that scoring so quickly or playing to fast on offense leads to 3 and outs and therefore keeps the D on the field longer than they should be. I've not watched an Eagles game this year, but wonder what you guys think about that.
  21. via Grantland I'm pretty confident that with Weeden in as QB we will not be able to hang in the AFCN. Weeden is absolutely horrible. Very good write up and the rest is available at the link above.
  22. NaTaS

    Bills @ Browns

    I can't defend Weeden. When he is in, the offense just seems to crawl. He holds the ball for way too long and has 0 pocket presence.
  23. NaTaS

    Bills @ Browns

    I was at that game. I still think that was the worst game in NFL history. http://www.nfl.com/gamecenter/2009101101/2009/REG5/browns@bills#tab=recap&menu=highlights ^ Relive it by watching those superb highlights. Derek Anderson 2/17 for 22 yards. Amazing performance.
  24. NaTaS

    Bills @ Browns

    Damn, no blizzard for this classic Bills v Browns game? This will be a close one, Bills are an up and coming team with talent on both sides of the ball. It'll be interesting to see how their running game fairs against our run defense and how Hoyer will manage against a very opportunistic Bills defense in his 3rd start. Bills 14 Browns 17 Hopefully it's not like the game in 2009 where the score was 6-3.
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