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  1. BradyFan81

    What are we motivated by?

    my 2 goals in life are pretty much to not be fat and get pussy.
  2. The plot this season was very questionable lol. Oh well. Still one of my all-time favorite shows and I'll miss it.
  3. Imagine if this gets a Sopranos type finish, with Jon holding a knife to Dany's neck or something. I doubt it happens but people will lose their god damn minds.
  4. BradyFan81

    '18-'19 NBA Season Thread

    I'm putting a good amount of money on the Bucks to win this series. Their shooting is too good and Giannis gets all the calls. Toronto needs someone other than Kawhi to contribute.
  5. Best episode since at least season 6
  6. so that's it for the white walkers?
  7. BradyFan81

    2019 NFL Draft Discussion Thread

    For the Pats I want AJ Brown or Hollywood Brown. Fant also seems like a stud, I like him more than Hockenson Hollywood Fant AJ Brown Nasir Adderly
  8. BradyFan81

    The Price of Winning

    Brady's cap hit is like $28M. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/new-england-patriots/tom-brady-4619/
  9. BradyFan81

    AFCCG Pats @ Chiefs

    Definitely don’t care about this sport, or really any sport as much as I used to. But I will never get tired of these nights. Makes it even better knowing everyone hates us. Deservedly so at this point.
  10. BradyFan81

    Jags @ Patriots

    Dion Lewis didn't fumble, not sure what the refs were looking at but glad we overcame it.
  11. BradyFan81

    Favorite announcers?

    Um, what the fuck?
  12. BradyFan81

    Saints @ Vikings

    I mean Bware picked the Saints to win so hes not being that biased.
  13. BradyFan81

    The Walking Dead

    The finale and entire season sucked ass. 12 episodes of build up for a 2 minute gun fight where literally no one important dies.
  14. BradyFan81

    Teams keep trading players to the Pats

    Belichick is not going into the draft without a 1st and 2nd rounder. I'll be stunned if Jimmy isn't traded to Cleveland or some other team to get some picks back.
  15. BradyFan81

    Super Bowl LI - Falcons vs Pats

    5 super bowls!! Feels amazing. The Falcons speed on defense was really impressive, they were absolutely swarming. They also did an incredible job of taking away the middle of the field. I've never seen a game where Brady had to make as many high risk throws towards the sideline and outside the numbers like that in my life. The offensive line was pathetic tho, holy fuck. They made the Falcons d-line look like the 07 Giants. Being able to win in that way, and come back from that deficit and piss off everyone makes it all the more sweeter. Easily the best game I've ever watched as a Pats fan. Gotta hand it to the Falcons tho, they did everything in their power to let us come back, thank you Matt Ryan, Kyle Shanahan, and everyone else that made this win possible.
  16. BradyFan81

    Tom The Great

    He already was the GOAT QB, now it's just whether he's the GOAT NFL player/athlete.
  17. BradyFan81

    Texans @ Pats

    If the Pats don't win by 30 I'll be STUNNED.
  18. BradyFan81

    Gronk done for the season*

    hey Phil you're fucking retarded dude.
  19. BradyFan81

    Happy 10th Birthday, TGP!

    Wait,10 years since we switched from tfp to tgp? No fucking way.
  20. BradyFan81

    What was the last movie you watched?

    They're both awesome. 2 of my favorite movies. The Indonesian cult one was amazing.
  21. BradyFan81

    Gronk done for the season*

    Holy fuck
  22. BradyFan81

    Seahawks @ Pats

    Fuck you Bill. Good job Seattle, way to stick it up the cocky sob's ass. The GOAT QB couldn't save him this week. Unfortunately we're playing a steaming pile of shit the next 3 weeks so won't even be a fair barometer of how much we suck on defense.
  23. BradyFan81

    Saints @ 49ers

    Niners win straight up. Fuck the Saints.
  24. Brady, Palmer, Big Ben, Eli all started their careers when defense was still allowed in this league so their numbers are gonna be lower. Marcus Ardel Taulauniu Mariota is doing really well tho. Didn't realize he was doing as well as he was since I haven't watched more than 5 straight plays of a Titans game all year. Looks like they have a good shot at the division. They are the team to root for cause who the fuck wants to see another texans or colts playoff embarassment?
  25. BradyFan81

    The Walking Dead

    Huge fan of Negan so far. THAT is a NO-NO!!!
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