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  1. Socal

    Trump Regime thread.

    In reference to the parkland 'activists', I'll borrow a line from Dewey Cox's father in the movie Walk Hard. 'The wrong kid died'
  2. Socal

    "Things You Hate" Thread

    Dogs are omnivores, cats are carnivorous. Either way, both can live on a vegan diet. Cats, especially males due to issues with their urinary tracts can have a much more difficult time on a vegan diet but it's still possible. Probably best to avoid owning a cat if their dietary needs don't align with your ethics. As we speak they are developing lab grown meat so perhaps that's a suitable alternative for vegans that wish to have pets and not support the meat industry.
  3. Socal

    Why Hasn't Michael Bennett Been Suspended?

    Michael Bennett a class act? Lolololololololol
  4. Socal

    Ben Shapiro

    I've always imagined Blots looking just like Jonah Hill
  5. Socal

    The good news thread

    Looks like sound advice. She's already worrying about accommodating everyone and I have been trying to get her to remember that its our day. If people want to be there they will find a way.
  6. Socal

    The FOOD Thread

    It's fake? Perhaps you could elaborate a little.
  7. Socal

    The FOOD Thread

    I used to feel the same, never would have imagined I'd call myself vegan (although I prefer to say I eat plant-based). I still get enough protein, thats typically the number one question/concern people have regarding veganism but its largely just a misconception. The majority of animals we eat get their protein from plants so why can't we? I keep tofu (and other soy products) down because too much can lead to an increase in estrogen levels in men. Although a high intake in soy has been linked to a 70% reduction in prostate cancer incidence. A lot of evidence and opinions to consider. Since I like to workout a lot I supplement with pea protein powder after workouts. Haven't noticed a difference in my workouts or recovery.
  8. Socal

    The good news thread

    Fiance is already stressed on the wedding planning lol. Yeah I used to get Kevin Bacon regularly, not as much these days but now that I have longer hair again ill probably start hearing it more. My fiancé gets Chrissy Teigen on a daily basis so I guess we'll be that couple
  9. Socal

    The FOOD Thread

    I eat a ton of fruits and veggies, lots of bread and pasta, occasionally ill eat some of the meat, cheese, and milk replacements they have which are actually pretty good. Its been surprisingly easy to be honest A combination of all three but I really just slowly converted to veganism. I first dropped red meat in January to help with cholesterol, then I dropped poultry and was pescatarian for a while. Moved on to full-fledged veganism about a month ago. Its easy for me because it doesn't feel like a diet choice like when someone decides they'll give up soda etc. For me it feels like an obligation because I feel so strongly against eating animal based foods now.
  10. Socal

    The good news thread

    Got engaged over the weekend
  11. Socal

    The FOOD Thread

    Only eat plant based now Come at me bro
  12. Socal

    United Airlines dun goofed

    Fuck that couple, just low-class liars trying to take what's not theirs. I hope they divorce
  13. Socal

    Post a pic of yourself...

    I love Mt Hood! I was there last September for a few days
  14. Socal

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Took my girlfriend 6 months to tell me she was in Malcolm in the Middle
  15. Socal

    Post a pic of yourself...

    Word of advice. Best not to refer to your girl as a ball or anything round for that matter
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