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  1. PackerMike

    NHL off-season

    Darren Helm signed a 4yr/$8.5m contract. Great buy for the Wings, one of the key pieces to the team. Just wondering, and I know I'm biased but...Why hasn't Lidstrom been even nominated for at least 15 years of his career for the Lady Byng? It always seems to go to the forward with the best points to PIM ratio. Lidstrom is the epitome of class combined with being one of the best on the ice.
  2. PackerMike

    Have you cried over sports?

    I've never cried about an actual game, but I have cried a few times...The Dale Earnhardt crash, Favre's 1st retirement, and Yzerman's retirement. I have yet to cry about Lidstrom's retirement but I might when it sinks in.
  3. PackerMike

    Counting To 1,000,000

    Wayne Gretzky had 183 points in the '86-'87 season.
  4. PackerMike

    Jermichael Finley 'pissed' about 2011 season

    If this is average, I don't want to see below average.
  5. PackerMike

    SportingNews.com mock draft

    There's absolutely no way Richardson falls to #16...
  6. PackerMike

    Steelers @ Tebows

    HAHAHA! One of the biggest playoff upsets ever
  7. PackerMike

    Aaron Rodgers to Jordy Nelson quite effective

    Matt Flynn to Jordy Nelson quite effective.
  8. PackerMike

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Moneyball - Read the book, but I gotta say the movie was better.
  9. PackerMike

    (Vote) Top NBA players (6-10)

    Howard Paul Kobe Melo Deron
  10. He is right, but he should keep his mouth shut.
  11. PackerMike

    Stadium Wars: Divisional Semifinals

    Ford Field ain't too shabby. But Lambeau is #1 for sure.
  12. PackerMike

    Fan attacks soccer goalie

    It's just the culture of fans around the world. They are much more into soccer and their team than almost any fans you would see at an American sporting event. Plus the amount of fans and games around the world is way higher than fans and games in all US sports combined. And I'm glad AZ Alkamaar left the field in protest. That definitely did not deserve a red card. P.S. This is Jozy Altidore's team, see him at 3:15.
  13. PackerMike

    Would You Want Tebow As Your QB?!?

    Probably not.
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