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NCAA Team(s)

Found 91 results

  1. Vin

    Cowboys @ Broncos

    Do the Broncos have what it takes? I dunno.
  2. Vin

    Cards @ Colts

    What an awful game.
  3. Vin

    Browns @ Ravens

  4. Vin

    49ers @ Panthers

    Perfect game for the Train to get rolling.
  5. Vin

    Seahawks @ Rams

    Poor Rams.
  6. Vin

    Ravens @ Browns

    Poor Browns.
  7. Vin

    Titans @ Lions

    Poor Titans.
  8. Vin

    Jags @ Chargers

    and Prince is out. Probably gonna be a long game.
  9. Vin

    Packers @ Vikings

    Packers/Vikings should never be primetime ever.
  10. Vin

    Chiefs @ Texans

    TIL: Alex Smith threw the ball 48 times last week.
  11. Vin

    Bucs @ Cards

    A Bucs win would make me feel better about the Cards losing on SNF last week.
  12. Vin

    Bengals @ Steelers

    Game of the week? Game of the week.
  13. Vin

    Dolphins @ Pats

    Pats aren't gonna lose a game all season.
  14. Vin

    Bills @ Jets

    Starting the season off with a trbl TNF matchup. Not sure why I expected any different.
  15. BLUE

    Dolphins @ Jags

    Source: Hosted.Stats.com
  16. BLUE

    Jets @ Colts

    Source: Hosted.Stats.com
  17. BLUE

    Cowboys @ Eagles

    Source: Hosted.Stats.com
  18. BLUE

    Rams @ Redskins

    Source: Hosted.Stats.com