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Dear Bware

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Matt Ryan ain't bad. But he has had a HOF TE, All Pro WR and probably another HOFer in Julio all at once and still couldn't get it done. He's middle of the road in my opinion. I think Wentz can be better.

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Starting to think Wentz's ceiling in the NFL is Matt Ryan. Smart, capable QB who can get you to the playoffs but still has too many inexplicable throws. Will need elite talent around him to win a Super Bowl.


Yeah, but he's mobile and has a noticeably better arm. Let him fix his mechanics and gets some weapons around him. You've got the best QB from this class. Enjoy it.

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I'm still pretty hopeful about Wentz. I think the kid is just way too hard of a worker and way too intelligent not correct inconsistencies in his throwing mechanics. We saw through the first 3 games that he has the ability to be on the money for a full game. He is still a rookie and plenty of rookies have struggled. He's dealt with injuries on the offensive line and a total lack of talent in his receiving corps. Hell, even Jordan Matthews was out last game and Sproles was limited with a rib injury. I think at times Wentz is pressing because the pressure of carrying an entire offense with a painfully obvious lack of talent is a lot to ask from a rookie.


I think a lot of us Eagles fans jumped the gun early on in the season, but I also think it'd be too early to jump the gun and say he's average or say what his ceiling is or isn't. The guy is basically being asked to be Aaron Rodgers as a rookie and realistically that was never going to happen.

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