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Quality of Life Changes for the NFL

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Posted 10 February 2017 - 04:44 PM

So I figured I would kick off the off-season discussion with changes I would like the NFL to make in order to improve its product. Despite the success of the SB, I feel this season has been pretty lackluster overall. The ratings have been down and I have felt pretty complacent towards watching games this year. (Definitely influenced by the Chargers and their drama). I have many gripes over many topics regarding the NFL but I figured I would kick this thread off with suggestions towards actual game play and the rules. 


Game day Proposals:


Revert the crackdown on touchdown celebrations and some of the taunting. You know...maybe try to lose the No Fun League nickname? I mean seriously, it is not that serious. Let the players play the game and have some fun. It is just a game after all. Zeke jumping into a charity pot should not draw a foul! Also, what is with the fine for players throwing the ball into the stands? You are the NFL! You can afford to bring a few extra footballs to the party.


Conscious effort to call things both ways when protecting the QB. If Cam Newton and Drew Brees take the same illegal hit, both should draw a flag. Whether you like Cam or not, some of the hits he took this season would have definitely been calls if he was a smaller QB. And this was consistently happening throughout the season. Cam may be the bigger guy but that does not mean defenders should be free to T off on him. All of this being said, I do think QBs should be fair game if they are out of the pocket though.


This will never happen but fairness for defensive backs! Too many weak PI calls come from hand fighting and contact that the WR initiates. Secondly, WRs often mug a DB who is in position to make the INT and there is hardly ever a call.  I personally think the PI penalty needs amendments and should default to college rules but give the refs discretion over whether it is a spot foul if it is an overly egregious interference. 


Another discussion point: Give the refs discretion to pick up a flag that has no effect on a play. You know, those insignificant holding calls that happen on the opposite side of the field and bring back that 80 yard TD run. Something to consider? 


Thoughts? What needs to change guys?

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Posted 10 February 2017 - 05:39 PM

The only way a celebration should be a foul is if it delays the game.

Agree with #2 entirely, in all phases. Out of the pocket = on your own. Inside the pocket = should be protected the same regardless of stature.

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#3 The Don

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Posted 10 February 2017 - 05:45 PM

Too many rules have put added pressure on refs. How can the properly ref a game that has so many rules on top of rules. Streamline some of them and everyone's life will be easier.

Also I agree stop being bias with the calls. Regardless of the QB is a big guy who is a threat to run.
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Posted 10 February 2017 - 06:19 PM

I personally find the newer "hey look at me" type celebration to be a bad step in the direction of the NBA. The NFL is king BECAUSE it is a team sport, not an individual sport. Cameras are trying to get any action that they can to boost ratings, but are those ratings boosted from long time/hard core NFL fans...or the casual...I have to entertained with something new every three seconds fan? The NFL can do whatever the hell it wants, but just as I no longer watch NBA games, if the NFL allows it to become about individuals over the team. I'll do something else. So I vote to keep doing the only thing they can to stop that crap, foul it or fine it. 


One thing I really dislike is game changing plays that are blown dead by accident. I think that when a play involves a significant advantage for one team, and was blown dead by accident, that under review, the team who is lessened by the lost play should get an extra time out. 


I am also quite sick of seeing players head early to retirement, and players lives or at least the quality of their lives lessened by brain damage. Some of it is part of the game, some of it is players not giving a fuck as to the damage that they bring on purpose. Since I have been watching for over 4 decades, I have seen quite a few players careers shortened by unneeded spearing hits. John Lynch laid one on Dallas Clark that he will likely pay quite dearly for in the very near future. First spearing/launching/helmet to helmet - fine and warning, second offense - fine and suspension, third offense, dismissal from league. I still like good hits, and that is not what I am talking about. 


Marijuana as a pain reliever should absolutely be removed from the banned substances list in the NFL. It is far and above, easier on one's body to alleviate pain than opiates. It is each players responsibility to adhere to the state laws it is in. The NFL should not be policing this. For the record, I do not partake. 

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