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Playoff Advice: Emergency Sibling Edition

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I am playing my sister in the fantasy championship.


I need help setting my RBs/WRs/TEs.


Our league has 2 RB spots, 2 WR spots, 1 TE spot, and 1 flex, (RB/WR/TE).

The league is 0.5 PPR.


RBs are:


Alex Collins vs Colts

Carlos Hyde vs Jags

Devonta Freeman vs Saints

Rex Burkhead (D) vs Bills


WRs are:

Keenan Allen (Q) vs Jets

Stefon Diggs vs Packers

Robert Woods vs Titans

Chris Hogan vs Bills

And then either Martavis Bryant vs Texans or Keelan Cole vs 49ers. (dependent on who i get on waivers).


TEs are:

Rob Gronkowski vs Bills

Zach Ertz vs Raiders


So I need a total of six players, minimum of 2 RBs, 2 WRs, and 1 TE, and max of 3 RBs, 3 WRs, or 2 TEs.


Burkhead is almost certainly not playing, and Hyde has a bad matchup vs the Jaguars, so I'm thinking Im gonna go with Collins and Freeman for the RBs.


WRs wise, Im thinking to sit Hogan, given his recent injury problems. Stefon Diggs has a great matchup vs an awful Packers defense, though Diggs himself has not exactly lept off the stat sheets recently, while Woods seemed to pick up right where he left off last week even coming back from injury and has a decent matchup himself. Allen is fighting through a back injury, but according to his coach he is expected to be fine.


For TEs, I don't think I can sit Gronk, but its worth nothing the last time the Bills played the Pats, he was frustrated all game long. Ertz also has a great matchup vs the porous Raiders defense on MNF. I could play both instead of 3 WRs or 3 RBs, and I have done so a few times this year.


Atm, my lineup is:


RB: Alex Collins

RB: Devonta Freeman

WR: Keenan Allen

WR: Robert Woods

TE: Rob Gronkowski

Flex: Stefon Diggs



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I'd go with what you got.


Maybe flex out Allen, if it looks like he's not gonna play, for Martavis if you get him.

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I could also get Jerick McKinnon to replace Alex Collins if necessary, but Collins had been doing really well until last week.

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I got both Martavis Bryant and Keelan Cole from the Jaguars. Do you think I should sub either of them? Allen is not on the injury report at all, everyone I have in the starting lineup has no injury designation, which makes me feel good about my current lineup.

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Was sweating that one a bit, but got it done.

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