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Razor's 2018 Mock Draft (With Trades)

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I appreciate everything about this mock....especially how the jokes increased as the round went on.

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Looking over my mock here's what I got right

Browns take a QB number 1 that isn't Darnold. Sadly for me, it was Mayfield over Allen and Darnold. I did not see that coming in the slightest.

Giants take Barkley, Gettleman's picks always tend to be... well telegraphed. Scuttlebutt knew the Panthers were taking McCaffrey in the first last year, and they knew the Giants were taking Curtis Enis... I mean Barkley this year.

Jets nail Darnold, that's pretty much how I expected it to be once he fell past the Browns.

Browns pass on Chubb to grab a defensive back. Now I have Fitzpatrick valued higher than Ward, which explains my selection, but I guess the Browns felt like they'd rather have a pure corner, than a guy who might fit better as a safety.

Broncos scooping up Chubb. They have Keenum and Paxton Lynch, an early QB is not in the cards this year.

Buffalo trading up for a QB, but instead of it being Rosen, it's Josh Allen. Whoops.

Bears take Roquan Smith. Whenever the Bears have been good, they've had a pro bowl / all-pro middle linebacker. Let's see if Roquan can build a similar legacy to Singletary and Urlacher.

San Fran takes a Notre Dame offensive lineman. I slotted in the guard Nelson, but he went earlier than that so they grabbed McGlinchey instead.

Tremaine Edmunds goes 16th overall after a team trades up to get him. I thought it was gonna be the Patriots, but it turns out the Bills had enough capital to make the move, something I didn't think they would have.

Philly trades out of 32 to acquire picks. I got the wrong trade partner, but them fleecing the Ravens is much better than what I had given them.

and what I got wrong is pretty much everything else. As per usual, hahahaha.

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