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  1. butta54

    The Superhero Thread

    Can't believe this page is so dead right now!!!! Of all times!!!!!!! We are in the ENDGAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Non-Spoiler First Reaction Below.... https://youtu.be/i7505lC0sYE
  2. With the 238th pick in the 2019 NFL draft, the Chicago Bears select....Sam Mustipher, C, Notre Dame Because they took Alex Bars from me. Notre Dame train
  3. With the 222nd pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears select...Derrek Thomas, CB, Baylor H-W-S combine special that will serve as a nice piece of clay to mold in the Chicago Bears defensive locker room. I think Pagano and staff get the most out of him and build him to be a starter and a steal...if not then it was just a 7th round pick.
  4. With the 162nd pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears select....Dexter Williams, RB, Notre Dame For some reason Notre Dame is claimed by Chicago, so makes the connection makes even more sense. Jordan Howard going to Philly also makes this even more necessary. Tarik Cohen is not carrying the load by himself and Mike Davis is just a stop-gap. Enter Dexter Williams who is one of the most complete backs in this draft class. No dominating traits, but has all the juice and vision to leverage great blocking for big time runs and lends a steady hand in the passing game.
  5. butta54

    The Superhero Thread

    I saw Shazam a week ago by the way He is my favorite hero....with that being said....I give the movie an A+ on my first reaction.
  6. With the 128th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears select...Austin Bryant, OLB, Clemson Mack needs a compliment opposite him. While Floyd has lots of physical tools, it has been clear that he doesn't have the dog mentality to turn it into pass rushing technique. Bryant might not have the same explosive traits as Floyd, but he has every bit of the demeanor it takes to constantly harass the QB. With some experience playing in zone, he will allow Mack to continue to rush every play and take over a few coverage responsibilities here and there. Most importantly...he, much like most Clemson D-Linemen, likes white girls.
  7. With the 87th pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the Chicago Bears select.....Isaiah Prince, OT, The Ohio State For my money this is the 3rd best tackle in the class when looking at the combo of floor and ceiling. Chicago will happily provide Bobby Massie with some much needed competition at the RT spot and will be in line to take over as a 10-year starter while being bolstered by the tutelage of one the most high profile OL coaches in the game.
  8. butta54

    2019 TGP Mock Draft (Discussion Thread/Sign-ups)

    My ears are open if anyone wants to move up.
  9. butta54

    '18-'19 NBA Season Thread

    Everyone is saying that in hindsight. But at the time of him choosing LA the conversation in no shape or form was about them not making the playoffs. Maybe with individual fans but let's not play this game. The media and all the conversation was all about what they could do against the Warriors. Very few people "saw this coming"
  10. butta54

    '18-'19 NBA Season Thread

    LEBRON JAMES WON'T MAKE THE PLAYOFFS AFTER HIS MEDIA-CONSUMING MOVE TO LA LA LAND!!!! WE MUST TALK ABOUT THIS!!!!!! I think he can't be in the GOAT conversation anymore....what say you all?
  11. butta54

    The Superhero Thread

    Going to see Shazam⚡ tomorrow
  12. butta54

    2019 TGP Mock Draft (Discussion Thread/Sign-ups)

    Bears will be looking to move back in the 2nd round for some extra picks --------------- EDIT: Nvm we don't get that pick until next year
  13. butta54

    The Superhero Thread

    I think Brie is a great actress personally. She was good, I would say the star of the movie is Samuel L. But Brie was good, the character is a very different version than what we see in the trailer. I don't have any big issues with Brie's performance. I do think something about her doesn't fit this character. She just doesn't feel like she has the screen presence of a Superhero. Shoot even Gal Gadot who can't act had real presence as Wonder Woman.
  14. butta54

    The Superhero Thread

    Also....Black Panther being nominated for best picture was a joke
  15. butta54

    The Superhero Thread

    Captain Marvel was......ok
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