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  1. butta54

    The Superhero Thread

    My Avengers: Infinity War Spoiler Talk ------------- My Avengers: Infinity War Top 5 Scenes
  2. butta54

    Official 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Bears Trading Up To Get Miller Got Me Like....
  3. butta54

    The Superhero Thread

    Seen IW twice....epic....have lots of issues with it.....loved alot of things.....Thanos carries it. ------------- Best part about Infinity War...
  4. butta54

    Official 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Here is my recap of the first round https://youtu.be/vKIWHKcBz6o
  5. butta54

    Official 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Why doesn't Mike help them this year?
  6. butta54

    Official 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Hard to call teams losers for liking a prospect over other ones. Denzel Ward at #4 tho......
  7. butta54

    Official 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Hernandez will be gone in the first 4 picks. IMHHO. Hopefully it is the Bears trading up to get him. Seems eerily familiar
  8. butta54

    Official 2018 NFL Draft Thread

    Josh Jackson Will Hernandez Harold Landry Connor Williams All left on the board
  9. butta54

    The Superhero Thread

  10. butta54

    The Superhero Thread

    Milla - That's messed up man, I watch lots of stuff on YT regularly, but went dark after Monday night, cause I know it will pop up almost ANYWHERE Vin - Doc Strange is on Netflix
  11. butta54

    Cherry's 2018 Draft Stream (TOMORROW)

    I'll be all up in that stream on Day 2 and Day 3. But Tomorrow.... DESTINY ARRIVES!!! :panic:
  12. To whomever is controlling the selection board... The 189th pick was traded from the Saints to the Philadelphia Eagles and was used to select QB Chase Litton.
  13. butta54

    The Superhero Thread

    I would perfectly fine watching Tom Hardy do a slow descent into madness.More of a drama and some action. That's what I always wanted, although I always thought it should be a new character who is an astronaut and came in contact with the symbiote and is going through like PTSD trying to adjust back to normal life. And thinks the voice in his head is just a symptom of trying to cope.
  14. butta54

    The Superhero Thread

    Not sure why YT links don't work anymore, but NEW VENOM TRAILER IS OUT!!! LOOKS AMAZING...
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