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Aaron Rodgers Seeking Player Option In New Deal

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Rodgers has earned every penny no question and you pretty much have to pay him. He gives you a chance to win year in and year out. But I just think there will always be better teams that he can't overcome. The Saints look to have rebounded a bit with Brees being highly paid so it is possible. But if you factor in injury risk and all that...that kind of contract is just ugly if you ask me.


Brady taking less money has definitely helped the Patriots stay on top which gets overlooked by many.


The Saints had a lot of young guys contribute and help them bounce back. The Packers had a few rough drafts and that has hurt them, especially when injuries occur which have been quite frequent. Now the last couple drafts have looked promising and that may help the Packers bounce back. If King, Alexander, or Jackson become a quality corner, they should be on the right track.


Brady taking a huge paycut helps but you rarely see players take paycuts like that, having a wife that makes a shitload of money helps too. Then there's the Pats success of taking people's scraps and turning them into valid starters/stars. Lowballing players and then having them outplay their contract helps a team quite a bit.

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Brees is 40 with an arm that has been severely injured years ago that will eventually rear its ugly head. He's closer to deterioration than people realize

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