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  1. Dutch

    5 Favorite Players Not On Your Team

    1. A.J Green 2. Adrian Peterson 3. Drew Brees 4. Odell Beckham 5. Xavier Rhodes Honorable mentions: Aaron Rodgers Todd Gurley Harrison Smith Luke Kuechly Denadre Hopkins
  2. Dutch

    Redskins may let 2 WR's test the FA market

    I honestly think that Desean joining the Bucs makes the most sense. Mike Evans on one side with Desean on the other? That spells problems. Winston has the arm to get it deep to Desean too. I like that destination for Desean.
  3. Dutch

    5 Favorite Players ON Your Team

    No love for Harrison Smith?
  4. Dutch

    5 Favorite Players Not On Your Team

    Yeah. That's why it is hard to compare players across different era's. I won't speak for Sherman or Peterson, but the level of domination that Revis achieved with the new rules surpasses the level of dominance than those in the past with basically no rules in my opinion. The game is unquestionably more difficult than the past and It's not a knock against Lott. With that being said, the few years that Lott played corner, he didn't reach the level of dominance that Revis did in shutting his opponent down week in and week out against the teams best receiver. Lott who was a great corner did what he did best when he moved over to safety.
  5. Dutch

    5 Favorite Players Not On Your Team

    Ronnie Lott was the man. No argument there. He's an all time great. However, for me, Revis playing in the most dominant passing era that the game has ever seen combined with how strict the rules are now in the passing game against defenders has to be the most difficult era ever to play corner in. Considering these two factors and Revis success in still shutting down the best players in the world at the WR position, Revis takes the crown in my opinion.
  6. Dutch

    Redskins may let 2 WR's test the FA market

    Desean Jackson's is still one of the best deep threats in the NFL. He still has that deep elite speed that you have to account for on every single play. He automatically impacts a defensive coordinators game plan because his speed has to be account for. That's a game changing element he will bring to any club that he signs too. One day, maybe soon, he will lose a step and his effectiveness will drop. But for now, his speed is still very much in tact. I would give him no more than a 3 year deal. There has been a lot of connections with Desean and the Eagles having mutual interest. I wouldn't mind having him back if we did sign him. But there are some other developments that have caught my interest. Brandin Cooks being on the trade block being one of them. The Saints are asking for a first, but if that could be dropped to a 2nd and maybe a late draft pick, I'm all on board. Brandon Marshall got released too. If we could trade for Cook and pick up Marshall, it would be a dream come true. Our receiving corps would go from the worst in the league to very solid.
  7. Dutch

    5 Favorite Players Not On Your Team

    1. A.J Green The rest in no particular order Julio Jones Tom Brady Drew Brees Darrelle Revis - He fell off a cliff but I still have mad respect for Revis. In his prime, he was the best corner to ever play the game in my opinion.
  8. Dutch

    The Nick Mangold Era has come to an end

    Waiting for your next Jeff Saturday?
  9. Dutch

    UPDATE: Jamaal Charles signs w/Broncos

    I hope the Eagles do take a shot on him. Charles won't cost much of anything because of the past two season. He's far from reliable at this point due to his last 2 injury riddled seasons but the reward is worth the risk at this point especially considering how bad our back field is. He's a versatile threat and would fit great in Pederson's scheme (Charles ex- O coordinator). Keep his load light rotating other backs in and hope he stays healthy. Add Charles and dump Ryan Mathews (with his contract) who is injury prone as well and maybe draft a guy.
  10. Dutch

    5 Favorite Players ON Your Team

    Carson Wentz Malcolm Jenkins Jordan Hicks Fletcher Cox Brandon Graham - Love the underdog story
  11. Dutch

    Saints flip the Byrd

    The Eagles most definitely dodged a bullet here because this was the year we were looking to add a safety because of how terrible our back end was. Looking back, we made the right choice in signing Malcolm Jenkins.
  12. I got some good laughs out of this thread lol..
  13. Dutch

    Sorry, Eagles Fans...

    Sean nailed it.
  14. Dutch

    Is It Time To End The Bortles Experiment?

    In all seriousness, no way you give up on Bortles. The kid has crazy arm talent. Just needs some coaching up that's all.
  15. Dutch

    Is It Time To End The Bortles Experiment?

    Sounds like the Jay Cutler syndrome. There's no cure for that.
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