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    All I've read about this is from people on both sides of the aisle virtue signaling on Quora. I find it remarkable that everyone on both sides (at least on Quora, I haven't kept up with it much in this thread) is absolutely convinced that they are 100% right and justified in their stance, and that both sides passionately play the role of victim. This is more like a soap opera than anything else. I have a hard time believing a woman would put herself on a platform like this with a false allegation but people on the left that I've read are so black and white about this issue. I still struggle to believe that people think calling those who disagree with them (or in this case say "innocent until proven guilty") bigots is productive at all. Edit: Like I said I don't pretend false accusations are common but I think this shit about women never lying about sexual assault is dumb. Statistically it's rare but when dealing with individual cases, to just throw our that possibility is absurd. I don't think we should inherently believe women but I also think sexual assault is serious enough to the point that these accusations should be heard and explored. I've seen people say there's no reason a woman would do that, that's idiotic. It's not a smart move but there are plenty of reasons. I suspect that Kavanaugh did it because he seems like a piece of shit and like I said I don't see this as a case where she'd put herself through this kind of shit storm for the sake of the Democratic party. I don't think there's very much evidence. If what I've read is true at all it's basically conservatives saying there's no evidence and thus the accusations can't be proven true, and liberals going with "gut instincts" (like in all honesty I am) in their "assessment" and saying he's a predator. Lmao, I saw some dude say his body language and facial expressions were what you'd expect of a sociopath, so clearly he did it. People like that are beyond idiotic and a prime example of the aforementioned virtue signaling I bitch about so frequently. I also think people are a lot more complex than specific moments in their life. This isn't me defending Kavanaugh, because I think I already said he seems like he's a piece of shit in real life, but more so that there's also an entire lifetime of experiences that form his identity. This is true of literally every human yet we live in a disgusting society where a metaphorical soundbyte of a person's life determines their character. If people judged me from how I was when I was abusing weed and psychotic as well (and they ACTUALLY knew who I was) they'd think I was a piece of shit yet everything else in my life reinforces I'm a morally ambiguous person that tends towards being decent. What really gets me is that I don't even think these people care. I don't think they care about Ford or Kavanaugh, or what this means for the country, I think they only see people they disagree with getting fired up and have to provide an equal and opposite force. I don't think people actually care about the MeToo movement which is unfortunate, I know some people who felt empowered by it to seek therapy to overcome that past. Seems more and more like people retweet and favorite and upvote stuff like that just so they come off as a good person on social media. It seems so fake to me. Rant over.
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    I can't imagine what they could have possibly found to be so convincing, but that FBI report must say enough if this is going to go through, now. I wonder if Kavanaugh is actively suing journalists who've referred to him as a sexual predator. Or if he will. He has grounds to if those words referring to him made it into any published pieces. Can't do much about Tweets and opinions, I don't think, but IIRC, he has been called a sexual predator (insert whichever term or language here) in a publication or two. I'm not sure what can be done now to change anything. This boulder seems to be headed downhill. If he is confirmed, the best that we can hope for is that he practices what he preaches about being fair and unbiased (good luck with that). I think Democrats would have done well to have stopped at the two possibly credible allegations, but Swednik's accusation really turned people off because it was so obviously fake. That by itself might have swung this in Kavanaugh's favor. At least to me that's when it seemed more public sentiment favored him (at least where I am. People seemed to be open to Ford's point of view at first).
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    I dont want to hear anyone defend the second amendment again if they aren't shooting republicans.
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    People always say the point of it is to take down the government if it becomes tyrannical and that makes all the stupid, preventable deaths from guns worth it. Well now is their shot to prove it.