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    Hello (again) all...was going through a bunch of old forum profiles, found this one and felt a bit of nostalgia for the good old days. It's been a HOT minute since I was last here. Not sure how "back" I am, but I hope to hang around and get into some of the discussions when I can. I miss having a group I can talk sports with. -P4L
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    95. Ron Jaworski (Los Angeles Rams 1974-1976, Philadelphia Eagles 1977-1986, Miami Dolphins 1988, Kansas City Chiefs 1989) 4th Place Eagles Quarterback Career Record 79-74-1 (51.62%) 57th out of 102 Record in Games with Good Defense 73-28-0 (72.28%) 71st out of 102 Record in Games with Bad Defense 6-46-1 (12.26%) 101st out of 102 Percentage of Games with Good Defense 101/154 (65.58%) 7th out of 102 (-88) Wins above Average Starter in a 16 Game Season (-0.841) Ron Jaworski, or Jaws as he was colloquially known, is the next player to grace this list, and whew boy, is he an interesting character to dissect. Among all of the QB's thus far, he is the first to walk in with a winning record, which usually means you should be a lot higher than 95th. Well, as it turns out, Ron Jaworski had the 7th best defense out of all the QB's I looked at in this sample. Terry Bradshaw, Jim McMahon, Russell Wilson, Roger Staubauch, Ben Roethlisberger, and Donovan McNabb (another Eagle), were the only QB's to have better defenses than him, and 5 of those 6 won a super bowl, while the 6th was on a perennial contender year in and year out. Jaws had a strong three year prime from 1979-1981, but the rest of his Philly tenure was filled with tough losses before being replaced in 1985 by the phenom Randall Cunningham, and wiling out the rest of his career as a decent backup for some fairly good teams. He did have the longest starting streak for a QB at 116 games, but that streak has long since been surpassed by other QBs thanks to all of the new rule changes. With the teams the Eagles had around him, you would have expected a lot better than a loss in the super bowl and a few early playoff exits, the Eagles of the 80's had the defense to compete for a title every year. But Ron Jaworski was not even average at taking those opportunities his defense gave him, and he was pitiable in the few games where they didn't show up, having the second worst record among all QB's studied in games where his defense gave up 21+ points.
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    The Hotshots and Apollos are looking like the early favourites after this first week of play. Never thought I'd see Mike Martz coaching again, and I definitely never thought I'd see Steve Spurrier at it again.
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    To be fair, I don't know enough about him to form an honest opinion. I've heard good things about him, but as a whole I haven't heard enough about any one player to make me think they're a ringer for an instant starter role. Every guy seems to have enough chinks in the armor to make any of the picks questionable if you're looking for immediate results. Murray has his smaller than average stature and possible split commitment with baseball, Rypien might not be mobile enough, Jones might not have the touch he needs on the deep ball, etc. I realize that's usually how scouting goes, but after 20 years and more than a dozen QB's, I'd prefer the Phins hold out for the near sure-fire bet. That's in a perfect world...there's no such thing as a sure thing. So then you have to worry about finding that bridge QB, of which there are few to choose from without having to dig deeper into their pockets than they should. Miami's poor cap management is one of the main reasons they're in their current situation to begin with. If Miami decides to stick to WC style play over the deep ball, maybe Haskins would be nice to have, with the kind of accuracy he showcased. But there's no way to get him without trading way up. And could he handle the pressure of passing behind Miami's less than amazing line?
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    It was for a league debut so interest may have been peaked, but at the same time it was better than an NBA game with two pretty good West teams going against each other.