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  1. KeVo

    New Shiny Things Everywhere

    Just wanted to say congratulations and a job well done on the board upgrade. The evolution of TGP is quite refreshing. The post is a bit late, but I've not been able to come around since before the upgrade.
  2. KeVo

    Mularkey Gone (Titans offseason thread)

    I'll be wondering if the new staff will include LeBeau next season or not. He's been pretty good for us. all things considered.
  3. There's just so much space out there in the universe. It'd be a damn shame if we were the only "intelligent" life in the cosmos, which is why I want to believe.
  4. KeVo

    Dmac is racist, and here's why

    Happy birthday, DMac!
  5. KeVo

    TGP Has A New Home

    LOL. I certainly didn't mean it like that!
  6. KeVo

    TGP Has A New Home

    Glad you all had a smooth transition.
  7. KeVo

    Titans trade #1 pick

    I'm happy with this trade. Hoping we can find ourselves some diamonds in the rough.
  8. KeVo

    Pulling The Plug

    Domain propagation times can be cut down quite a bit if you lower your DNS records TTL (Time To Live) protocols to their lowest possible values at least 24 hours before you switch your DNS / nameserver records around.
  9. KeVo

    Another 49er retiring...

    I'd love to see Tennessee try making a play for Anthony Davis.
  10. KeVo

    Former Saints DE Will Smith Shot Dead

    Damn... I hate hearing this and I feel so bad for his family. RIP
  11. KeVo

    The Walking Dead

    I might be completely out there with this, but I think Maggie will be one to die.
  12. KeVo


    As someone that has been around the hosting market for various projects I've put myself in, this sounds like hosting issues. While a shoutbox can be a little resource heavy, it shouldn't be a problem on a site like this one. TGP shouldn't even be going over 15 concurrent users (average shared hosting limits at peak are usually 25) at a single time, so that alone shouldn't be an issue with the shoutbox. I have a question, does the host here offer "unlimited" or "unmetered" details with their offerings?
  13. KeVo

    The Walking Dead

    So, who is going to be doing some dying? Anybody taking any bets? The gravy train can't stop with Denise.
  14. KeVo

    Browns could sign RG3 soon

    It would be interesting to see what Hue Jackson could do with RG3, if RG3 is willing to put in the work. That relationship could prove to be rather productive.
  15. KeVo

    LB Sean Spence reunites with Dick LeBeau

    It's a good sign for the purpose of depth, special teams contribution, and scheme familiarity with LeBeau's defense.
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