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Razor's 2019 Mock Draft (With Trades)

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1. :Raiders:: (Trade with Arizona for 4th and 27th overall picks and a 2020 3rd Rounder) Kyler Murray, QB, Oklahoma

Gruden gets his grinder! Screw Derek Carr, let’s take the midget who’d rather play baseball and interviewed poorly. This is just such a classic Gruden move that I’d be surprised if anything less happened.


2.  :49ers:: Nick Bosa, DE, Ohio State

Well Arizona is certainly going to regret trading down, Bosa provides an excellent rusher for the 49ers who need talented players across the board. Don’t be surprised if the 49ers look to trade down here if they like another DLine prospect, but I don’t think they catch the Cardinals or Jets for enough gas.


3. :Jets:: Josh Allen, DE, Kentucky

The Jets nab a pass rusher, the best friend of a young QB is a strong defense. Allen will help make sure they can get off the field on 3rd down, and maybe give them a slight hope at beating the Patriots once this season.


4. :Cardinals: (From OAK): Rashan Gary, DL, Michigan

Gary provides some great talent on the DLine for a team that really lacks it. They’ve got Chandler Jones and nothing else. Gary provides a real threat and they’re hoping the trade down pans out for them.


5. :Bucs:: Greedy Williams, CB, LSU

This is to make up for not getting Minkah when they had the chance. Not that it’ll work out for them, but that’s just Bucs football for you.


6. :Giants:: Jonah Williams, OT, Alabama

Turns out the Giants don’t like any QB in this draft class enough to take them at 6. They’re gonna continue beefing up their offensive line, and run this offense through Saquon Barkley. They might put Williams at RT to start, or just switch Solder there, but either way he improves a much maligned OLine greatly.


7. :jags:: Quinnen Williams, DT, Alabama

Why does it feel like Alabama just has all the prospects every year? College football is a fucking joke. In any case Williams falls a little, but the Jags are probably going to dump Malik Jackson so he makes a good replacement there. Nick Foles will almost certainly be the QB there.


8. :Lions:: Devin White, LB, LSU

Monkey See, Monkey Do. The Lions saw what the Bears did with Roquan Smith and decided they wanted a piece of that. White looks like a can’t miss prospect, but I’d eat that with a side of Aaron Curry.


9. :Redskins: (Trade with Buffalo. 15 and 46 for 9 and 182): Drew Lock, QB, Mizzou

Washington gets their QB to replace Alex Smith after his tremendous injury. Nick Foles wasn’t going there, so they get their highest guy on the board. They need to jump the Broncos for the pick, since Elway loves him some shitty QB’s.


10. :Broncos:: Byron Murphy, CB, Washington

Failing to get his guy, the Broncos elect to go with BPA rather than reach for a guy after signing another's teams trash at the QB position. They didn’t want to do it for Allen or Rosen, I doubt they’d want to do it for Haskins or Daniel Jones. Murphy helps a weakened secondary start to get its legs back while Elway rolls with Flacco.


11. :Bengals:: Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio State

New Coach, new QB in Cincy. They may not have a defensive coordinator, but who cares? The Dalton era is done, and he’ll be finding a new home in 2019. Where will that home be exactly? I’ve got a few ideas…


12. :Packers:: Noah Fant, TE, Iowa

Fuck it, let’s go wild. Rodgers needs weapons and this year reeks of a Packers last gasp effort for relevance. Fant will immediately provide a legitimate tight end for the Bucks owner to throw to, and with them trading for Antonio Brown (44 this year, a second next year), they have all the weapons Rodgers could possibly need.


13. :dolphins:: Clelin Ferrell, DE, Clemson

The Dolphins are gonna tank for Tua 2020, so rather than take a chance on Daniel Jones or some other QB, they grab a strong pass rusher to replace Robert Quinn, and try to build the roster for the right time to shine.


14. :Falcons:: Ed Oliver, DT Houston

The Falcons continue to bolster their defense so they can actually not get outpaced by the high flying offenses in their division. I certainly expect Oliver to fall well out of the top 5 and land somewhere in the mid teens, early twenties.


15. :Bills:: Montez Sweat, DL, Miss State

The Bills want to get faster on defense, and while getting another piece for the offense would have been nice, it’s just not in the cards for this draft class. Sweat is a physical specimen and gives the Bills more threats on defense that they desperately need if they want to see the postseason again in Blot’s lifetime.


16.:panthers:: Deionte Thompson, S, Alabama

Insurance in case they start getting real sick of Eric Reid. Because hey, you never know.


17. :Colts: (Trade with CLE, 17 for 26 and 90): DeAndre Baker, CB, Georgia

The Colts got fleeced by the Patrick Mahomes show in the postseason last year, and need to commit to dealing with that. Secondary woes have always been a problem in Indy, but adding a top flight corner in Baker should help to alleviate those woes. They’ve also been linked to Landon Collins in free agency, so that should give their secondary a major boost.


18. :Vikings:: Christian Wilkins, DT, Clemson

The Vikings need to get their edge back, so a guy like Wilkins should be the perfect fit for them. He’s big, versatile, and relentless. He’ll pair well with Linval Joseph, and keep Everson and Hunter free to pursue the QB. Or at least, that’s the plan.


19. :Titans:: A.J Brown, WR, Ole Miss

The Titans need another receiver to keep the heat off Corey Davis, who really developed into a threat this past season. If Davis is splitting them open, Brown is reaping the benefits of a spread out defense with his hands and YAC potential.


20. :Steelers:: Josh Jacobs, RB, Alabama

The Steelers don’t typically do a rotational back thing, but with all the issues they had with Bell, they have to realize that they need two backs in this league. Bell won’t play another down for them again, Antonio Brown is getting traded away (in this mock) and almost certainly won’t play for them again, so they need some offensive weapons as they transition out of the Big Ben era.


21. :Chiefs:: (From SEA, 21 for 29 and 63): Jachai Polite, OLB, Florida

The chiefs nail their Justin Houston replacement with a big trade up. The Seahawks seem incredibly averse to drafting early in the first round, if at all, so they trade down and continue to build resources. Polite provides an excellent rusher for a Chiefs team who needs a lot of defensive help. Patrick Mahomes scores 26 points a game, you should almost never lose with that kind of offensive production.


22. :Cardinals: (From BAL, 22 and 86 for 27 and 65): Jawann Taylor, LT, Florida

The Cardinals offensive line was abysmal. If they’re going to commit to Josh Rosen, they need to protect him. We always see one or two really good prospects fall this far, and usually one of the better teams scoops them up, so honestly I think the chances of the Cardinals seeing this line is nearly nonexistent, but fuck it, my mock, my rules.


23. :Texans:: Andre Dillard, LT, Washington State

DeShaun Watson got sacked 62 times last season, if the Texans want to make noise in the AFC, they need to protect their QB. Anything but an offensive lineman at this pick is probably a mistake, unless a guy like Nick Bosa fell to them for some ungodly reason.


24. :Raiders: (From CHI): D.K. Metcalf, WR, Ole Miss

Now that they’ve got their QB of the future, it’s time to get him some weapons. Metcalf is a classic height weight speed Raiduhs pickup. And he’s gonna be a classic Raiders bust.


25. :Eagles:: Devin Bush, LB, Michigan

Bush gives the Eagles a rangy sideline to sideline tackler who can provide support to a team that really needs it. He’ll help a lot with the checkdowns that the NFC East QB’s are sure to rely upon against that Eagles front.


26. :Browns: (From IND): Dre’Mont Jones, DT, Ohio State

Jones provides the third head for the Cerberus that is the Cleveland defensive line. Ogunjobi, Garrett and Jones should provide a wrecking ball for the Browns for which their opportunistic corners will lay the foundation for victory.


27. :Ravens: (From ARI, From OAK, From DAL): Parris Campbell, WR, Ohio State

The run the ball 50 times a game strategy is not going to work in the NFL for very long, and the Ravens need to diversify their offense if they want to dance on the big stage. Jackson needs to continue to develop as a quarterback, and having a number 1 option who can actually catch and run will go a long way (sorry Crabtree, you were garbage last year).


28. :Chargers:: Brian Burns, OLB, Florida State

Can you feel the Burns? He’s gonna get into the first round, maybe even earlier than this.Burns give the Chargers rotational depth at a position they desperately need.


29. :Seahawks: (From KC); T.J. Hockenson, TE, Iowa

Seahawks grab themselves a 3 down tight end who can help steady the run game for the Hawks and give Wilson a weapon during his improv sessions. He can really hock it up there for him. Ha. Ha. Ha.


30. :Packers: (From NO): Zach Allen, DE, Boston College

Allen gives the Packers a real bully on their defensive front and the teeth they need if they want to make a real playoff push.


31. :Rams:: Cody Ford, OT, Oklahoma

The Rams have the luxury of not needing to start him immediately, but he moves well and should provide value as a swing tackle or guard early, and when Whitworth retires, he’ll be ready to step in at LT.


32. :Pats: (Kinda surprised I didn’t slot a trade in here): Amani Oyuwariye, CB, Penn State

Fuck it, they the goats. They can do whatever.

QB's in flux and where they go:

Andy Dalton: Washington to rejoin Jay Gruden, maybe lets Drew Lock develop behind him.
Ryan Tannehill: Green Bay as a backup. Oof.
Case Keenum: Houston as a backup.
Daniel Jones: Denver in the second round
Will Grier: Jacksonville as a 3rd or later round pick
Blake Bortles: Tampa Bay as a backup
Derek Carr: Unloaded to the Giants to compete with Eli for the starting job
Teddy Bridgewater: Stays in New Orleans
Tyrod Taylor: To the Ravens as a backup

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I hate everything for the Packers. Fant at #12? No way. Trading for AB? Hell no. Then a DE? No thanks. If the board fell like this, give me Burns at 12 and Ford at 30.

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You used Trapasso's CBS board didn't you

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I like it mostly :shrug: not that I really have a super firm grasp on all of these players and what they are capable and what their drawbacks are yet, but you can tell there's good logic behind each and every slot. Very telling and enlightening. I've heard that Marquise Brown is most likely gunna be a 1st rounder and the Steelers saw Jaylen Samuels play so stellar in the absence of James Conner. When I look at the Steelers and their RB group as a whole to go along with that great line, spending the 1st round pick on a RB doesn't make sense honestly. But even when I did have a firmer grasp on prospects and the needs of all 32 teams in years past it was hardly possible making 32 consecutive slam dunk picks that everyone else on the forum agreed with, so I'd have to say its a great mock by the standards of most. I think it's a strong possibility the Steelers go out and get DK Metcalf or Marquise Brown in hopes that they can remain as hard to stop as possible and not waste the end of Ben's career by having JuJu be the only solid option. If they don't like Trey Edmunds or Stevan Ridley as their 3rd back they might get someone on day 3, but they won't go RB day 1. I think there's an enormous zero percent chance that pick happens. 

Totally dig the Hawks pick. Especially if he's everything we hoped Jimmy Graham would be when we went out and got him, which I think might not be too farfetched?

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