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Ngata's Top 10 fighters in the UFC.

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Number 1: Jon Jones.

Number 2: Anderson Silva.

Number 3: GSP (hate it but it is true)

Number 4: Junior Dos Santos.

Number 5: Benson Henderson.

Number 6: Frankie Edgar.

Number 7: Demetrious Johnson

Number 8: Ronda Rousey

Number 9: Dominick Cruz

Number 10: Jose Aldo.

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Alright lets see whats up 5 years later. Here is who I got.


1.) "The Notorious" Conor McGregor




At first I was hesitant to put him here because there are so many great fighters in the UFC at the moment. I was also weary because I was not sure if I put him here because of my fanboy card for him or for his actual talent. That said when I went through it in my head he wiped out an entire division in 2 years, that was supposed to be the most stacked division in the UFC, and beat the current featherweight champ on a torn ACL. He then goes up and fights the champ of the lightweight division, and cleans him out in a contest that is not even close.


He has also evolved as a fighter from someone who was standup only to being able to defend takedowns from a great wrestler in Eddie Alvarez. I can only imagine his standup has gotten better because of the MAyweather fight. There are a lot of contenders out there for this number one spot you can argue, mainly Khabib, but he hast to make weight 3 or so more times with no drama before I Could give him the spot.


2.) Khabib "The Eagle" Nurmagomedov




The man is just a devastating force of nature. He really is the pound for pound king when he is on and making weight. He just destroyed Barboza and his resume is a who's who list in the UFC With guys like Barboza, Horcher, Dos Anjos, Johnson, and Tibau. The most impressive thing is that he has absolutely demolished these people.


There are only 2 things that worry me about him. Is that he has not fought anyone who is a super talented wrestler. He has fought Jiu-jitsu guys like RDA, but no real badass dudes. Now I have mentioned his reume, but outside of those guys they are all nobody's, his signature win was RDA imo, and I would love to see him against a Kevin Lee, Ferguson, or dare I say McGregor. Which brings me to the second, he is very hittable as evidenced by the Michale Johnson (Who admittedly he beat like a drum), but if a guy like Conor can land that left it might derail his momentu.


3.) Tyron "The Chosen One" Woodley




I was weary of putting him here because people think he tends to have boring fights, but to me when you think abot champions who rule their weight divisions, there might not be a more dominant person than Woodley. He has everything you could want in a fighter. he is explosive, massive knockout power in both hands, has devastating leg kicks, insane wrestling, and is explosive....oike really exxplosive lol


The only thing about him that we dont know is, how is his jiu-jitsu game. To me it really is not a valid point though, as you cant get him there anyway. Damian Meia is a wizard at getting people on the ground and submitting him and he could not NOTHING against him. You want to see power, see him knockout LAwler who has an iron chin. The wonderboy fight's were his big test especially the first one. And while I think Wonderboy won the decision, I think Woodley did the most damage. I think if there were an infinite number of rounds eventually Woodley would put wonderboy to sleep.


4.) Stipe Miocic





In my mind he could be listed as any of the above. The reason he is not is simple. Cain Velasquez. He has beaten literally everyone else. I mentioned resume's earlier, and none in the UFC read better than his. HE has beaten literally everyone but one guy. If he beats Velasquez he is undeniably, unequivocally, and admittedly the greatest heavyweight of all time, even over Fedor, and Werdum. He has beaten WErdum, Dos santos, Arlovski, Hunt, Overreem, Nelson, Gonzaga and the guy who everyone thought was the baddest man alive in Ngannou. If by some chance of pure luck he could fall 3 to 5 spots for me. That said I think he hands DC the worst beating of his life.


He has all-american wrestling, he was a golden glove boxer, he has outstanding cardio, a great clinch, a granite chin, tough as hell, an extremely high fight IQ, and he has solid Jiu-Jitsu.


5.) Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson




This is where the free fall ends for the consensus number 1 by everyone else's rankings. I think he is the most talented person in his division adn the most dominant champion in the UFC history, and the numbers bear that out. Here is the problem. He has had not great competition other than Borg, Cejudo, and Benavidez. Borg is not on that level yet, Cejudo very well could be because he is evolving and fast, and Benavidez just cant seem to get there.


6.) Max "Blessed" Holloway




This guy has everything and has cleaned out the division sans two guys. McGregor and Edgar. One he was going to face but pulled out yesterday because of an injury, and he lost to McGregor. Since then he has gone on to win 12 straight including 2 wins over Jose Aldo.


His pace is phenomenal, his striking is good, and he has good takedown defense.


7.)Robert "The Reaper" Whittaker




To me this guy is the best young prospect in the UFC. The reaper has excellent takedown defense, a great ability to scramble, solid as a rock against the cage, and oh yeah quite possibly the most devastating puncher in Middleweight division. Michael Bisping is lucky he fought the cupcake GSP instead of this killer. He is 27 and has wins over guys like Jacare Souza, Yoel Romero, Uriah Hall, Brad Tavares, Rafael NAtal, and Derek Brunson.


His only notable loss was to Wonderboy when he used to cut 40 pounds to make welterweight.


8.) Cris "Cyborg" Justino




(Yep, I would let her fuck me, so what? And yes I realize this is coming off sexist, because it is)


AS to her fighting, if you disregard who she has fought and just look at how dominant a fighter she has been against her opponents there is no doubt she is the greatest of all time. Nobody has ever dominated competition like Cyborg. When Rousey was blowing herself, this was the ACTUAL baddest woman on the planet. She has sick boxing, muy thai, jiu jitsu and takedowns. There are literally no holes in her game.


Side Note: I met her once and she is an absolute sweetheart. One of the nicest people I have ever met.


9.) Daniel "DC" Cormier




One of the great dickheads of our time. AT least to his opponents. In person and on TV he seems like the nicest dude in the world, and from the people I listen to they all say he is a super nice guy outside the ring. That being said all fo the build up to the fight there is no UFC fighter I dislike more. That said he is also super skilled. I did not put him this low because I hate him, but I put him here because I think everyone above him is better and will be for longer.


He has good stand-up skills, he might be the most talented wrestler in the UFC other than Cejudo, Romero, and a handful of others, he has a good gas tank, and decent submission skills. The only person to beat him is the biggest waste of talent the UFC has ever known in Jon Jones.


10.) Tony "El Cucuy" Ferguson




He is a guy who probably does not get the respect he deserves because he outlasts guys and does not have those wow victories other people have. When you look at his skills though he is tough to knock. he has unorthodox but effective standup, great wrestling, extremely dangerous on the ground form both the guard and the mount, and has some of the best cardio in the game.



So that is my list. Feel free to make yours or critique mine. If you are going to say somebody should be higher, say how much and why you would knock another guy down.

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Conor vs Khabib Oct. 6th!

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Well to be fair to me this list was made early in February, before Dylan shot knocked out Cody twice, and all the other fighters on this list are on

incredible runs. Some still are.

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Note: I'm a mouthbreathing fan who should have his takes considered with a big fucking grain of salt.


1. Mighty Mouse - Yes I know Cejudo just beat him but I think that's just because Cejudo is absolute fucking kryptonite. Mighty Mouse is the most well-rounded fighter in the UFC and arguably of all time. Technical wizard who knows how to get out of pretty much any situation in a flash. Cejudo rematch will be FUN.


2. Daniel Cormier - Maybe not the most talented guy around but his wrestling is near unstoppable and the power translates at heavyweight. Wish Bones didn't have the PED questions because clean DC vs clean Jon is biggest matchup ever in terms of talent vs. talent.


3. Khabib Nurmagomedov - The most dominant guy in MMA on the ground. I think he's honestly going to walk through Conor just because Conor's ground game is simply not there. RIP to Mystic Mac.


4. Henry Cejudo - Like Ngata said, he's evolving and evolving fast. The win of Mighty Mouse was huge, but watching his Reis fight you could tell he's becoming something special in all areas. I would not be shocked if he finishes his career in the GOAT discussion if he can pull off the second win against Mighty Mouse. He's truly a special talent.


5. Tyron Woodley - Explosiveness meets timing meets fight IQ. Woodley has taken on specialists in Wonderboy and Maia, so he's had to fight super careful over his time as champ. But I'm convinced the Till fight and potential Colby fight will bring out the best in him. Few people have the physical gifts that he has.


6. Max Holloway - Blessed era, assuming he can stay healthy from here on out. Dude is old school as hell and game to scrap at all times. Very precise with combos and has the cardio that won't ever quit. I think Ortega has a good shot because of the ground game, but Holloway's resume speaks volume.


7. T.J. Dillashaw - I was really tempted to put Dillashaw higher because of his dissection of Lineker and Assuncao, but he was way too quick to brawl with Cody, and his chin isn't anything remarkable. When he's in the zone Dillashaw is probably a top three guy, but he takes too many risks IMO. Also, I'd love to see him against a really special ground fighter, which isn't present at 135.


8. Robert Whittaker - Know how Rogan says "Air of greatness" when talking about Bobby Knuckles? I love it. He's hittable but his takedown defense is bulletproof and his striking is at a very high level. Go watch him knock out Brunson in Aussieland and try to contain yourself.


9. Stipe Miocic - I think Stipe's resume is enough to draw debate on his placement here, but I don't love any part of his game. He did a great job of outwrestling Ngannou but he KOed a charging Werdum, glass chin Overeem (after being knocked down), and JDS. He's been eating up veterans in a period at HW when nobody presents a real challenge. Beat Blaydes and Volkov and regain your title, then we're talking.


10. Amanda Nunes - She's cleared her division so badly that Cyborg is the only fight to make. I'd love to see her face Holm because of the striking prowess Holm possesses. But Tate, Rousey, Shevchenko (I had VS winning BTW), and Pennington? That's a resume for women's bantamweight.

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I'll make my list tomorrow. I only take issue with Cejudo but I guess if you give him the win over MM, he deserves a spot. I didn't. It was a close fight but I didn't see anything spectacular from Cejudo.

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So how do you have Nunes over Cyborg? I think VS beat her as well, and VS is about to put a merciless beatdkwn on Montanno.

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Nunes has faced a higher level of competition. Until Cyborg takes on a chick who has decent power or halfway decent ground game I just can't put her on my list. Smashing the Leslie Smiths and Tonya Evingers of the world doesn't do shit for me.

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Holly Holm. I will can see that Nunez level of fights may or may not equal that a Nunez. That being said, for being fair it's not like Nunez his face to Who's Who either. She has some solid victories, that being said I still think she lost to Valentina the second time around, I never bought into the Pennington hype. She's a brawler and not much more. I think home shattered Rousey invincibility, and she was nowhere near what everybody thought she said.


honestly what does it for me is when she fought that world champion kickboxer and put up a better fight, then any other kickboxer in the world. Granite she's been training kickboxing, but MMA kickboxing and traditional kickboxing or different, and she fought the baddest woman on the planet and took her to a decision, and she landed some good shots. That was the most competitive fight that woman had been in and many many many years. I think pound-for-pound cyborg is the greatest female fighter that's ever lived.


Other than my mother, that woman still scares the ever living shit out of me, and she is been dead for 17 years. To tell you the truth, I'm not even sure she's really dead, that woman was scary as hell when you crossed her.

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