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Murder at Midnight (Assassination Game)

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Murder at Midnight is a game based on suspicion and crowd mentality.


Every night the Murderer slips out and kills a new victim. Every day, the citizens vote upon who it could be.


This is not Mafia. There is no detective. There are not multiple killers. There is no easy access to the killer. You must guess, and you must deal with the consequences of your actions.


I am hoping for a turnout of 15-20 players, but I know that is an extremely unreasonable expectation. 8-10 would be good enough to get a functioning game going.


Every day the citizens decide someone who is the "murderer". They can kill decide to either execute or release the person they've selected at the end of the day.


Citizens, PM me your guess as to who it is and if they should be executed or released. You can discuss who you think it is on the game thread itself.



The Murderer can "pass" on killing someone. He can only do this once.


The Citizens can jail a selected person over night. They can only do this once.


Guess the murderer right and execute him? Citizens win.


Murderer gets it down to him and only one other citizen? He wins, killing the last player.


Murderer is randomly selected by a random number generator. He decides how to kill each of his victims via PM to me. Be creative!



If you're the Murderer, don't tell anyone!

If you're not the Murderer, don't claim to be, unless you want to die real damn quick.

If you're not playing, don't put your opinion in on who the Murderer is. If you wanna join, but are too lazy to be the murderer, just tell me via PM.

This game will have multiple "seasons". If the random number generator selects the same murderer, then that's who I'm rolling with. RNG is love, RNG is life.


Sign-up sheet
Date of Birth/Age:
Biography (Background behind each character):



My apologies for not being more detailed. Had to rewrite this because laptop fucked up on TGP and backed out of the topic.


Any questions? Just ask.

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This is totally mafia.


Here's hoping for townie.

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This is the better version of Mafia. More brutal. :yes:

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Arz has submitted the first character, Carlton Kohan. Just PM me any sign-ups. Hopefully this will be running by next week.

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