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  1. ATL_Predator

    Evaluate Your Team, Week 1

    We are beyond fucked for the forseeable future. I wasn't big on the Gruden hiring as a HC... let alone the god of football operations. I like all the staff he brought in, I really do, but Gruden himself is a cancer. The ego of trading away your best player and believing in Mr. Carr is going to bite this team in the ass forever. I will forever stick with paying Mack before Carr because Carr never really proved himself outside of 16' since he got hurt that year he's seeing ghosts every play. Second half of the game last night shows that there is something wrong in his head. We have the oldest roster in the league and we are admittedly in rebuild mode? How? Nothing the Raiders have done this offseason has made sense.. the combination of Mckenzie's poor drafts and Gruden's mind will send this team back to the dark ages if we aren't already there. I had little optimism going into this season... Last night confirmed that I should have none for longer than just this year.
  2. ATL_Predator

    Khalil Mack is riding the winds of change

    It's taken me a couple days to get over the amount of stupidity behind this. Gruden is taking this team to 3-13.
  3. ATL_Predator

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    I'm free after 1115 PM Mon/Tues. I'm fine with autopicking tho
  4. ATL_Predator

    Purple Jesus Rises Again

    You know you're an irrelevant team that's never going to win in the playoffs when you have AP AND Alex Smith... Washingtons plan this offseason was beyond piss poor...
  5. ATL_Predator

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    My schedule is second shift but I'm off every other weekend and alternate wednesdays and thursdays..
  6. ATL_Predator

    Preseason Thoughts (and prayers)

    Preseason says nothing about your team other than what you have on the bench and new NFL rules and officiating crews blow more than the year before.
  7. ATL_Predator

    Preseason Thoughts (and prayers)

    Better question is... who cares about preseason?
  8. ATL_Predator

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    Count me in boss.
  9. ATL_Predator

    Jalen Ramsey Tees Off On Opposing QBs

    Most accurate thing I've heard out of a NL player in a while
  10. This guy. I was raised in the church and by fiscally conservative parents. To say the least I am nothing like them and I hate most 'church' activities and the regular jackasses who think that they are better than everyone else. The worst people I have met in life... have claimed to be Christians. The amount of 'Christians' that try to sweep things under the rug in churches and acquire hordes of money are no better than the people they condemn. Fuck the American church.
  11. ATL_Predator

    How's your summer been?

  12. ATL_Predator

    Pick 6 New Playoff Teams for 2018

    The Bears are a good team.... defensively speaking. The tough thing about them is... well their division. They are more than capable of hanging with anyone in that division due to familiarity but I wouldn't count on it. I have lots of questions about Trubisky. Offensively the answer for them is going through Howard and Cohen...that's arguably the best backfield. Tennessee is right there with that award too. Chicago is going to be competitive because of their D and backfield... but I'm not sold on Mitch.
  13. ATL_Predator

    2017-18 NBA Season Thread

    Just about the only thing about the Lakers that is... 'badass' They'll enjoy struggling to make the playoffs.
  14. ATL_Predator

    Post a pic of yourself...

    Hey Blots. Have you ever walked into a bar in Iowa and say... "Hi, I'm Jeramie Kruger. I love the Packers and I own my own football website.... wanna get laid?" Looking good man.
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