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Just had the uncles, dad, friends, and Vin all gather, nom pizza and drank while we do our annual draft. 12 teams PPR. I was aching inside to pick in the middle of the pack this year and not first or last, just based on my personal rankings and how I wanted it all to go down. Upon opening the draft window, I was AMPED to see that I was the 7th pick, meaning either Barkley, Hopkins, Hunt, or Kamara. 

QB - Jimmy Garrapollo

WR - Davante Adams

WR - T.Y. Hilton

RB - Saquon Barkley (my #1 overall ranked player at #7!!!)

RB - LeSean McCoy

TE - Delanie Walker

W/T/R - Chris Hogan

K - Mason Crosby

D - New Orleans


Reserves for now, but poised for future stardom:

RB - Chris Thompson

RB - Aaron Jones

RB - Sony Michel

WR - Mike Williams (LAC)

RB - Jordan Wilkins

TE - OJ Howard

QB - Joe Flacco

WR - Tedd Ginn Jr

RB - Austin Ekeler

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You have what I would say is the ultimate risk/reward team I could ever come up with. You could very well win/go deep in the playoffs, or be one of the worst teams in your league.

1. Garoppolo - Has a whole 7 starts under his belt, and while they've mostly been good, who knows what you're getting with James G.

2. D. Adams - Having Rodgers as your QB is nice, but Jimmy Graham could cut into his production, especially in the red zone.

3. T.Y. Hilton - Not a fan of his situation at all. Great deep threat, but his production hangs in Luck's health/balance.

4. L. McCoy - Great RB, but the whole ex-gf scenario could totally fuck him and your high draft pick on him.

5. Chris Thompson and Aaron Jones - In the nicest way possible, who?! Thompson may be decent, but you're gambling on what AP may cut into his amount of carries.

I had to look up who Aaron Jones is, so that's bad. Jamaal Williams seems like the only GB RB worth owning in fantasy, but Jones might be able to carve out a role.

6. S. Michel - Could be a good value pick, but Belichick RBs are always a gamble, and the only one who seems worth betting on is Burkhead.

7. M. Williams - Injuries and solid depth at wideout could hurt him, but he does have talent. Needs to carve a role with Keenan Allen, Tyrell Willams, Travis Benjamin, and they just re-signed Gates. Don't have a clue where his role could be...

8. J. Wilkins - Could be my mailman for all I know. Colts RBs are not worth anything bro.

9. O.J. Howard - Like his potential. Good backup TE to have in case of an emergency with Walker.

10. J. Flacco - Meh.

11. T. Ginn - Inconsistent deep threat. Not PPR relevant IMO.

12. A. Ekeler - Only relevant if Gordon goes down. Might be good for PPR.

Edit - 13. S. Barkley - Like the dude, but he's a rookie RB in what appears to be a pass-happy offense.

Please don't take offense BC, but I am not a fan of what your team at all, although of somehow the stars align just right, I may look extremely stupid on my criticism.

12 hours ago, BC said:


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Saquon as your #1 overall player makes me immediately laugh. But then its BC.


I concur with Fart, you have a huge risk/reward and I doubt all of them fall your way.

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Comparatively, my team from the same draft (I bailed after 12 rounds cuz I'm old and need my sleep.  Autodraft wasn't really kind to me)


QB: Roethlisberger, Stafford

WR: Julio Jones, Keenan Allen, Robbie Anderson, DeDe Westbrook (auto), John Brown (auto)

RB: Kenyon Drake, Alex Collins, Dion Lewis, Adrian Peterson, Marlon Mack (auto)

TE: Jordan Reed, Charles Clay (auto)

K: Matt Bryant (auto), Matt Prater (auto)

Def: Eagles (auto), Falcons (auto)


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Yet I still think you have the stronger team compared to BC lol.


Also lol @ the autodraft taking two kickers.

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Bumping to prove that you are full of yourself and don't know shit. Saquon had more yards than Gurley, more overall points, and finished 3rd overall. He's also the #1 ranked player going into next year. Stupid retarded bitch

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Man you are one salty bitch, peperroni nips. Saquon was great, but he didn't beat Gurley by much- and only in PPR- and that's only because Gurley was hurt two games. How'd Jimmy G do for ya? Or the vast majority of your bench? Aaron Jones is about the only good guy in there for fantasy purposes.

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he sucked ass. shoulda bought dat warantee....doh!

Edited by BC

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Let's break this down further:

QB: Jimmy G- QB39; complete bust.

RB: Saquon Barkley- RB1; great pick

RB: LeSean McCoy- RB39; complete bust.

WR: Davante Adams- WR2; great pick.

WR: TY Hilton- WR14; solid pick.

TE: Delanie Walker- TE92; complete bust.

K: Mason Crosby- K5- Solid pick.

Def: Saints- DST13- Meh pick.

Onto the Bench, those people "poised for future stardom":

QB: Joe Flacco, QB31- bust.

RBs:  Chris Thompson, RB66- bust.

Sony Michel: RB35- pretty much a bust came on a bit at the end.

Aaron Jones- RB24- very up/down dude, did some work later on.

Jordan Wilkins- RB75- bust.

Austin Ekeler- RB25- had a couple weeks with Gordon hurt, other than that, a meh pick.

WRs: Mike Williams, LAC, WR32- Unless you had the foresight to start him in the game Keenan Allen went down, pretty much a bust.

Ted Ginn, WR115; complete bust.

TE: OJ Howard TE14- Better than Walker, but still not good.

So to sum up, your team has three top-5 players- one of which is a kicker, and just six top-20 players, three of which are defense, kicker, and a TE. You hit on Barkley, Adams, and Hilton... and that's pretty much it. You may have played the waiver wire well and done well, but your bench is complete and utter garbage, and you have zero depth... anywhere.

Congrats on the self-own, bro.

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