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    The big weakness of this trilogy is definitely that they didn't have a three-movie plan when they started. The three movies are much better together than they are as a trilogy. The prequels are more cohesive! That said, I still really enjoyed all three.
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    AMAZING. Overall my feelings on it are similar-ish to Last Jedi. There's a few things here and there I was like.. WTF... but the rest was amazing. I loved it. As I mentione din the discord, the only serious 'complaint' i have is that it's just so fast... they have so much to cram into 2.5 hours and the hits just don't stop after the scroll. No chance to catch your breath. The final scene though was damn near perfect.
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    Probably the dumbest human being in NFL history.
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    There's a difference between Fox and the other mainstream media outlets. There are horrible people in CNN, MSNBC, etc., but for the most part in those networks those people are the exception. They're not the big drawers. Fox is the opposite. Their big crowd drawers are Hannity- someone who rallies for the President- Ingraham, Tucker Carlson, etc. The pundits, the opinion anchors that by their own court defense, can lie because they don't claim to be news. Fox is intentionally legitimately lying to the American people. The others also lie, but its much rarer and much of it is not intentional misleading.