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  1. I kind of wish he was still a steeler. 

    1. RazorStar


      now he can be! Completely unlikely though.

  2. I thinks it's dicked up we finally spends serious draft capital on beefing up the offense and then commit to the shittiest QBs in that draft.

    Had Flacco had those weapons neither the browns nor the Steelers would beat us I dont think.

    1. BJORN


      Flacco is getting old, was way overpaid, and is just flat out mediocre. They re-built the offense for him, specifically last season. It didn't work out, he got injured and didn't play well enough to justify continuing on with him. Whether Lamar turns out remains to be seen, I have my doubts but it was time to move on regardless.

  3. Haha no idea. I am not even sure what that means lol. Maybe they both think I am sexy.

  4. Not really. I used to quite a bit but I have since just lost interest. I havent even bought the newest one I think the newest one I have is 11.

  5. Hey man so you a pretty big UFC fan or just like one or two fighters ? Just trying to gauge how many hardcore MMA fans we got here.

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