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  1. butta54

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Went to see Cats....it is hard to explain....but I honestly don't think it is different than the play....I think the play is just not suited to be a movie and of course....the VFX is not up to the point this movie needed it to be.
  2. butta54

    The Superhero Thread

    Not exactly a superhero movie...might as well be at this point...but The Rise of Skywalker suuuuuuuuuuuucks IMHHO
  3. butta54

    TGP Pickem week 4

    THURSDAY Sept 26 Eagles at Packers Sunday Sept 29 Titans at Falcons Patriots at Bills Chiefs at Lions Raiders at Colts Chargers at Dolphins Redskins at Giants Browns at Ravens Panthers at Texans Buccaneers at Rams Seahawks at Cardinals Vikings at Bears Jags at Broncos Cowboys at Saints Monday night Bengals at Steelers point total= 53
  4. butta54

    TGP Pick 'Em Week 1

    Packers @ Bears (TNF) Rams @ Panthers Titans @ Browns Chiefs @ Jags Ravens @ Dolphins Falcons @ Vikings Bills @ Jets Redskins @ Eagles Colts @ Chargers Bengals @ Seahawks Lions @ Cards Giants @ Cowboys 49ers @ Bucs Steelers @ Pats (SNF) Texans @ Saints (MNF Game 1) Broncos @ Raiders (MNF Game 2) Tiebreaker (total points for MNF Game 2): 44
  5. butta54

    Play GM

    I hate you
  6. butta54

    The 18-Game Schedule

    I just don't agree. If you did more games and games were only sunday or monday then maybe
  7. butta54

    The 18-Game Schedule

    Money isn't a plausible reason...otherwise the answer would be keep increasing games. There would be no end to it.
  8. butta54

    The 18-Game Schedule

    I don't see one single plausible reason for an increased schedule.
  9. butta54

    Play GM

    So curious if you give him that deal if he still wants it and has played without distraction?
  10. butta54

    Play GM

    LoL but he has told you the longest you will secure him is 2 years. Then he wants it to be up to him.
  11. butta54

    Play GM

    Scenario: Pat Mahomes finished his 4th season and has told you that he is willing to play on his 5th year option and even franchise tags...but when you present him a long term deal he wants it to be a 4-year contract with the first two years fully guaranteed and the last two years are a player option. Y1: 1G - 35ATT - 22COMP - 62.9% - 284YDS - 0TD - 1INT - 2SKS Y2: 16G -580ATT - 383COMP - 66% - 5,097YDS - 50TD - 12INT - 26SKS Y3: 16G 545ATT - 395COMP - 72.3% - 5,011YDS - 39TD - 10INT - 20SKS Y4: 16G 554ATT - 414COMP - 74.7% - 4,832YDS - 41TD - 16INT - 11SKS
  12. butta54

    The Superhero Thread

    Yeah...Disney doing what we all expected. I was rooting for Comcast for a reason
  13. butta54

    Womens Sports and Pay Equality in Sports.

    I think my point still stands....it isn't what you deserve it is what you bargain for. The demand part is in the equation but also the negotiations. I would say the same if the NBA was bringing in equal or higher views as the WNBA but was making less money.
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