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    Well well well, looks like we have ourselves a moron boys.
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    Lol at banning me from the chat box because you can't handle a different view. You are exactly what pc culture is defined as. When you are afraid to confront something, you use a delete button and push it to the side. I'm the only mature adult on this forum.im the only one who can actually handle a different opinion. Lol at taking sports on tv like it's a personal matter. You can't prove me wrong, so you simply think pushing a button solves the problem. Youre afraid of words on a page. A distinct sign of brainwashed conditioning. You can't have actual adult conversation with an adult ,older than you. So you run away.
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    Man, that's nothing... They've wanted to ban you since you showed up. lol. But let's be honest.. you do find yourself repeating the same overused hyperbole a lot. Ha.
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    Ben seems like a bigger diva than Brown. Remember when he trashed his receivers after he had a bad game this year?
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    Blotsfan' #HotTake: If the beef between AB and Ben can't be resolved, the Steelers should choose Brown and either start Rudolph or get Teddy/Tannehill.* *There is a zero percent chance that this happens.
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    My preference ranking of teams: How much fun would a Saints/Chargers Super Bowl be?