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    Well well well, looks like we have ourselves a moron boys.
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    MVP: Patrick Mahomes It's between Brees and Mahomes, no one else is even close, IMO. Brees was more efficient, but Brees also has a better supporting cast, IMO. This one is very close and I'm okay with it going either way, but I'm giving it to Mahomes. Runner Up: Drew Brees Brees had a fantastic season and truly deserves an MVP award since the NFL stole one from him already. I am okay with either/or here. He finally has a running game to support him and it shows. He knows he doesn't have to do it all, even though he still can when called upon. OPOY: Todd Gurley : Gurley has been fantastic all year long, a true engine that drives the Rams offense, but I think he takes a tiny fraction of a hit due to how well CJ Anderson ran in his absence. The Rams Oline is extremely good at run-blocking and it showed there. Runner Up: Christian McCaffrey : The first player since LT to record 100 receptions and rush for over a thousand yards in the same season, Cmac tried his best to put Carolina on his back after Cam's injury. He will be a force in the league for awhile, and it's good to have a playmaker at the RB position. DPOY: Aaron Donald : Donald is the DPOY and I don't think its all that close, though Mack had the better first part of the year. Donald has been his usual self, and he is going to join Watt and Taylor as the only defensive players to win the award multiple times. Runner Up: Khalil Mack Mack was the clear frontrunner for this award in the first half of the season, but he fell off a bit due to injury and due to Donald just taking over games. Still looks like a foolish trade for the Raiders. OROY: Quenton Nelson : Nelson is the best guard in the NFL after one year, fight me. He has been extraordinary for the Colts, a first-team All-Pro and should be a perennial pro-bowler. He has helped shape the Colts identity as a bruising run blocker and helped keep Luck upright the whole year. Runner Up: Saquon Barkley : Barkley was great right out of the gate, and he only needs a QB to help him out and get this team back to relevance. He is a fantastic RB and I think he will be great for a long time to come. Honorable Mention: Baker Mayfield Really I would be fine with any of these three. I think Nelson is the best player at his position, but Baker injected life into a team and a city that desperately needed it and he played extremely well down the stretch. DROY: Darius Leonard : Leonard and Nelson are the first teammates to both make first team All-Pro as rookies since 1965, and both of them highly deserve it. Leonard led the NFL in tackles as a rookie and added two picks, four forced fumbles, and seven sacks. Runner Up: Derwin James : James played a difficult position amazingly well in his first year. He is a tackling machine that doesn't miss many plays and has helped shore up a Chargers secondary in desperate need of it. CotY: Frank Reich : This is a lot of players from one team, but I just love what Reich did in Indy. Just fantastic coaching, and conventional wisdom be damned, I like going for the win instead of the tie. They won 9 of their last ten going into the postseason. The Colts got lucky McDaniels backed out. Runner Up: Matt Nagy Nagy took a team that had been last place in the North for four straight years and guided them to a 12-4 record. I think he is set up well for success in the future and it was an impressive debut for the first year head coach. Honorable Mention: Pete Carroll :Carroll's team was supposed to be the bottom dwellers of the West this year, instead they made the playoffs with a 10-6 record, and a lot of credit has to go to the coach for that. Carroll has rebuilt the team in his old identity and the Hawks look good for the future. CBotY: Andrew Luck : Luck looks better than he ever has in his return from injury, and has led the Colts to a 10-6 record, winning 9 of their last 10 games, and setting them up to be a contender for a long time. Runner Up: JJ Watt : Watt led the AFC with 16 sacks, and looked almost as dominant as before after being injured for most of the last two years.
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    MVP: Your Daddy Drew Brees The league fucking owes him for Peyton stealing it... wait no they don't The actual MVP Winner: Patrick Mahomes BUT MY COMPILER STATS, they claim as I own the libs. 😛 I don't even know, but writers are gonna latch onto to Mahomies 50 TD's, 5000 yards, and incredible streak of scoring 26+ points in every game this season. Brees was the more efficient passer with lesser weapons, but people love those volume stats. --- OPOTY: Christian McCaffery Perhaps not the conventional choice, since I'm sure the voters will split the Brees Mahomes vote like the OPOTY is a pity prize. McCaffery is a god damn weapon, and made a case for being the best back in football this year. He's just difficult to stop no matter what situation you put him in, and the threat he creates opened up the Panthers offense greatly, even when their QB was playing with a missing arm. --- DPOTY: Aaron Donald This would be the conventional choice. Despite all the money they poured into the defense, it felt like Donald was the only guy doing things that matter. Suh and Brockers were invisible most of the season, the defensive backfield was banged up early, and their linebackers are still pretty raw, though I liked what I saw out of a few of them. Donald is a real force of nature and worth every penny of his contract. --- OROTY: Quenton Nelson They don't give these awards to guards, pick someone else named Baker or Saquon... but seriously, the Colts built an identity on strong line play and it's working wonders. Marlon Mack goes from an average bargain bin running back to one of the top producers in the league and it's all because of the fire and intensity put in by this kid. Colts really nailed their rookie class this year, which is a big reason why they're in the divisional round right now. So fuck all y'all haters, Baker and Saquon are sippin Pina Coladas on the beach right now. --- DROTY: Derwin James The eraser, the beast, the demon who lives in the shadows. Don't blink or you'll miss him making a key tackle, or a turnover, or a pass breakup. He's anywhere and everywhere and the Chargers maximized what they got out of this kid. There were a lot of great rookies this year on defense, but Derwin is definitely the highlighter right now. Small props to Darius Leonard, Leighton Vander Esch, Fred Warner, Minkah Fitzpatrick, Denzel Ward and Bradley Chubb for their work this year, as well as anyone else I may have missed. --- Comeback Player J.J. Watt I bet 31 teams wished he had just retired after his injury and went back to chopping wood, or fucking bears in the mountain or whatever this football robot does for fun. After notching 1.5 sacks in the past two years combined, he's come back in force and finished with 16 sacks, 7 forced fumbles, 61 tackles and 18 TFL's. Dude is back, and the league needs to watch out because he takes over games, and was just a few spots out of consideration for defensive player of the year this year. --- Coach of the Year: Anthony Lynn I know what the popular choice is, and the popular choice is wrong. Nagy did a great job of game preparation and scripting early drives, but he couldn't make Trubisky a miracle worker like the media seems to believe he has, and poor decisions during gametime are at his feet for every one of the Bears losses this year. Anthony Lynn is my choice, and it's in large part because he's made the decisions to put his team in position to win the game. Sure, he's dealing with a cursed franchise who can't help but stumble over their own dicks in clutch situations, but he's got them keeping a level head and putting his team in the best position possible. I think in terms of actively detrimental calls, he's probably near the bottom of the list, but he's giving Ringless Rivers a chance at Redemption which is more than most coaches can say. ---
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    I don't understand how someone that just failed pretty badly as a first time college coach is getting NFL HC interviews. Like, I get the McVey factor, but it's not like Kliff hasn't had a shot as a head coach. Maybe in a few years, but doing it now makes no sense to me.