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    Kenny Clark is an elite interior defender. If you don’t think so, you don’t watch him enough. With that said, Hicks is also a monster and should be much higher on this list IMO. Thats the flaws of this list. Players don’t really study or do anything to make it... it just hypes the overhyped. The guys who are on sports center every week, the guys who get the most tweet mentions or whatever. Those are the guys that get higher up on this list.
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    Seems too specific of criteria, even at face value, that I am not sure how many people who really benefit. No doubt some, but undoubtedly nowhere near as many that deserve it. Pass.
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    This Baker hype is beyond ridiculous. He has no business being on this list for this past year.
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    Razor, thank you so much for this incredible endeavor. I know I haven't been commenting much, but you know I enjoy your mathematical studies of football no matter what angle you're playing. I have enjoyed this list immensely, and I know others have too. All of that said, the data in this study cements the top two on my personal all-time QB list: Joe Montana Tom Brady Don't fucking @ me.
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    Well I'm just glad we can take the Rockets out of serious contender talk.