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TGPU: Orange Bowl vs. Cincinnati

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FedEx Orange Bowl

#12 TGP Crusaders (12-1) vs. #17 Cincinnati Bearcats (10-2)


Scoring Summary


1st Quarter

10:35 - TD TGP - 9 yard pass from Cuda to Powah (Alexander kick), 7-0 TGP

4:20 - TD TGP - 21 yard run by Stark (Alexander kick), 14-0 TGP


2nd Quarter

12:55 - TD TGP - 74 yard pass from Cuda to Powah (Alexander kick), 21-0 TGP

5:21 - TD TGP - 77 yard interception return by Maverick (Alexander kick), 28-0 TGP


3rd Quarter

No Scoring


4th Quarter

3:34 - TD Cincinnati - 46 yard pass from Castillo to Oliver (Williams kick), 28-7 TGP


Final Score: TGP 28, Cincinnati 7


Player Statistics



J. Cuda: 9/10, 199 Yds, 2 TD, 0 INT



R. Stark: 25 Car, 68 Yds (35 after contact), 2.7 YPC, 1 TD, 2 Fumbles

J. Cuda: 4 Car, 27 Yds, 6.7 YPC, 2 Fumbles



M. Matthews: 5 Rec, 62 Yds, 12.3 YPC, 1 Drop

H. Powah: 2 Rec, 83 Yds, 2 TD

A. lolBangyfail: 1 Rec, 21 Yds



P. Manutz: 5 Pancakes, 0 Sacks Allowed

B. Towes: 3 Pancakes, 0 Sacks Allowed

T. Green: 1 Pancake, 0 Sacks Allowed

M. Matthews: 1 Pancake

L. Virgil: 0 Sacks Allowed



G. Eagle: 3 Tackles, 3 TFL

A. Milsap: 2 Tackles, 2 TFL, 1 Sack

M. Defense: 1 Tackle

J. Beastmode: 1 Tackle


R. Krawnka: 4 Tackles, 1 TFL, 1 Pass Def

S. Brock: 2 Tackles

D. Enata: 1 Tackle


S. Stevenson: 2 Tackles, 1 TFL, 1 Sack, 1 INT, 1 Pass Def

J. Maverick: 2 Tackles, 2 INT

D. Miles: 1 Tackle, 1 Pass Def

D. Ryan: 1 Tackle


Kick Return

R. Stark: 2 KR, 26 Yds


Punt Return

A. lolBangyfail: 3 PR, 16 Yds




Well gentlemen, that was domination, pure and simple. Offensively, everything was clicking. Cuda only needed to throw 10 passes all game, but he was spot on with all 10 (one was dropped). Stark's stats may not be impressive but he was a weapon in space, resulting in several big runs. Defensively, we were just fucking awesome. Maverick's INT return for a TD was legendary (something Hester would do), and we held Cincinnati to 6 first downs, most of which came in garbage time, including the only 7 points they scored. The only negative was the 4 turnovers, all of which were fumbles.


Congratulations, Crusaders, we are Orange Bowl champions! :rock:

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fumbling 4 times and winning by a score of 28-7 is fucking impressive.

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OL is just a beast

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