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Evaluate Your Team, Week 1

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Can't complain about Cousins. Easily the best QB we've had since good Favre. His two touchdown passes are throws that none of our QBs in recent QBs could make. 

It sure is good to have Dalvin Cook back. And I love the pairing of Cook and Murray. They're running styles complement each other very well. 

Our starting WRs and TE are studs. Nothing new here. Liking the WR depth of Treads, Zylstra, and Stacey Coley. Look for Cousins to find each for a touchdown this season.

OL is obviously the biggest concern, but I expect this current group to improve by the week and to see a significant boost by the time Pat Elflein has been back for a few weeks. He won't be great right away.


What can I say about this group aside from that they're awesome?

I still worry about LB depth but like each guy we have at the position. The DL is deep and nasty. Sheldon Richardson was phenomenal in week 1.

Richardson/Joseph are going to devour souls as long as they're healthy.

The secondary is awesome. Let's get Waynes and Alexander healthy and roll on!

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We are beyond fucked for the forseeable future.

I wasn't big on the Gruden hiring as a HC... let alone the god of football operations. I like all the staff he brought in, I really do, but Gruden himself is a cancer. 

The ego of trading away your best player and believing in Mr. Carr is going to bite this team in the ass forever. I will forever stick with paying Mack before Carr because Carr never really proved himself outside of 16' since he got hurt that year he's seeing ghosts every play. Second half of the game last night shows that there is something wrong in his head.


We have the oldest roster in the league and we are admittedly in rebuild mode? How? 


Nothing the Raiders have done this offseason has made sense.. the combination of Mckenzie's poor drafts and Gruden's mind will send this team back to the dark ages if we aren't already there.

I had little optimism going into this season...


Last night confirmed that I should have none for longer than just this year.

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Won't at all be worried when my opponent has any of our units in fantasy football

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Wasn't pretty for the Packers but Rodgers found a way to get it done.

For the offense:

The o-line was pretty shaky to start the game to couple with the offense using long developing plays again. For going against Mack, Bulaga actually held his own when Rodgers was playing. It wasn't until Kizer came in that Mack really started going off and I'm not sure you could even blame Bulaga for any of it. Kizer rolled straight into Mack on that strip sack and on the int, Mack dropped back while the interior o-line allowed a free runner. The interior line is way more worrisome as they had no push in the running game and Hicks was running right through McCray to start off. Utilizing a lot of quick short passes helped in the 2nd half, but on some of the longer plays the o-line completely stonewalled Chicago's front 7 in the 2nd half so there may be some hope still.

If Rodgers goes down, the Pack are screwed and that was shown once again for a quarter. Maybe it's time to stop trying to develop young guys and get a decent vet/journeyman backup QB?

Jimmy Graham was really quiet but he was drawing plenty of attention which helped Cobb dominate the middle of the field, while Adams and GMo had 1 on 1 matchups for the majority of the game.


For the defense:

I like the D-line and the new secondary (specifically the corners), but the LBs are garbage and safeties are suspect. Clark and Daniels will continue being a force to reckon with and till make life hard on QBs by not allowing pockets to step up into. Perry was good in the run game and finally showed up in the passrush on the Bears' last play, but he needs to be better. Clay is done and at this point shouldn't even be a starter. He uses the same passrush over and over and isn't effective. While being completely horrible in run support and having no idea what containment is. Gilbert should be out there starting.

Ha Ha has still been pretty meh. He had some nice tackles but other times where he hesitated and whiffed on the tackle. Twice he had Mitch lined up and whiffed, gotta deliver a huge hit on a rushing QB when you got the chance. Brice is good in run support but cannot cover.

Should be an interesting matchup on Sunday. If Rodgers plays, think the game will be tight and the Pack may have a chance.

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DJ Moore was a complete no show- not even really his fault the coaching staff didn't even give him many snaps and he didn't see a single target.

Olsen fractured his foot, but they're going to keep him off of IR for now. Ian Thomas, time to step up.

Offense ran through Cam, again. We've seen this same dance over and over, this will not take us to a SB title, we need some help for him.



Was absolutely fantastic, they let the Cowboys have one good drive and that was it. No one was able to get open and the front four got consistent pressure on Dak. Just a great showing all around.

Mario Addison in particular is one of the more underrated pass rushers in the league, and showed it again with the strip sack to end it.

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