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    Ok so let's get a good conservative vs liberal ideology debate going. A lot of people say that without the possibility of being fantastically wealthy that society would crumble. Everyone would lose all motivation and become lazy because the government will just take care of them. They use this to defend the free market as if it exists in nature but it doesn't. I'm about to fuck your minds of with some logic though so check it out lol. I think people are MUCH more motivated by respect, admiration and love. When you live in a society that worships material shit and money people think that that is the path to some sort of validation. My argument is that money isn't the only way to achieve that. Men are HIGHLY motivated by PUSSY. More than they ever will be by money. Almost no matter what your job is, if you're the best at it. If you're a leader. If people count on you to make shit happen, you get pussy. That's biological, not some made up free market bullshit. That's literally wired into our DNA. It's not JUST pussy though. People who are good at what they do and work hard earn the respect of their peers. People listen to what they have to say as a result of that. There are always going to be natural hierarchies amongst human beings. It's just how we organize ourselves. We don't need money for that at all. What's one man? The possibility exists only through the cooperative efforts of the collective. In the wild, one man will be eaten by an animal with claws and teeth, an animal that is bigger and faster. With one another we can figure out how to kill a fucking mammoth with a spear. No matter how special someone might think they are and how successful they might be, NOBODY does shit on their own. We all stand on the shoulders of thousands of generations of people and just everyone's daily life is made possible by the people that make sure your shit doesn't get mixed in with your water and you get sick and die. Where would Jeff Bezos be if he had to worry about that? The efforts of these people afford us the luxary to think about things like comfort instead of just survival. It allows us to even be able to have this question and to have this debate.
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    Leave it to Sean to boil it down to the power of the vag. True story, though. In all seriousness, really good question. Aside from the usual social needs we have as humans, such as love, family, etc...in some ways for me it's money. Not the pursuit of wealth...more the pursuit of financial freedom. I'm 32, and I've been in debt since I was 20. Basically my whole adult life. I don't need much money to be happy. Job satisfaction does way more for me in the long run. I think a lot of people fail to realize just how far $50-60K a year can take you when you aren't paying off loans and credit cards, and that's all I really want. I want every penny I earn to be mine to do with as I see fit. More than money, though, I've found I crave mentorship and teaching opportunities at this stage of my adult life. Not curriculum...I despise structured education. Just everyday situations where I have the chance to teach a younger peer something about the job or how to be a better Airman or NCO, or just a more responsible adult in general. It's extremely rewarding when you see that moment where it clicks for them, and now they're that much wiser and independent. I want to teach them how to fish so they won't need me when I retire, and if they end up surpassing and replacing me, I'll feel like I did something right. And thirdly, pussy.
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    If anyone posts spoilers for episodes 5 and 6 before they air, please use spoiler tags kthx. Thanks for the insight on the novels, Thanatos. Adding a third player to this final season definitely would have helped, I think. Also I don't buy that A Dream of Spring is done, or even close. I get Winds of Winter, but there's no way Martin has written two massive novels in between all the other stuff he's been doing.
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    https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2018/10/02/us/politics/donald-trump-tax-schemes-fred-trump.html More proof that Trump is a failure of a businessman and only the product of nepotism and a dodgy ass tax code.
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    (In the books the only way to kill a mature dragon while flying was a shot through the eye. Nothing else would do enough harm. You could knock them out of the sky via a shot in the wing, but their scales were way too hard for a bolt to pierce it.) Building on what I posted earlier, the show has been severely damaged by two things: A) Euron's storyline changes amd B) The lack of Aegon Blackfyre. Aegon- Young Griff- is possibly the son of Rhaegr Targaryen and Elia Martell. Which would make him Jon's half-brother. The books make it clear something else is going on and he's likely in fact a Blackfyre (bastard Targaryen), but the people believe him to be the son of Rhaegr, which is what gives him power. Plus he's young and charismatic. In the books, Aegon has already raised his banners and has taken Dorne, Stormwind, and the Reach. What this means is that Cersei has a legitimate threat besides Dany, and Dany isn't just going to waltz north and take out the city and Cersei easily, so we don't have to have stupid decisions like the dragon being killed to make Cersei a threat to Dany, because there is a major third player that is missing- to whom, I might add, every indication is that Varys is secretly supporting. Euron Crows-Eye's story goes beyond even what I posted earlier. He is almost certainly working with the Others or attempting to use them. It is heavily implied that the Three-Eyed Raven tried to make him his apprentice and failed miserably, as Euron still sees visions. He ties up priests of all religions on his ship, the Silence, (so named because he cut out the tongues of everyone under him so they cannot speak as to what they see) and gives them a drink that the Ironborn use to come close to death and thus they see visions. He has a horn from the ruins of Valyria that supposedly can turn dragons to fight for him, he uses blood magic to control the weather and he has an entire suit of armor made out of Valyrian steel. He is simply a genuine huge threat that doesn't give a fuck about the Game of Thrones, he thinks he is the Drowned God in the flesh, and his goal is to conquer the entire world and turn himself into a god. I get we had to cut things, but Aegon missing from the show takes out what should be a major third player in the War for the Iron Throne. Euron could possibly be the big baddie in the books, or at least working with the big baddie. In the show he's just a Saturday Morning Cartoon villain. Also: The Winds of Winter is done according to rumor. Rumor also has it a Dream of Spring is ALSO done, he's simply waiting for the show to finish and giving it time. And GRRM has come out and said the show has entirely diverged from the books.
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