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  1. MARSHAWN LYNCH INTO THE ENDZONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I gotta make it or make it man these are the options

  3. yo. mock draft time. :)

    1. BC



    2. BC
    3. Zack_of_Steel


      If you guys really need me I will take a team. But my interest in the NFL has been waning and I haven't given a shit about the draft since like 2012.

  4. Dude what the shit just happened...

  5. Still cleaning up my food... when Earl Thomas popped Gronk just then I spilled it everywhere. LOB BITCH.

    1. Sarge


      But did you get that bug out of your 7UP yet? :smug:

    2. Bay


      Buys a bottle of soda with a bug floating in it :mjlaugh:

  6. And next up, we have Antonio Brown vs Richard Sherman :smug: :panictrain:

    1. BC


      *braces for explosions everywhere*

    2. BwareDWare94


      The explosions will happen as Martavis Bryant shits all over Cary Williams

  7. Detroit Lions @ Seattle would make for an awesome NFC Championship game

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    2. BC


      All QBs will struggle, but if he can limit turnovers to 0 or 1, it's a good, versatile offense with a Eddie Royal type WR in Tate and Calvin would expose Maxwell. Tate can get them field position. Good check down RBs. Good defense. I don't see another NFC team this balanced. Green Bay would need a better check down back and better defense to win here. Don't see Kaepernick ever winning a game here.

    3. Sarge


      Detroit also has an awful OL this year. Don't see it happening to be honest.

    4. seanbrock


      It would make last years super bowl look like a close game lol. Lions offense is prone to turnovers. Not just Stafford picks, but fumbles too.

  8. Seahawks training camp tickets (30,000 total) sold out in a total of 45 minutes this morning. That is insanely nuts.

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    2. ATL_Predator


      So that's where all the Heat fans went

    3. BC


      but we talkin bout practice..

    4. Dutch
  9. Re-watching the Seahawks' games back to 2012 all in order on Rewind. Can't wait to see what this group accomplishes in the next 4-5 years.

  10. This is our year. I can feel it. #GoHawks #SBXLVIII

    1. Favre4Ever


      Just don't blow them out, okay?

    2. CampinWithaMissingPerson
  11. Bruce Irvin, Chris Clemons, and Cliff Avril all active for the first time! Percy back in 2-3, Okung back in 3-4, and we will be complete once in for all. #gohawks

    1. Dutch
    2. BC


      Well shoot Michael Bennett might be the most dependable of all of them.

  12. This is our year, No defense will out duel this healthy group. Mark my words. #GoHawks

  13. TGP YAHOO LEAGUE DRAFT THIS SUNDAY!!! Auto drafters never win.

  14. Merry Christmas [Happy Draft Day]!!!!!

  15. Is it football season yet?

  16. BC

    ready for an asswoopin in fantasy football ya dick ticklin faggot????????!!!!!!!!!

  17. Just got back from the Hawks-Vikes game. Great weather, great beer, annnnd that was about it :/

  18. Lots and lots of viccodin trying to get over this mono/tonsilitis

    1. Zack_of_Steel
    2. BigBen07


      We got another House in the building!

    3. BigBen07


      We got another House in the building!

  19. Best case Seahawks round 1 scenario... MIKE POUNCEY! Make it happen.

  20. Slavin away, studyin, food, but lovin the new touches as i poke my head in

  21. BC

    those sigs are absolutely rediculous, my friend.

  22. Welcome to TGP, my friend. :thumbup:

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