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  1. BC

    The Culture of the Pittsburgh Steelers

    http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/25760587/jerry-rice-antonio-brown-wants-san-francisco-49ers-really-bad Jerry Rice giving insight that Antonio Brown really wants to be a Sf 49er. Why would anyone wanna be a 49er? John Clayton weighed in on this just now on his radio show I listen to every morning. He doesn't think giving up the #2 overall pick (which is what the 49ers have) would be a very good deal. He mentioned the fact that Oakland is a real possibility given the fact that the Raiders have 3 picks in the first round. Makes sense to me other than the fact that Jon Gruden put Khalil Mack on the chopping block just for not contacting the Raiders due to the fact that he wanted to be paid like an All Pro which he totally was. I can't see Gruden sitting there saying to himself "Man if we had Antonio Brown we would have it made." But man what are you doing AB? You had it MADE in Pittsburgh. I see ZERO chance that he doesn't fully regret forcing the Steelers to move him.
  2. BC

    The Culture of the Pittsburgh Steelers

    I could see the Rams not giving a shit about the attitude and signing him. Same with the Bengals or Browns. If I traded for him I'd probably treat him like shit though and not at all be afraid to release him the second he gets a major injury.
  3. BC

    The Culture of the Pittsburgh Steelers

    Mark Schlereth, a guy who has gotten plenty of insight from players who have played for Mike Tomlin gave this interview and this pretty much can seal anyone's opinion that Mike Tomlin hasn't really played his cards right and has a long road to change the culture. This sucks. Why would Ben want to procrastinate retiring if he knows he can't have his top gun on board anymore. This is sad.
  4. BC

    The Culture of the Pittsburgh Steelers

    Did you guys actually find that Antonio Brown announcement on the internet somewhere? Mind sharing? Here's all I can find on the situation today: https://profootballtalk.nbcsp...-sparked-antonio-browns-ire/ ... ....wow
  5. BC

    The Culture of the Pittsburgh Steelers

    The Steelers coach wouldn't directly say that the receiver bailed on teammates, but was clearly disturbed by the lack of communication with Brown in the days leading up to the Week 17 tilt and in the aftermath of Pittsburgh being eliminated from playoff contention. "When we're talking about the darkest hour, we're talking about playing to win a game and needing other dominoes to fall for us to be in the tournament and the guy not communicating -- that is a real element of discussion, certainly," he said. Tomlin was asked if Brown quit on his teammates. "You can describe it in whatever ways you want to describe it," he responded. "There was a lack of communication there that can lead to thoughts and things in that nature that can go many directions. Bottom line is we're playing a significant game and he didn't do a good enough job of communicating or being available in the hours leading up to that performance, so we needed to make decisions pertinent to getting prepared to play in that performance. I've been really clear about outlining what transpired, the level of communication and things of that nature so obviously there's some things within that you can infer, certainly." Tomlin attempted to clarify the timeline of Brown injury and being ruled out of Sunday's contest.
  6. BC

    The Culture of the Pittsburgh Steelers

    https://ftw.usatoday.com/2019/01/twitter-reacts-to-mike-tomlins-explanation-of-the-antonio-brown-mess Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin addressed the evolving Antonio Brown situation for the first time since an explosive reportrevealed that Brown was involved in an altercation with QB Ben Roethlisberger last week and went AWOL on the team. Brown did not play in Week 17 and Tomlin had reported leading up to the game that Brown was suffering from a knee issue – but the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that Brown missed the final game of the year after skipping multiple Steelers practices and meetings leading up to a must-win game. Roethlisberger has since downplayed the reported incident with Brown, but the situation has sparked speculation over Brown’s future with the team. As Tomlin detailed his interactions with Brown during Week 17, the wide receiver posted an interesting quote on Twitter, then curiously followed the 49ers on Instagram. You can watch Tomlin’s entire press conference here. Tomlin said that “it became difficult to communicate” with Brown on Friday evening and Saturday. Tomlin heard from Brown’s agent on Sunday, who informed the coach that Brown was “feeling better,” but the Steelers had already decided not to play Brown. [media] [/media]
  7. BC

    The Culture of the Pittsburgh Steelers

    So apparently... as I was typing this Mike Tomlin was doing an interview on player conduct. I have no link to that and don't know who it was for or with, like what network or whatever. Someone come through in the clutch and hook it up. But anyhow... Antonio Brown went over to James Harrison's place and the two of them were apparently were in the mood to stir some more shit up, so they went ahead and made this video which they posted to Antonio Brown's instagram. The Antonio Brown drama deepens. James Harrison, the legendary linebacker for Pittsburgh, appeared with star wide receiver Antonio Brown in an Instagram video. The two were watching a Mike Tomlin press conference and had some interesting words for viewers. The video comes after a post by Harrison on Instagram that seemingly takes a dig at Mike Tomlin and the Steelers' organization for putting up with Brown's antics up to this point. View image on Twitter While it's hard to say whether Harrison is alluding to the AB Steelers situation, I mean... how could it not? Harrison knows the Steelers better than anyone else, spending nearly 15 years with the franchise. Harrison had played under Mike Tomlin since the 2007 season. Going by Harrison's post, the Steelers can only blame themselves for the drama. More and more evidence is coming out this week to suggest that Brown is a bit of an egomaniac. After skipping practice this week and Pittsburgh benching Brown for their Week 17 matchup, Ryan Clark (a former defensive back for the Steelers) told ESPN a bizarre story that foreshadows the drama taking place now. From all accounts, the Steelers let the problem grow and fester without confronting the star wide receiver.
  8. This situation is obviously pretty unique. This Steelers group has become a really weird and slightly ghetto one with the whole Tomlin, Big Ben, Antonio Brown, Leveon Bell situation. The list of incidents is getting really long with the whole locker-room private meeting getting on Facebook Live, Tomlin intentionally trying to trip up the Ravens punt returner, Ben having moments of acting a bit less than professional, AB not appreciating Ben skipping OTA's preventing the two increasing their chemistry on the field, and now Antonio quitting on the Steelers at the end of the season. Randy Moss walked off the field early once but that instance wasn't really with playoffs on the line and a Lombardi possible. Brown is obviously too good to move. We were all talking about a possible Steelers super bowl with what JuJu's ascension adds to the team how well they replaced Leveon and they beat the Patriots with an amazing defensive performance. The team seems too good to break up and return to rebuilding mode, but then again, isn't the game of football one where you have to love and respect the heck out of one another as a team in order to lay it all out there for the guy next to you? It seems hard to have that extra spark to go the distance. Why would any of the players show up to OTA's after all this adversity and drama flares up again? How do you trust Tomlin in this situation as a player? Finding a replacement coach is risky because then you have a big learning curve for the new offense. Maybe Bill Cowher could come out of retirement and save this generation of the franchise? Or Bruce Arians? What a mess. As much as I want a winnable game for the Hawks next year when we travel to their house, its better for the NFL and the ratings if the Steelers can be as good as they've been the last 15 years to have more intriguing weeks of football, and I find them to be a highly entertaining team.
  9. https://thebiglead.com/2018/12/30/melvin-gordon-injury-los-angeles-chargers/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=NFLdraftmaverick&fbclid=IwAR2EfdjPcxaV0w3n60lkp9jU8Bx4gmw8w4emnCsbOvasqLde_6uYT2bdWsk Chargers running back Melvin Gordon limped off the field in the fourth quarter of Sunday’s regular season finale and did not return. His effectiveness for his team’s upcoming wild card game in Baltimore is in question. This is the same side on which Gordon suffered a right knee MCL sprain on Nov. 25. Sunday was just his second game back, and he was still wearing a brace. The injury occurred when Gordon was tackled from behind and a defender fell on his legs. Effectively, it was similar to a horse collar-type tackle, but this tackle was not illegal. Gordon’s right foot was momentarily trapped. Fortunately he escaped and avoided a more severe injury. Even with a mild high ankle sprain, it is not a foregone conclusion that Gordon will play or be effective on Sunday. With this type of injury, there is minimal initial swelling. The key is to see how he is this morning and over the next few days. (Steelers running back James Conner suffered a high ankle sprain in Week 13, and after initial optimism from his team was downgraded and missed the next three games.) This is not to say reports Gordon will play next week are incorrect but simply that he is not certain to play. Not all high ankle sprains have a player out for prolonged periods of time. There is a variety of degrees of severity. This seems to be the lower grade (lesser) injury, but it is still something to watch closely. Expect him to be limited in practice this week. And even if he plays, he may not be completely effective, especially since he is still wearing a brace for the knee MCL sprain on the same side as this ankle injury. On the plus side for the Chargers is that backup Austin Ekeler is back from stinger/concussion, and the Chargers may also have tight end Hunter Henry back in a limited fashion as he has been practicing after missing the entire season due to a May ACL tear. Copyright © 2018, The San Diego Union-Tribune Melvin Gordon
  10. BC

    Aaron Donald Signs 6 Year Extension

    If Aaron Donald gets 4 sacks on Sunday he will be the new record holder of most sacks in a 16 game NFL season. Holy Balls
  11. BC

    Who's The Best Team In The League?

    It's the New Orleans Saints and it isn't close.
  12. BC

    2018 TGP Fantasy Football

    The two #1 seeds make the championship (JD &me). Could see this going either way. JD DeShaun Watson vs PHI ( he might be too dumb to sit Rodgers) Todd Gurley vs AZ Tarik Cohen vs SF Tyreek Hill vs SEA JuJu Smith-Schuster vs NO Damien Williams vs SEA George Kittle vs CHI Steelers D vs Saints (probably subs) Cody Parkey vs SF The Annual World Champions Metal Militia Ben Roethlisberger vs NO Alvin Kamara vs PIT James Conner vs NO Davante Adams vs NYJ Stephon Diggs vs DET Jimmy Graham vs NYJ Doug Baldwin or Chris Carson vs KC Chargers D vs BAL Will Lutz vs PIT Fire in the hole
  13. BC

    Dear, Walrus Fuck

    It's going to be interesting this time around. With Kareem Hunt gone, Spencer Ware banged up, they're getting thin at RB, and of course with an MVP at QB, I could definetely see Andy Reid getting really pass happy again this January. It might actually be the right way to go this time around. I kinda hope we see Chiefs/Chargers and Chiefs/Pats rematches in the playoffs and see some shootouts that come down to the wire in the 4th.
  14. [ytube]gNxx-YDy11M[/ytube]
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