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  1. Phenomenal TJ

    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I just didn't enjoy running away for 4+ rounds.
  2. Phenomenal TJ

    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Fuck Isaac Frost. Just fuck him. And fuck the final fight in story mode. Fucking shitty. Made me RAAAAAAGE.
  3. Phenomenal TJ

    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Just beat LA Noire, great game. Rockstar's best to date. Flipping between Brink (about to pop it in for the first time) Cabel'as African Safari, Dragon Age 2, and some other random games lol. Just pre-ordered Madden (HoF Edition - I'll pay $30 more to not have to look at Peyton Hillis ), NCAA 12, Skyrim, and Mass Effect 3. Going to have to get another Wii before November though, the new Zelda will be coming out and fucked if I'm missing that.
  4. Phenomenal TJ

    Interview With Stevenson Sylvester

    Steelers Chronicle
  5. Phenomenal TJ

    Tips on selling football cards?

    There's always eBay. It gives you a better idea of their value than Beckett would. Simply because it's real time. Even if you go with the link BJGE posted, I'd use eBay to make sure you're not getting hosed.
  6. Phenomenal TJ

    Joe Flacco vs. Matt Ryan

    Derrick Mason is a hell of a receiver.
  7. Phenomenal TJ

    Ike Taylor intends to test open market

    Ike's already stated that he wants to come back to Pittsburgh.
  8. Phenomenal TJ

    Alan Faneca Retires

    Steelers Chronicle
  9. Phenomenal TJ

    Member Group Suggestion

    That's a lot of colors.
  10. Phenomenal TJ

    Return Trip

    It'll be just as good if not better next year.
  11. Phenomenal TJ


  12. Phenomenal TJ

    Return Trip

    Steelers don't have Ike Taylor under contract. Without him, or a comparable presence at the corner position, the Steelers will be in trouble.
  13. Phenomenal TJ

    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I've never really gotten into any PC games to be honest.
  14. Phenomenal TJ


    He still should've screwed with them when he answered it. "What do I think of Cleveland? Well, the whores are ugly, but cheap. So, that's a plus. Probably some good dealers around the area, so I'm good in that sense. And, oh by the way, I'll be offering free prostate massages all day on Fridays."
  15. Phenomenal TJ

    16 Booms, 16 Busts

    BUT OMG PHIL TAYLOR GUNNA TAKE ROETHLISBERGER DOWN Because getting 2.5 sacks in college means you can sack Ben Roethlisberger.
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