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  1. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    So then if the truth matters we should find out the veracity of the story no? Of what she says is not true than what are we discussing? He is a bad guy for sure but I think saying the facts of an incident which he is accused is insane.
  2. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    He should go to jail if it's true though right ?
  3. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    I don't think it's so much about him being Jewish, as he is a prominent and huge benefactor to Liberal causes. and I think the presumption of innocence is absolutely necessary, because if she is indeed telling the truth, then he needs to go to jail for it. If we're going to issue the presumption of innocence then really what we're saying is this is just an allegation with no foundation and Truth , and if that's the case what are we talking about? If we forego due process, then we're just opening people up to be tried and convicted in the court of public opinion, which is about the least Democratic way to do it. the dude is plenty bad enough on his own merits, he doesn't need a rape allegation that could be true or false to bring him down. I think one of the problems that has a huge underpinning to this, is that the veracity of this story will Loom large in the media, and that's directly affect his appointment. If it turns out she's not telling the truth, then it's going to provide plenty of ammunition two people to say that the Liberals are doing everything they can, up to and including deliberately lying. If it turns out that she is telling the truth and we absolutely need to process, because he needs to be tried in a court of law for his crimes.
  4. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    And the plot thickens. See when you hear things like this, how are we supposed to just take this accusation at face value? As you alluded to, it doesn't make the allegations untrue, it just makes them damn hard to believe without any evidence. I was thinking more about an investigation, and this far after the fact how would you prove something like rape? I mean wouldn't it boiled down to her word against his? How Could You convicted him on something like that? It doesn't mean you didn't do it, it just means you couldn't prove it. and if that's the case, given his presumption of innocence afforded to him by the court system, it will be damn hard to prove. all so much like you said, I was never a fan of his anyway so if he doesn't get confirmed it doesn't bother me one way or the other. I never like that bastard anyway. I just think that given the timing, and the circumstances that we know of at this moment, it's starting to look even more suspicious. Again, not saying the allegations are unfounded or not true, and I would still like to see an investigation, even as fruitless as it may be. we're going to have to wait till all the facts about this or out on the table before we have any real understanding of what may or may not have transpired.
  5. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    Absolutely he should. Everyone in Congress should honestly.
  6. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    I think that's a fair assessment, I can see both sides to this to be honest. I am with everyone in the sense that I don't think false rape accusations happen all that often, but they do happen. As it pertains to this case, honestly who knows. For both of those people who are coming out and just saying he's a flat-out rapist without any kind of proof, or just as dumb as the people who are automatically saying this woman is lying. The man gets of the presumption of innocence in this case, because that's how the legal system should work. I am all for this being investigated, and if it comes out to be true then throw him in jail. I don't know many men who have been accused of rape, except for the angry parents of the girl my brother was dating at the time. My brother was 16, and she was 15 and they tried to say he was a rapist. They have been together since they were in junior high, and as soon as the dad found out that his perfect little girl wasn't having sex they tried to hit him with rape charges. I'll thankfully Romeo and Juliet laws protect young children from this kind of thing, and I also realize that this is a completely separate kind of scenario. I only mention that to say, when it comes to false rape accusations, there is a lot more that goes into it than just a woman lying. I think when were trying to dissect what is actually rape, and who is lying then it's an extremely complex issue to try to chunk out to get to the truth. I am not a fan of the guy, and if he doesn't get appointed to the Supreme Court you won't see me crying about it. That being said, if he doesn't, I actually fear that might put up next. If the Trump Administration has taught me anything it's that the devil that you do know might actually be better than the devil you don't. Looking at Trump and Mike Pence. I would rather have Trump than Mike Pence, and that says a lot considering my feelings for Donald Trump. if this guy doesn't get confirmed, I have no doubt we're just going to go through the same old run-of-the-mill process where some Uber conservative gets appointed, who has a shady past as well. I don't say this to say that I hope he gets confirmed, I'm just pointing out that the guy that will likely be nominated after him could very well be worse. Now that is no reason to confirm the guy, I hope they actually pick a decent candidate, but you can tell by what they're trying to do that they want a young over conservative so that way they can shift the balance of power of the bench for the foreseeable future. To bring it back. Go to the false rape allegations, I would like to think that most people are better than that, but they do happen. I agree with Bware and the sun's that the timing is always suspicious when it comes out years after the fact. That doesn't mean you can outright dismiss it, but it does seem awfully hard that it wasn't a big deal at the time, or at least not a big enough deal to press charges on a sitting judge, but now that he could be appointed to the Supreme Court you want to say something? It just seems odd to me, I'm not saying she wasn't raped, but I would definitely like to see an investigation done because there's a lot about this case that seems suspicious.
  7. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    So 6 more years of Trump then ?....Greeeeeeeeaaaatttt. if she did, and the DNC let her do it, that's pretty much an admission that they have no idea what's going on.
  8. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    I don't think it's a deflection personally. The question was posed to name a Democrat who was bought and paid for by Foreign governments. I think that is how she entered the conversation, I mean she was in it before, but it was alluding to the same point. so, we can talk about Trump being the biggest piece of shit to ever hold office, but what is there to say? Should we just continue to talk bad about him and ignore everything else? I'm not sure there's anybody here that would disagree with this statement that Trump is a piece of crap, and completely undeserving of the office in which she holds. So really there's not a lot to talk about on Trump, at least until the Mueller investigation is over. I won't speak for Sean, as I believe he can speak for himself. I think the main reason that I bring Hillary up, and crooked people from the past is the fact that I'm trying to allude to a bigger issue. I don't really think The Narrative of Republican Democrat wrestlemanias is going to get us anywhere, I don't think electing one over the other is better no matter who you vote for necessarily, I certainly don't think either are good for a country. I bring it up because I think it's a systemic issue, the system is broken. The more people see that the better off we are in my opinion, so it's not to absolve Donald Trump for being a piece of crap, and it's not to hit everybody with the Revelation that Hillary Clinton is a terrible human being either, I think we're all well aware that both of them are shitty people, so the fact that they were on the ticket for both major parties what does that tell everyone else? Serious question, I don't know how either of you read it, but to me it just reads as a systemic issue.
  9. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    Yes when you're trying to prove a negative, it's a problem. That's the problem of accusations with no proof. They can be argued to either point, if we're operating under the assumption that you have to have proof to be able to make a statement, and the overwhelming majority of political wrongdoing would not be discussed, because there's rarely any evidence. We are only finding out how crooked Nixon was, or at least to the extent of which, five and six decades later.
  10. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    Well there's no evidence that anybody did anything wrong, just accusations. That's why this Mueller investigation is getting so much attention, it's based upon the president that there is veracity to the claims that Trump was conspiring. Up to this point all we have are people cobbling together information to suit a narrative. There's no evidence of anything really, that's why politicians are able to do it, is because they're Masters at covering things like this up.
  11. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    Maybe not be cool with it, but you have to recognize it's part of the game. Bernie tried to play fair and he got screwed for it, he probably has enough information to bury Hillary, but he tried to take the high road and lost. Our elections are littered with people who try to play fair and get screwed for it, there is absolutely no incentive to do it whatsoever. As long as these people never go to jail, there's no deterent from doing it, so you either play the game, you sit at home and watch everybody else do it and win. I don't know why that's controversial.
  12. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    Getting dirt on a political opponent isn't exactly proof of anything except that you're a politician. I'm sure that all candidates in all elections get dirt on their opponents from less than reputable sources. The question in play here is how was said dirt acquired? If it was acquired through nefarious methods then I will concede your point. That being said we don't know what was discussed, we don't know how the information was ascertained that was discussed, we really don't know anything. That's the problem. We can attribute all these nefarious aspects to it, but there's no proof of anything. when Trump goes to any International gathering in France, Germany, or anywhere where the European Union, or NATO meet I'm sure any of those foreign diplomats could give Hillary plenty of dirt on Donald Trump. That doesn't make it not true, that doesn't make it true either. The two important factors at play here for me, is are the allegations true or the dirt as we're calling it? If they're not true then what does it matter? if they are true, then don't we have a lot bigger questions we should be asking? The second component to this is where they obtained by nefarious means. There's no such thing as off the record, or private conversations and politics. So if this information is acquired through regular conversation, and it gets relayed back to somebody who can then use it, I wouldn't necessarily consider that out of bounds. Now if Hillary's emails were hacked, or Hillary had some private correspondence that was stolen when she was leaving the border of another country, then okay all of that stuff should be out of bounds. That being said we have no proof of any of that either. The only thing we have proof of is that Junior was excited to get dirt for his dear old daddy, which makes sense. I have no doubt Hillary and every other person that was getting elected had teams of people who are trying to get dirt on everybody. I still don't see any proof of Nefarious action, now if somebody can prove that that Russian person that he met with got any information that was passed on through subterfuge or any other nefarious back-channel dealings, then this is an entirely different conversation. I've said it before earlier in this post, and I will say it again, the problem is there's no proof of any of this. Think about it what do we really have proof of? Politicians get dirt on each other? Politicians go outside of u.s. borders to get information on opposing candidates? Donald Trump is a sleazeball? Donald Trump's son is following in those same footsteps? The longer this investigation goes on the more I question it. that's not to say there couldn't be anything worth hearing, but I just can't imagine if there was anything that was tremendously explosive that it would have happened already. This just seems like one huge dog and pony show to me. Now I could be wrong, the investigation can come out that Donald Trump is exactly who we thought he was except now we have proof. Then again it could come out that there's absolutely no proof of anything, and we're left in the exact same boat of knowing Donald Trump is horrible person, a bad leader, and way in over his head, but no proof of any wrongdoing and getting elected. I wouldn't care one way or the other if Donald Trump was impeached, I wouldn't have cared one way or the other had he have lost. And the reason is simple. The one thing that gets lost in this entire conversation about how horrible Trump is, which I will concede right now, the dude is a terrible human being. That said, the point thats being missed is that in this last election we were handed to very flawed candidates, and the one guy that seem to resonate with most people was deliberately screwed out of the nomination by one of the two deeply flawed candidate. The entire system is busted, and I don't think Hillary would have changed it, we can now say definitively Donald isn't going to change it, and the truth is at least in my opinion, is that it will not change. I don't hold out the hope that many do that we're going to see some huge Grassroots movement, I just don't. Not picking a fight, but you've mentioned on more than one occasion that I brag about having money, which I don't think I do. That being said this ties in because the reason I don't think it will ever changes that I honestly believe cash is king. I grew up just has broke, if not is broke his most people, and now that I have had a reversal a fortune and I've got a few times tingling in my pockets, I've realized that life is so much easier this way, and that ataining the things I want, and attaining security is so much easier. I really don't even have to worry about legal troubles anymore because I can hire very talented lawyers and all of those things go away. Now I'm not saying these things to say oh look how great I am, I'm saying these things to say that there's entirely too much money to be made in the system for rich people, and because they're rich they have safeguards afforded to them that are going to keep them in power for a long time. I don't think this Grassroots movements going to happen, at least not any abrupt change, because all of those things can be prevented. If we do see changes going to be a long arduous Journey over the course of several decades in my opinion.
  13. Omerta

    Trump Regime thread.

    Unless there is nothing. I still really haven't seen or heard anything credible that is explosive. It is all mud slinging at this point. We will see what they have if anything.
  14. Omerta

    Ravens @ Bengals

    There is the Ravens we all know and love. There's absolutely no reason we should have lost this game, but alas John Harbaugh is our coach. I get people aren't Joe Flacco fans, but something that I've come to realize over the last few years is that I have to lay most of the blame at the coaches feet. Why is it that even your good players come out flat and look like a barrel full of crap in a division game, against the Rival who is owned you lately. Even the players we have that our consensus good players, we're playing like crap. To me that points to a larger problem that is indicative of a motivation problem, and that is 100% on the couch. It's almost like that team would rather play for anybody else but him. it's easy to look at Joe Flacco and point out how inconsistent he is, but along with that last Revelation another one I've had, is that even our good players are wildly inconsistent. We just don't notice because the scoreboard is always a correlation to how well the quarterback did. Suggs played terrible, Humphrey played terrible, Stanley played terrible, Yonder played okay which for him is a bad game, Brandon Williams played terrible, all of these players are consensus good players, but they all have four five games a year where they just look like they have no idea what they're doing. Why is the entire team so inconsistent? I know it is a well-known fact I can't stand John Harbaugh, and I may be viewing this through the lens of a fan who absolutely cannot stand are arrogant head coach as both a coach or a person. That being said, when you apply the least common denominator method to solving a problem, it's John Harbaugh. We have a completely different roster with only 4 players remaining from the Super Bowl team, and they're still wildly inconsistent. people like to point to the Super Bowl as a litmus for how successful John Harbaugh has been in the league. However, upon further scrutiny when you look at that season, they were extremely inconsistent during that season. Start off 9 and no lose your next five games when you only need one to get in, and then you have a nail-biter game against the struggling Giants team to get to the dance. I'm a firm believer had Ray Lewis not told the team that he was retiring at the end of those playoffs win lose or draw, we lose in the second round I was expecting to be upset last night, but I knew this was going to happen. I knew this was going to be par for the course, because it has been that way the last 6 years. We will never get anywhere as long as John Harbaugh is our head coach, we don't have any more Ray Lewis, or icon players to tell us their retiring and motivate the rest of the team. Until the ownership understands that, the Ravens are going to be a middling team. Also I truly believe that if you were to take Joe Flacco, CJ Mosley, and basically all of our good players and redistribute them around the league they would be twice as good as they are in Baltimore. All of those players are extremely talented players, Talent is not the issue in Baltimore. It never has been. We've always had Talent, maybe not at the receiver Corps, but we've had it meant strength other places, and for some reason we don't understand how to utilize that. Take last night as an example. How is it Alex Collins was not more of the game plan? What is Joe Flacco complete a 60-yard pass comment on the following play you bring Lamar Jackson in the runner double-reverse? All of these things are inexplicable. John Harbaugh hires people at the coordinator position who will not challenge him. I think he understands that if he's going to get fired nine times out of 10 they're going to have an interim coach, if the cupboards are bare there, then what is the owner going to do? Does he deliberately sabotaging entire season? All of these things point back to one guy. We will change, when our head coaching position changes.
  15. Omerta

    Bills @ Ravens

    ELITE....until he plays a good defense.
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