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Ryan Shazier Undergoes Spinal Stabilization Surgery

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Posted 10 January 2018 - 07:07 PM

Shazier injury is fake? Is that why he visited their practice facility in a fucking wheelchair?

Yeah, how many minutes of Shazier's life have you viewed that were not presented to you by the league or his social media accounts?
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Posted 11 January 2018 - 02:05 PM

You have got to be joking, or trying to prove some weird point about people hail PE.

In any case I'll play, there are literally thousands of social media accounts that have hide pictures, and or video of Ryan Shazier during the process of his recovery. Most of it is just fans while wishing him and taking a picture for a keepsake, outside of that there have been a few other people who posted about Ryan Shazier and the hospital, such a staff. There are also other players in the league, who's private accounts have had pictures of him.

So even with the exclusion of the NFL and his own personal account, there are still hundreds if not thousands of sources that he is actually in a wheelchair, or was until recently.

So he is either being bound to a wheelchair by choice EVERY TIME he goes out in public. Or as we all thought Pgil is a dumb piece of shit, and you are admirably trying to stick up for the little guy. Even though the little guy's a gigantic dick. That being said, it's a position I'm not altogether unfamiliar with, I have been one of the other Phil's biggest Advocate against the tgp mob, so I guess in a weird kind of way I can see your point.
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Posted 11 January 2018 - 03:49 PM

Because he was never injured in the first place. All you saw was a guy run into another guy with his shoulder pads and fall down and point at his own back.
And then during the game you see 2 more hits, wayyyy harder than that and nothing happened to those guys.
I know you can't handle different opinions. I know it blows your little minds but I'm sorry.you don't have a single shred of evidence that it was a real injury. If it were real, why would he agree to be in a box at the Steelers Pats game just to be used as a sympathy tool for the fans? I'd be home resting and not give a damn about a game.
Wwe, it's all a show.either that you have to believe a god favors people on tv more than the common man. That Chiefs player somehow got cancer and it was gone in a year? Some injuries are real but so what? That doesn't make the games any less staged.
Try to stop watching TV like a bunch of hypnotized dogs. When you see a big play, actually rewind it and all you'll see is defenders running up to a player and falling down when they get near him.its so damn obvious.someone here must at least be a little smarter and open minded then the rest.....?




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