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Yesterday, 09:34 PM

Which is ironic, because the internet killed journalism in my opinion.

In Topic: Trump Regime thread.

Yesterday, 08:51 PM

That is what is interesting about the Constitution is how some people will Hardline something and not another. The amendments are good, but I don't think they have made it constitutionally illegal, so it should be. Again, I am fine with it not, it is just such a hard topic (speech) that you almost have to go to extremes just for simplicity. Then again, who knows.

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Yesterday, 08:29 PM

Fair point, but shouldn't we only prosecute people when something happens that ISNT constitutionally protected? I just think it's odd we can prosecute you with government entities when it says you can in the Constitution.

I really don't care in the sense I think we should all say hateful things. Just to kind of point out what an odd place speech is in. It really is a weird thing honestly. It is extremely complicated, and I am not sure it should be ?

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Yesterday, 07:56 PM

There is a lot of weird shit about speech.For instance, hate speech, why are people not allowed to hate things and express that? You should NEVER call for violence against anyone by a mob. Just a weird thing, like if Catholics hate Protestants why can't they say it? Or Jews hates Mexicans, or someone hates celebrities, or politicians, why can't people voice that CONSTITUTONALLY

As long as no one calls for violence, I would think it should be covered. Now violent hate speech is different.

As to Alex Jones they are a private corporation so whatever.

In Topic: Trump Regime thread.

18 August 2018 - 09:29 PM

I can't stand the Democratic party, but the Republicans did it to themselves. This is what happens when you have the chief idiot brazenly flaunting his moronic viewpoints on Twitter everyday, instead of worrying about the inner workings of our country. Very few times in life will you see two things that deserve each other more than the current political parties.