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In Topic: Hawking Describes 'Existence' Before Time Began

Today, 07:02 PM


This is why I could not stand Hawking. I think he is vastly overrated. Now that he is dead people are saying he is the greatest physicist since Einstein. Sorry but he is not top 3 since Einstein.

He can't hold Kaku's or Tyson's nuts.

In Topic: Trump Regime thread.

Today, 06:53 PM

I am not saying either of you, but people who blame guns are fucking retarded imo. I just can't get there in my mind. How is this the guns fault. If it isn't the guns fault, then why fix a problem that isn't there? Columbine happened in the middle of an assault weapon ban. Before pulse the deadliest mass shooting was carried out with pistols. This whole disingenious bullshit throws me for a loop.

I still think that David Hogg kid is a pandering shithead. I find the other students far more genuine. I think that kid is a puppet.

In Topic: Hawking Describes 'Existence' Before Time Began

Today, 06:47 PM

I don't think it does. I think engaging him so he can keep spewing his bullshit is what he's him off. I am just doing my part to make sure his status of the most hated and worthless pile of shit to ever litter TGP with their presence sticks. I shall not allow bangy to go down as the biggest fail ever...

I find it interesting you care though lol. Face it, what he used to contribute as far as people posting with him carries on, we just do it without him now lol.

In Topic: Trump Regime thread.

16 March 2018 - 05:15 PM

Come on, of course it was fought for freedom. Obviously the whole taxation without representation is a big thing, however when you let that bear itself out, it's still about freedom. The Colonials were getting tired of being told how to govern, and not being allowed to govern themselves, and the taxes that were levied we're not going to help build the infrastructure around them, it was the enrichment of a monarch. And when you ask who's Freedom, how silly is that? Yours, my wife, my daughter's, my sons, my father's, my mother's, the members who contribute to this site, I hope that is a sufficient answer.

Then let's talk about how some of them weren't the nicest of guys, I'm not sure that can be argued. However, are you saying that because somewhere bad people that the intentions of the good people, in the merits of the American Revolution are now invalid because of a few people? If that's what you're saying, then no war of independence, and no war for freedom from oppression from anyone ever, was a good thing. As soon as I can awful Stone stands to take when you consider that just about every war from oppression, or every war for even a good thing, had people Empower where the protagonists were not necessarily good people. This is starting to get silly.

In Topic: Trump Regime thread.

16 March 2018 - 04:01 PM

Here is the thing with that train of thought though... There are tyrants all over the world to this day. How do we go about saying we need to free a country from an evil ruler but let the same thing happen in some African nation? We killed Saddam more than a decade ago, yet we are still in THAT war and not playing freedom fighters elsewhere with these other horrible people.
In reality, we have been farming the Middle East for decades. The Gulf War, The Iran-Iraq War, our Iraq War, etc etc.  Heck, we openly supported Saddam for much of that time. If we killed Saddam just because we were fighting for the freedom of the Iraqi people and just for that -- you are going to have to explain why we told Saddam to invade Iran with our permission and why we gave him BILLIONS to do it. 
People being freed from a dictator is great, and it makes for a great story on CNN and FOX news to rally sheep and our good military people.

I mean fair point, but I was talking about the revolutionary war and the American Revolution. I am in no way saying Iraq is better off because there is really no way to measure that.