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#2628150 Trump Regime thread.

Posted by Omerta on 15 June 2018 - 11:08 PM

They're not cannibalizing their youth for people that are old and dying. The US is so dumb in sooooo many ways. Just utterly blinded by greed. We deserve to fall.

Come on. China's treatment and deliberate manipulation of the youth demographic is some of the most heinous in the developed world. As far as their greed and wealth distribution, they may be the only country to completely annihilate the IS in that category. Walk through a rice Patty or north Beijing, and then stroll through the east side and notice the difference. There is a reason Huaweii had to put nets around the top of the building.

I get it's in Vogue to shit on the US. We unquestionably have things we need to change, but let's not throw the baby out with the bath water here. Comparatively we are far ahead of China in average level of living amongst all inhabitants and their quality of life. So before we hold China up on this pedestal and shit on this country, either do research or visit there place.
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#2628132 Trump Regime thread.

Posted by Omerta on 15 June 2018 - 09:45 AM

Here we go again.
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#2627956 Trump Regime thread.

Posted by Omerta on 08 June 2018 - 11:27 AM

Yeah I think everyone is in favor of going after sexual predators, especially ones in position of power but it's becoming more of a witch hunt than actually bringing about a positive change and protecting women.

Oh for sure, I'm one of the few people I know, who thinks we should absolutely execute Any and every rapist. With that, I'm talking about actual rape, not the I'm 19, and she's 16, so now I'm technically a rapist, and people want to see me ruined forever.

However, if you forcibly rape a woman, I would have zero qualms about them dragging you by the collar outside, and putting a bullet in your head. People might think that's kind of harsh, but honestly people who prey on those who can't defend themselves, and young children have no place in this world. They're better off dead.
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#2627954 Trump Regime thread.

Posted by Omerta on 08 June 2018 - 10:10 AM

I was just watching Bill Clinton sell his book on TV and I know the #metoo peeps brought up Lewinsky recently. What about Paula Jones and Juanita Broaddrick? Makes me sick we have one confirmed rapist and now with Trump, one that is only most likely a rapist...Nobody mentions it.


Both Clintons are massive pieces of shit. This #metoo movement is dumb as fuck now. It was all cool when it helped cosby victims get justice, but now they are going after people like Morgan Freeman and are starting to pay the price. I really wish it was easier to sue people like that, or it was easier to make them have to prove their claims before we accepted it as gospel.

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#2627889 Civil Discourse: Ideology/Identity and Why so Many People have Conflated the Two

Posted by Omerta on 03 June 2018 - 05:42 PM

Yeah it is a huge problem. I would say though that in criticizing other people's version of identity politics, it's important to look at what shapes our own world view and to try and look past it and understand what someone else is saying or how they feel about something.

Just not being afraid to be challenged or even to be wrong is such a big part of it. I also think that not having fully formed ideas or understanding of shit and therefore not being able articulate what you're trying to say or in some cases parrot can cause people to short circuit and lash out. People hold their political opinions in the same regard as religious dogma's. For some reason something in our brains reacts in a nasty way when these perspectives are challenged.


There some truth in there though. The only thing I disagree with is empathy lol. I am not saying empathy is bad or that you should not consider how you doing/saying something will effect others, but I think a large part of the problem is caring too much about how others will feel. I think it puts a lot of pressure on some people to behave in a way that is authentic. I think one of the largest reasons young people are having such an identity crisis other than they are weak is that they define themselves by likes, views, resnaps or whatever they fuck they are.  I dont have social media and this is why. I generally and literally give not one fuck about what people think about me, my life, their life,or anything else lol. These kids are being told that they should make decisions because other people will like them or they will want to hang out. Instead of just being who they are and being afraid to walk out on a limb kids are boxing themselves in and wont try new things. That is why instead of having creative outlets and garage bands like Nirvana (even though they are ass) we have school shootings instead.


I really think we need to be honest with kids and adults and tell them,"Hey, not everyone has to matter, in fact, they don't" It is so much easier to ignore negative people who add nothing to your life experience than try to justify why they think what they think. If you and them are never going to see eye to eye and they add nothing, why not cut them out? I dont have to listen to everyone to have an informed opinion, a lot of opinions really add nothing of value, to anything.I am a big fan of gong with what is going to benefit the largest amount of people, without crushing others in the process. Take the gun thing, I think MORE people want to have an unamended and unabridged second amendment, and since it is a right granted by the constitution, the others are shit out of luck. I am not saying I am opposed to listening to other people on it, but I have heard almost no reason other than, "Well other countries do it" Ok, well we aren't those countries so get over it, the cultures are entirely different. More people just need to ignore shit that adds no value.


Now I am all for the being challenged thing. I think the problem comes is that you need to be able to see when it comes to a point where there is no more production to be had. People argue things long past being productive because they HAVE to change your mind. It is OK to be challenged and evaluate it, and decide it is of no merit in your mind and ignore it. We all do it, we are just never honest about it. If you are challenged and fund it adds value then fine, you should probably add that to the ol'playbook.


I think you are great about that. There are some things you say that are waaaay to stupid for you to say imo, like your whole I should be able to hit cops and if they shoot me they are wrong. Then you say things like your post on the DNC and completely nail it. You always listen though, but you never feel compelled to take the argument to the mat once it starts becoming unproductive. You stick to your guns, but you generally dont entertain shit past being productive and reasoned discourse. We need to start telling young kids do what makes you happy and fuck what other people say. Go out in your life adn make them look like dolts. Or if you feel compelled punch those shitheads in the face. Less peopel die from disagreements settled with fists then guns.

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#2627743 Civil Discourse: What is the Best Solution to School Shootings?

Posted by Omerta on 28 May 2018 - 10:32 AM

That's one issue I'm not very supportive of Peterson on. He spouts off a lot about neo Marxist post modernism as if it's a grand conspiracy and those right wing nuts eat that shit up like candy. I think more often than not that has the capacity to be very inflammatory.


I may not agree with it, but I can at least follow his logic on how he got there. Anybody even half assed familiar with Marxist doctrine and how he views the proletariat and the bourgeoisie would know that he is probably not far off with the Marxist thing. Now it gets mis-characterized and taken out of context to mean things that he is probably not implying, but I do think there is a significant amount of Marxist sentiment among the public now.  Have you heard Sean go on about the revolution, or what about these socialist ideas being pushed on us ?  I mean that is straight out of the orthodox Marxist playbook.

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#2627717 Civil Discourse: What is the Best Solution to School Shootings?

Posted by Omerta on 27 May 2018 - 12:46 PM

David Hogg gets hate because he's a 18 year old kid who can't articulate himself like a fully developed adult, which shouldn't be surprising because he's an 18 year old kid. An 18 year old kid who was 17 when he survived a mass shooting and subsequently became an activist. He shouldn't receive so much hate for his inability to articulate himself considering these things.
But then you have a student activist in Kyle Kashuv who is younger than Hogg and much, much more eloquent and very clearly more intelligent, so you have that constant comparison if you pay attention to each of their stances. There's a reason Hogg won't debate Kashuv...he'd get annihilated by a smarter, more eloquent young man.

I think it is much simpler than that. I think he gets hate because he is an attention seeking dickhead who doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground. He has been trying to be part of something big his whole life and now he uses dead classmates to fuel his brand. He is just a general piece of dogshit. He is the lefts Dakota Meyer or Chris Kyle.

And of course Kashuv won't get airtime like Hogg. He is not a leftist cunt who will sell his soul for 15 minutes. Isn't it funny how another mass shooting happens and other people start getting attention and David Hogg is like,"Look at me, remember me, remember what horrible thungs happened to me, guys look at me." What a cunt. The rest of the Parkland people other than him and Emma Gonzalez I actually enjoy but those two can get fucked, or jump off a bridge.
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#2627690 Civil Discourse: What is the Best Solution to School Shootings?

Posted by Omerta on 25 May 2018 - 09:47 PM

That is an old one. He also tweeted calling mass shootings a gun problem is like calling 9/11 a plane problem.
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#2627573 Civil Discourse: What is the Best Solution to School Shootings?

Posted by Omerta on 21 May 2018 - 08:39 PM


I don't think it's just because younger people are coddled. It's more complex than that. There are certainly ways that cushioning kids from reality can harm their ability to cope with what will come, but I think it's a case of their caregivers and role models not demonstrating these skills. This doesn't need to involve abuse, but rather a breakdown in communication between the young and their parents. If a kid doesn't feel comfortable speaking with his parents about these issues, it's something that needs to be addressed, because how can they learn to cope with them if they don't express those feelings? 


I want to be clear, I'm not for all that lovey dovey nonsense. Our emotions are reactions to the environment around us, and we effectively have no control over that. Our brain learns to interpret things as we go, and it's an extremely intense process once those areas of the brain start developing. Expecting a kid to be able to self-regulate their emotions is ridiculous and damaging. Coddling them and making them comfortable at every turn will reduce their ability to adapt to their environment. Parents are supposed to be there to validate the kids experiences at first, and then gradually give them more freedom to explore things on their own. Some people I know say they can speak about whatever it is they are feeling with their parents and siblings and not feel any shame or fear; I cannot relate to that at all, and frankly the irrational cynic in me thinks they are making that up to look good for everyone else. As a kid, I had no idea how to handle my already very intense emotions, and all I could do was try to shut them down so they weren't overwhelming. 


I think these mass shootings are the extreme (x5) fringe manifestations of emotional dysregulation. Most of the cases I have read, these kids grew up in less than ideal situations. Some of them had tumultuous parental relationships. I can look at my own experiences and perspectives growing up in a suburban area, in a middle class family, and weak connections with my parents and relate them to their own. I was clearly never in a situation where I reached this point, but I also understand that what I experienced is nothing compared to some. Isolation and rejection, mixed with a complete inability to process those emotions (who was there to teach them? Seems they all lacked adequate role models) can result in so many different cases, and unfortunately in some cases it can result in the individual projecting their experiences outward in violent ways. 


There is so little empathy for anyone anymore, and I say that fully knowing that empathy can be distorted for horrible things. I think if people spent the time to understand why these people felt compelled to do this, and then why they were even in a situation to feel compelled to do that, they would make more progress on these types of discussions. What I see all over FB is people throwing talking points at each other. It's not even a discussion or exchange of ideas, it's just two angry people throwing insults and rhetoric that millions of other people are quoting in their own little tirades. These shooters do horrible things, and I am not calling for compassion and forgiveness, but merely suggesting that trying to understand how they saw the world could do a lot in helping us address societal issues that result in these events. 


I agree with you, and I do think a huge burden to bear is on my generation and the way we are raising our kids, and the way we interact with them. I think kids to a huge extent are coddled though. I see it in schools all the time where teachers are afraid to make a mistake, and there is a complete lack of accountability. I think in a lot of ways tort reform could help in the sense that if there are less frivolous lawsuits in schools because little Timmy feels this way or that way about his midterm, it would allow teachers to have a more direct role in discipline. I also think communication with parents between schools and the home are essential. My sons school uses it as a threat, they dont actually call which is incredible to me.


I think another huge part is that parents wont tell their kids when they are being stupid. WE have this society where kids are supposed to "be free to be who they are" when in reality they haven't figured though out until their 20's for most people. It is important for kids to develop thick skin, because the rest of the world does not give a damn about you, nor should they. This world is not some playground once you graduate, it is competitive, cruel, and incredibly rewarding and I fear we are equipping kids to live in the world we wish we had, not the actual world we live in. Kids need to be told they are not all important and their can definitely be room for people to think they are, well, whatever people think they are. The fact that kids think whatever other kids think they are is what defines them is a lack or self respect.


We should also think about telling kids that other kids may be right. If kids call you a smelly creep, you may be a smelly creep. It is ok to tell kids that they may in fact need to change who they are currently, because if you are a stinky creep, your prospects will not improve.


This is to me has little to nothing to do with guns. You need the second amendment to protect the first. I think people approach it from one of two ways. Either we ban guns (stupid as hell), or we let all people have whatever they want with no enforcement of the laws (equally stupid). A gun is an inanimate object, it does nothing without action from an external force. WE need to analyze what makes that inanimate object pick it up and kill other human beings.

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#2626538 How many games does your team win this year?

Posted by Omerta on 12 May 2018 - 09:01 PM

3-13 is looking super possible, 4-12 if we can beat Buffalo. We are losing the rest.


  • 1 Sep 9 1:00PMEDT * bills.png Bills -WIN
  • 2 Sep 13 8:20PMEDT , AT bengals.png Bengals- LOSS
  • 3 Sep 23 1:00PMEDT * broncos.png Broncos-LOSS
  • 4 Sep 30 8:20PMEDT ' AT steelers.png Steelers- LOSS
  • 5 Oct 7 1:00PMEDT * AT browns.png Browns- WIN
  • 6 Oct 14 4:25PMEDT * AT titans.png Titans-LOSS
  • 7 Oct 21 4:05PMEDT ) saints.png Saints -LOSS
  • 8 Oct 28 1:00PMEDT * AT panthers.png Panthers-LOSS
  • 9 Nov 4 1:00PMEST * steelers.png Steelers- LOSS
  • 10 BYE
  • 11 Nov 18 1:00PMEST * bengals.png Bengals -LOSS
  • 12 Nov 25 1:00PMEST * raiders.png Raiders -WIN
  • 13 Dec 2 1:00PMEST * AT falcons.png Falcons -LOSS
  • 14 Dec 9 1:00PMEST * AT chiefs.png Chiefs -LOSS
  • 15 Dec 16 1:00PMEST ) buccaneers.png Buccaneers-LOSS
  • 16 AT chargers.png Chargers-LOSS
  • 17 Dec 30 1:00PMEST * browns.png Browns-WIN

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#2626454 Trump Regime thread.

Posted by Omerta on 07 May 2018 - 11:14 AM

It has not. I understand why people want it though. I just don't think Universal healthcare is the route to do it. There are so many other things that I would fix first, and even then I'm not sure I would go with a Universal Health Care system.

Whether it's right or not, for profit organizations, and strictly speaking, profits are the reason that Innovation happens. There's a reason you see all of these news stories of countries with universal healthcare systems, and in particular children of countries with universal healthcare, are always fighting to come to the United States. I'm not saying our system is perfect, but as far as Innovations in Pharmaceuticals, surgical practices, and new methods of treatments, America is at the Leading Edge. We have been, and we still are probably the country with the absolute best medicine in the world, and if we're not we're definitely in the top two. The problem is we do not distribute those in a way that other countries do, which pads the stats of mortality rates and makes their medical system look better than ours. And as a whole, there may be some truth to that. However, when it comes to the actual medicine there may not be a country in the world that is on par with us.

What I would like to see us do, is definitely bust the nuts of all these insurance companies that are profiting off of people dying, I actually like the individual choice of being able to decide what coverage I want, how much coverage I want, and in general the open market. If there is a twenty-six-year-old, I think you should have the option to pay less than a 50 year old who's more likely to use Medical Care than the 26 year-old. I also like the choice of having actual prescription drugs, and the choice between the name and the off Brands. Some are the same, however there are some that are not, and I would like the choice of my insurance company covering that or not. I also think we should crack down on a lot of these pharmaceutical companies like the Pharma bro, I think he should be drug into the middle of the street and shot in the forehead, just to set an example to all of these assholes. That being said, once we have reeled in pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies I think the medical field in general would settle itself. And if it did not then go after hospitals who did not have a corresponding price drop once their cost of doing wholesale business dropped. So I guess in a way it really comes down to what form of government do you want?

I would rather have government that is willing to set the market, and enforce Fair practice laws, then a government that has an absolute Monopoly on the Healthcare System. I can see why people would want that, but I also see whether strong opposition to it. I think people are too quick to say hey look, can it is doing this. They are the liberal Paragon of the world, let's do that. I have no interest in imitating Canada, if I did I would move there. That being said, I think that there are definitely reasons to look at our Healthcare System, and maybe some of Canada's policies can be adopted into an entirely new system of Medical Care. However just mimicking their system does not do anything for me, and I don't think it would do. So I completely understand why people want to see change, I just don't agree with the current method that they choose.
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#2626441 Trump Regime thread.

Posted by Omerta on 05 May 2018 - 01:53 PM

I have never really understood the full magnitude to which insurance fucks up the ENTIRE U.S., until my wife became a surgeon. I have listened to her tell stories about nameless patients (HIPPA) who had paid for medical coverage their entire lives and needed it once and it has bankrupted them because of the arbitrary method of deciding what they will cover and what they wont. They will also flat turn people away because their insurance does not cover it, and MOST hospitals will not do good faith payments. The only way to get seen is the ER, but the ER will nto operate on you unless your condition is obvious. Had I not been bleeding and fucked up from my car accident they would have sent me home with a broken neck and paralysis, had I not had bitchin insurance.


They will pay for things like that but you have to pay them obscene amounts of money and then they will raise the premiums which will then in turn make hospital raise prices to turn profit from basic procedures. The hospitals do not set the market for prices, insurance companies do in reality. A lactaid ringer costs under 5 dollars to make total, but to get them fro hospitals you have to go through care providers which ask for insurance, because insurance pays those  manufacturers to do business with them only, and pays them handsomely. So the hopsital pay a 1000 percent mark up to have those available to which they charge obscene amounts of money for, and the insurance company is the one who set the market. Then the insurance company will not tell you what they will and wont cover until you have had the procedure, or it is deemed a major procedure in which they will tell you that you are not eligible. They will also not allow you take take trial drugs that may save your life, even if you are terminally ill and just want to throw up the hail mary. That is just a small fraction but it is a super fucked up system and anywhere you look the finger points to insurance.

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#2626342 2018 TGP Mock Draft Discussion Thread (We're Rolling)

Posted by Omerta on 01 May 2018 - 06:20 PM

Aaaaaaaaaand that is why they are quickly going down the shitter. I live NEAR Seattle and work there every day, and god damn they think this dude s a genius. I cant count how many times I have heard that," He actually does better with mid round picks, so I am glad he trades them." Just because you hit on a few bargains does not mean that is how you should draft.

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#2626194 Trump Regime thread.

Posted by Omerta on 24 April 2018 - 10:29 PM

First, yes it is unreasonable to take money from private citizens for no reason other thank people think we should give handouts.

Second, it is not their responsibility to take care of citizens. That is the other citizens jobs. This philosophy of GIVE everyone free shit is the absolute incentive killer.

Third, capitalism is the only sustainable form of economy that has worked. Even dating back to ancient times the exchange of goods and services for profit drove economies. This idea of free shit has NEVER worked for a sustainable amount of time.

And finally, you have so many assumptions about the future. Who says robotics doesn't create more jobs, like maintenance positions ? Trade jobs won't go anywhere either. Really the only jobs that leave are the repetitive menial jobs.
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#2625513 BPitNFL Winners Bracket Round 2 (1/4)

Posted by Omerta on 05 April 2018 - 09:01 PM

You so funny

Too bad you're not. It would be a wonderful redeeming characteristic.
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