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  1. DalaiLama4Ever

    Trump Regime thread.

    If we are waiting for bureaucrats to solve our problems, we are in more trouble than Than alluded to. Also, I went to the sight to sign Tulsi's thing and the site didn't work. RIP Earth.
  2. DalaiLama4Ever

    Trump Regime thread.

    Being that you include yourself in the "we". What have you spread beyond, probably, Facebook? I doubt it's much, but you may surprise me. Also, when proposing solutions, you really need to take into consideration the "other side". For example, telling large CO2 emitting businesses that they need to cut those emissions isn't a solution. Obviously, that's the endgame, butt hat isn't you (general) proposing a solution. A large portion of emissions comes from generating electricity... companies have for years been working to incorporate technologies that would get them to zero or near-zero emissions for their fossil fuel power plants. Problem? It is (was) extremely expensive... to capture the carbon, you're talking about building a new facility that consumes so much power that you aren't doing a lot of good in the end. I could be wrong, but the first natural gas power plant was just recently built down in Texas. It's being used as a test and if everything goes well, they will expand. Again.. I am pretty sure this is the first of it's kind. People are working on things, but ragers want it done immediately. Shit does not work like that. I don't trust the government to regulate cap and trade systems.... California is either about to or already has passed a bill saying their state can pull tens of millions of dollars out of their emissions cap&trade market to fund other projects. That money is supposed to go towards cutting emissions -- which California is doing but not at the rate they promised when they started the programs. The government is a dirty mistress ready to infect you with an STD. I really think the best solution is innovation, like NetPower's plant in Texas. Problem is, innovation takes time and money -- neither of which many activists want to contribute (of course, there are some). Of course, it doesn't help that the country is so anti-nuclear power either. If you want to debate the existence of climate change, argue with yourself. I am not interested in that drivel or going nowhere conversation.
  3. DalaiLama4Ever

    Trump Regime thread.

    Our governments dedication to going to war with Iran would be almost admirable if it wasn't so sick.
  4. DalaiLama4Ever

    Trump Regime thread.

    I mean there is money in both. Fossil Fuel lobbyists have just gotten a much larger head start than the green sector. I think the big problem with a lot of climate change activists is there just aren’t a lot of solutions. They can point out the problems but when it comes to fixing things, they push that responsibility off on other people. That’s not everyone, there are solutions out there but when it comes to action— both sides of the debate are weak AF.
  5. DalaiLama4Ever

    OJ Simpson's Got " A Little Gettin' Even To Do"

    Can’t wait to read the book Kappa
  6. DalaiLama4Ever

    Trump Regime thread.

    Yeah, it's surprising that a doom and gloom headline perpetuating a billion dollar industry caught fire on social media. lol.
  7. I hope ya'll are ready for MORE OJ! He seems to be in good spirits. lol
  8. DalaiLama4Ever

    Trump Regime thread.

    An Australian study says human civilization will be wiped out by 2050. Only way to stop it would be to get the world to near 0% emissions in the “very near future”. So, if you give that study any weight... we’re basically fucked. May as well enjoy the time we have left.
  9. DalaiLama4Ever

    Jon Stewart's Speech to Congress

    Judiciary committee passed it, it will go to the House where it should pass and then will see what McConnell does.
  10. DalaiLama4Ever

    Jon Stewart's Speech to Congress

    Yeah I had two friends post this link but then start drawing party lines and blaming one side or the other. Just MO, but if that's what you are making this about, I don't think you really understand where Stewart stands. I think somebody even asked him which party was to blame, and he just said (basically) -- it doesn't matter, this just needs to get done. Period. And he's right.
  11. DalaiLama4Ever

    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    That looks so fucking good rofl. Just saw it live too... I wasn't AS HIGH on the original as everyone else was, but this shit is gonna be amazing. I don't want to speak too soon, but definitely looks like it is going to be worth the wait.
  12. DalaiLama4Ever

    Today Is My Birthday!

    Fun fact. The Bills posted their own Happy Birthday post on Facebook last year. Coincidence? I think not. Happy Birthday man. Hope you have a good one.
  13. DalaiLama4Ever

    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Today should be a good day for me. Ubisoft and Square after PC presentation. Can’t wait. Working tho so will have to watch some vods when I get home to get caught up.
  14. DalaiLama4Ever

    What Game Are You Currently Playing?

    I liked most of the Xbox presentation. Lots of games, one right after another. The Bethesda presentation tho... rofl. It wasn’t all bad, but holy shit lol. Fallout 76 needs to die a quiet and merciful death... which means it’s perfect time for a battle Royale
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