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  1. DalaiLama4Ever

    Liberal, Libertarian, independent coalition

    Money isn't partisan.
  2. DalaiLama4Ever

    Vikings @ Packers

    Plot twist... NFL released their weekly video of things to do and not do. Clay Matthews’ hit on Cousins wasn’t on it.
  3. DalaiLama4Ever

    Better Call Saul Discussion

    Is it that or just all the weight loss.
  4. DalaiLama4Ever

    Liberal, Libertarian, independent coalition

    Joe Rogan asked her (Gabbard) if she would entertain being Bernie's VP ... long pause, no real answer. I think she'd totally do it. Bernie has a lot of fantastical ideas. He is ant-war though so I would have to give him a very hard long look if he were to run again -- especially if Tulsi was his running mate. Plus, Bernie looks like he could croak any second. If she could get in as a VP, and Bernie keels over... that might be her realistically best shot at securing the white house. Great listen
  5. DalaiLama4Ever

    Liberal, Libertarian, independent coalition

    Heading into these next elections, stopping the endless wars and covert (and not so covert) regime change tops my list of important positions. Get Tulsi Gabbard to run and that’d be a good start to your coalition.
  6. DalaiLama4Ever

    Trump Regime thread.

    BREAKING: Sources familiar with the memos of former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe confirm to ABC News that according to those memos during a conversation in May 2017 between McCabe and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein – Rosenstein suggested that McCabe and or others wear a wire when speaking with Pres. Donald J. Trump.
  7. DalaiLama4Ever

    Better Call Saul Discussion

    Jimmy and Kim moving apart... Sadness overtakes us all. Gus going after Hector like an animal.. lmao. So good.
  8. DalaiLama4Ever

    Vikings @ Packers

    It was Bulaga's first real action other than like 10 snaps in preseason since his knee reconstruction. Packers line settled down a lot in the second half... But also, Mack has so many moves that I think it would be hard to shut him down for an entire game. Dude is a wrecking ball. lol
  9. DalaiLama4Ever

    Trump Regime thread.

    He (Trump) actually said Sessions was the first Senator to endorse Trump. He claims that Sessions wanted attorney general in exchange and got it.
  10. DalaiLama4Ever

    Trump Regime thread.

    Trump on Sessions: " I don't have an attorney general " ROFL. Dead.
  11. DalaiLama4Ever

    Trump Regime thread.

    Because he’s a corrupt POS Lol https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/sep/18/brett-kavanaugh-christine-blasey-ford-and-links-ge/
  12. DalaiLama4Ever

    Trump Regime thread.

    Maybe you guys brought this up already but Kavanaugh’s accusers lawyer vice chairs a group made to oppose Kavanaugh.... funded by George Soros. Rofl . Not saying that makes the accusations untrue, but that’s a hell of a coincidence. Never really liked him though. When the list of Trumps final four was released, I thought he was the long shot in the group. Was surprised when his name came across the wire.
  13. DalaiLama4Ever

    Vikings @ Packers

    Even Kirk Cousins said it was a generous call... Lol.
  14. *Doesn't know what's going on*

  15. DalaiLama4Ever

    Trump Regime thread.

    Sounds like he'd fit right in... This is exactly how Congress already operates.
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