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  1. DalaiLama4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Don’t disagree with you in principle. There’s never really been a truly great time for the black community and they continuously get fucked by elected officials who pretend to have their interests in mind. The “first black president” (Bill Clinton) absolutely devastated the black community with his crime legislation. The actual first black president didn’t really do shit for the black community.... They really need to stage a mass protest against the Democratic Party, who would never win another election without blacks (Republicans don’t even feign interest). My problem with the “riots” (looting, destruction of property, other violence) is that there are a lot of innocent people being impacted — which is also what they’re fighting for. Ya some of these big stores are owned by millionaires.... but who works in these stores ? Who is actually going to pay for the destruction and looting ? It’s the poor people. The rich are going to hoard their wealth and protect against their losses. It’s the poor and down trodden that are going to clean up, fix, and indirectly pay for every single thing that is stolen or destroyed. Placing a heavier burden on those people is not, in my mind, beneficial. This needs to become a movement. Something that has a wide berth of peoples from everywhere standing together. And it can’t be stopped or slowed in days or week or even months. Keep it going at scale, and it will force action.
  2. DalaiLama4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    That doesn't really allow a large volume of people to participate tho. I guess if you get the whole stadium to do it, but with how little room there is I don't think that works. Needs large demonstrations across the country where people actually show up -- a lot of people. And believe it or not, I don't think looting is required.
  3. DalaiLama4Ever

    Game of Thrones Final Season **SPOILER WARNING**

    I've read that before, but what I took from it at the time, was that it could've gone longer but that choice would've had to be made a long time ago. It's not like they got to season 8, and could've stretched that into... 9, 10, 11... I think it's more he (GRRM) was talking about all the stuff they had already actively cut. Stuff like lady stoneheart for example. I think HBO and D&D knew where they were going relatively early. I think that stuff would've just slowed the show down too much. Again, that's me thinking george was talking earlier cuts. I don't think the material was there yet in Season 8 to stretch that, but obv that would have been ideal because it was basically just an info / action dump.
  4. DalaiLama4Ever

    Game of Thrones Final Season **SPOILER WARNING**

    You’re way beyond “just not liking it” . Lmao. Let’s be honest with ourselves here.
  5. DalaiLama4Ever

    Game of Thrones Final Season **SPOILER WARNING**

    I’m sweating over here just thinking about it lol
  6. DalaiLama4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Mark Zuckerberg came out and said that social media companies shouldn’t be the arbiter of truth. Kissing some ass so Facebook may escape penalty lol
  7. DalaiLama4Ever

    Game of Thrones Final Season **SPOILER WARNING**

    That’s still the problem. They didn’t have the material from George. George probably didn’t even have it at the time. He has since said he will change his original ending because of Karen’s like Thanatos. Which is beyond dumb imo. Maybe he’s backed off that some, I haven’t checked in on his progress for a while but it’s sad that people can alter the creativity of a guy whose been writing this story for 30 years.
  8. DalaiLama4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Trump got fake news removed from twitter and his press secretary said he's going to make a big move against the tech giants / social media. This should be fun.
  9. DalaiLama4Ever

    Game of Thrones Final Season **SPOILER WARNING**

    How do you maintain such a high salt level for an entire year?
  10. DalaiLama4Ever

    Game of Thrones Final Season **SPOILER WARNING**

    One year later, I realized just how right I was. Damn, I am good. Lol
  11. DalaiLama4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    I would agree with Stevo here. He's being used as a conduit. I think the idea is to use Biden to garner more support for other potential candidates in future years. None of the other candidates who ran this cycle blew people away. Some because they just sucked, others because they just weren't well known enough coming in. Getting work in during the administration, in their mind, would hopefully try to transfer that popularity to future wins. The black vote is what saved and sealed this nomination for Biden...Nobody else was even really close. Dems need to build support among blacks for these other potential candidates in 2024.Perfect opportunity for VP -- especially because whoever the VP is going to be will very likely have a much more open and active role than we have seen in recent history.
  12. DalaiLama4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Oh yes, that reminds. A few days old now, but the Biden campaign allegedly officially requested to vet Amy Klobuchar for VP -- she agreed. rep. Val Demings of Florida also agreed to be vetted as did New Mexico governor Michelle Lujan Grisham. Senator Jeanne Shaheen of NH declined when asked. Tammy Duckworth will first interview with Biden's team as will Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer. Mostly names we kinda already knew, but the confirmations are officially there.
  13. DalaiLama4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    He can't even claim he's not Trump when he keeps doing the same things as him lol. (But I get what you're saying and totally agree). Also... Not related but Libertarians nominated Jo Jorgensen to run for President. Less this year than any other election I have taken part in -- I was really trying to throw my eggs in the party (Dem). Obviously that failed and I have done so little research on these other candidates. I will have to start watching more of her and whoever the green party nominated (sometime in July IIRC).
  14. DalaiLama4Ever

    2020 Democratic Primary Race

    Biden: 'If You Don't Let Me Sniff Your Hair, You Ain't A Woman' https://babylonbee.com/news/biden-if-you-dont-let-me-sniff-your-hair-you-aint-a-woman
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