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  1. *Doesn't know what's going on*

  2. Don't worry about what tomorrow holds, for I will be waiting at the end of every road you choose.

  3. Thoughts and prayers to Graeme (ODB) who has suffered a heart attack and is currently being held in intensive care. Fight the good fight, brother!

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    2. Zack_of_Steel


      He's been around as long as I can remember. Always talks about his kids. :(


      Get well soon, Graeme.

    3. RazorStar


      You better show that organ who the boss is.

    4. Turry


      Hang on ODB. Your tgp family is here for you.

  4. The Chicago Bears are straight trash, homie.

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    2. Turry


      Packers sure had a hard time with handling straight trash. :lol:

    3. Bucman


      ferve pls #Beardown

    4. Bay


      hahaha bears

  5. Packers football is right around the corner. I know you are all excited!

  6. Cut day. The nerves. They are real.

  7. Kevin Hart is vomit-inducing...

    1. BC


      u wanna go ni nite

    2. Sarge
  8. We should play Cards Against Humanity either tonight or after the radio show tomorrow... :think:

  9. Cards Against Humanity now online and free. #Winning

  10. [Enter something deep and philosophical here.]

    1. RazorStar


      *Puts in dick*

    2. BwareDWare94


      Whoever smelt it dealt it!

    3. Sarge


      My name is Jerome. Can I have a slice of your doody?

  11. Thinking about how badly we will destroy the Seahawks on Sunday...

  12. It's 2014, and you know what that means. It's time for the Packers to win themselves a Lombardi!

  13. If only Aaron and the Packers could play like that every week...

  14. No matter how hard your past, you can always start again.

  15. Well... That's really disappointing, lmao. Although, he was on the chopping block anyway... So we get nothing either way. Awesome. ha

  16. I am about 30-45 minutes away from Iowa City... But where I am they play pretty much every game. They really crushed over the Vikings when they were good two years ago... But I don't think that is a problem anymore. lol. I think I got 15 of the 16 Packer games on.

  17. War Is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Power.

  18. And Chris Johnson is still awful!!! Haha, jussstttt joking. Kind of... ;)

  19. Love the rain...

    1. bearsrule


      can i join the nfl league you are going to create

  20. Sorry.. Had to work tonight. I will be home for the night, though.

  21. Ya, my s/n is greenbaypack8. I don't get on very often though.

  22. Getting tired of Paul's floral jackets... Time to let him go, America.

  23. The weather man just informed me that it is supposed to snow on Saturday. Seriously? I think I'm getting trolled.

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